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Wizardzap Travels - Regular Random Quote and Photo - Feed by wizardzap

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Wizardzap Travels - Regular Random Quote and Photo - Feed
<h2>Time for a fresh favourite Photo and Quote</h2><br> I hope you enjoy this post, it is a part of a regular series; IBT Survival island is underway, a new community account will be built to replace @wizardzap for IBT,  but there is no reason @wizardzap should be doing nothing for now, so he will be experimenting and producing you posts of value - This random photo is an original and taken on a camera owned by myself Steem user: @lordnigel and the quote has been randomly selected from an extensive collection of sayings and quotes I have come across on my travels. <br>Did you know its nearly impossible to copyright small quotes! By the time they make the public domain the copyright has expired in the few cases popular people have tried to copyright a phase or simple words.<br> Some quotes I use here relate to travel, others nature and some of course are designed to help steemians to question and think about the human systems that control us all today!<br><br><h3>COOL QUOTE AND TRAVEL PHOTO BY @lordnigel:</h3><br><br>Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned - Author of this quote is: Mark Twain.<br><br>https://image.ibb.co/ny9mbm/DSC-0281.jpg<br><br><br><h3>Take care and Steem on guys! - The upvotes made here are contributing towards @lordnigel Steem projects all works appearing in @wizardzap posts have full permission of the owners - where such permission is reasonable and neccessary</h3><br><br><br>https://i.ibb.co/WzL1H7H/ibt.png<br><br>Above image was created by @ryivhnn for @lordnigels IBT activities. Please if any human considers these posts to be SPAM - pls comment below so I can act accordingly. There has been concern that I often reshare photos, so I am gradually increases the photo pool with new never seen before photos to help bring value to Steem<br>
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