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First Day of Gangneung Travel
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Title :FriendsGo Gangneung

ㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ

A while ago, a friend (Irene) suddenly said that he would go to Gangneung alone.

I wanted to go together but

I was working

Photos from my friends while working .....

I want to go too.

Then two weeks later,

I also came to the train station to leave for Gangneung.

The day before is late

I can't get up at dawn

 7 seemed to miss the time difference

Eventually I stayed up all night

The first mission is a success

<img alt="" src=""   />

I tried to sleep by train

Dazzling sun

The people who keep changing next door

I couldn't sleep well

<img alt="" src=""   />

The chocolate bar that my grandmother sat next to eat

I gave you soy milk in return

He refused to say that he was fat

The other seats also gave me lots of candy and chocolate.

6 hours later, Jeongdongjin arrived !!!!

Originally, I broke my ticket to get off at Gangneung.

I can't find accommodation on Jeongdongjin side.

After looking around Jeongdongjin, we move on to Gangneung.

Hurry up!

I'm alone, I don't have any route

Just be as it is.

I dropped off at Jeongdongjin station

<img alt="" src=""   />

Jeongdongjin Station

<img alt="" src=""   />

And after a long time watching the sea

<img alt="" src=""   />

I think I'm so good  as soon as I see the sea

<img alt="" src=""   />

I can see the cruise

The weather is a little cloudy

<img alt="" src=""   />

Hourglass located on the sea side of Jeongdongjin

It takes a year to run out of low sand.

<img alt="" src=""   />

Visit the Jeongdongjin Museum

See the sea

I went to take a bus, but every two hours one bus ...

But a bus arrives ten minutes later

I can't even eat

Hasla Art World decided to go

<img alt="" src=""   />

Hasla is the old name of Gangneung that was called during Goguryeo

 It also operates a sculpture park and an art gallery cafe .

Admission fee to see art museum and park exhibition

Ten thousand won

If you take a train ticket, you will get 1,000 won off.

<img alt="" src=""   />

Eating pasta here in the restaurant

<img alt="" src=""   />

I decided to tour the museum in earnest

The day I went there was an exhibition of Pinocchio and Marionette.

<img alt="" src=""   />

I can see the sea from high above

<img alt="" src=""   />

Went up to the park

There are many paintings on the winding road.

<img alt="" src=""   />

It was a work on time

I can't think of a name ...

<img alt="" src=""   />

<img alt="" src=""   />

I think there are many unusual sculptures

The park is a pine forest, so it would be better to go to a cool summer.

Tour Art World

I decided to go find a guesthouse that I booked on a bus.

But we arrived at the terminal on the bus

The place I want is not out

Uncle says ...

So I got off ㅎ ㅎ;

But the place where I got off was Sundubu Tochon !

I'm going to finish dinner

I decided to go and eat a bowl

<img alt="" src=""   />

\`\` Pure Tofu Almonds per second ''

7,000 won

I wanted to eat hotpot, but it was only possible for 2 or more people ㅠ

<img alt="" src=""   />

'Potato-reserved inn'

Gangneung guest house

Unpacked and went back to sea to see the night sea

<img alt="" src=""   />

The night sea is good too

And the people I met at the guest house

Have a drink

Snacks Sashimi

Osatsu was more popular.

I felt like talking to people

It laguna narrow indeed the world ㅎㅎ

Meet people who do the same thing with me

The other two were in the same company before.

I need to behave normally


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