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Winter trip - Piecky gorge by photoparadise

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Winter trip - Piecky gorge

Winter tourism has no doubt its charm and the landscape looks quite different in this season than in summer, spring or autumn. If the weather is cold and freezing, tiny brooks, or only tiny streams of water that can easily be overlooked at other times of the year, turn into ice. If the brook or stream flows through a cascading environment, beautiful natural formations - icefalls - will form.


National Park, which I have visited, is their non-escape. In this karstic environment there are many gorges, which have been sculpted by the creeks as artists.

From the gorges that are open to the public in winter, we chose the Piecky Gorge for winter hiking. He and his colleague parked a car in Píla, where we started our hike. After a few minutes of walking we entered the gorge.


Gorge Piecky is one of the most beautiful gorges in the National Park Slovak Paradise. Three waterfalls flow through it and in some places it is only a few meters wide.


The first is the Great Waterfall. The frozen waterfall is used for climbing in winter.

The road was lined with ice formations in overhangs and caves.




The cramped crossings of the gorge combined with the ice that was breathtaking everywhere.






Equally amazing was the view of the Terrace Waterfall.


After passing through the gorge we got to the meadow. The sun was shining, and although there was snow all around, it was pleasantly warm. We changed our wet T-shirts and on another road we went back to the car.


It is definitely worth a trip to the Slovak Paradise not only in summer, but also in winter. It was a wonderful hike.

Place: Slovakia 🇸🇰
Slovak paradise National park, Slovakia
Camera: Canon 6d Mark ii

You can buy my work from these web sites:





My hiking trips from the High Tatras from 2019 you can see:


Thank you 🐼

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