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Visiting The Grounds Of the Expo 67 by carolynstahl

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Visiting The Grounds Of the Expo 67
<b>Yesterday Marc myself and our friend  took a walk down memory lane at the grounds of what once hosted the grand worlds fair called Expo 67.</b>


Now called Parc Jean Drapeau,  it has but a few reminders of what existed fifty years ago. Sixteen years ago Marc and I visited the grounds together.

 For me it holds the memory of my first year in Canada  visiting this Expo  with my mother and my father, driving several hundred kilometers from southern Ontario to get there.

<b>Most people  know the American pavilion now as the biosphere,  which has since 1967, been through a few changes and even caught fire.</b>


<b>Although very few pavillions and features remain, I was still able to recall the feeling of excitement had during that visit in 1967</b>


<b>I still remember day my mother and I stood in line waiting to go in while my father took a photograph.</b>



<b>My mother and I were fresh from Thailand so it gave my mother great pleasure to pose with Miss Thailand by the Thai pavilion.</b>

<b>Currently on the other half of the parc accross the bridge is the former Quebec pavillion now the site of the Montreal casino.</b>


<b>It's architectural design  was among many modern abstract designs creating the theme of the World Fair</b>



<b>The surrounding area has a few former pavilions and  beautiful gardens.</b>





<b>We enjoyed the</b> day in the quiet parc knowing that it would probably be our last visit before we leave for Mexico in three weeks.



<b>Things change, they come and go. Some things thrive,  some fade.  We are moving onward.</b>

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