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· @dragosroua · (edited)
Steemit compared with Medium, Quora, StackOverflow, Reddit and Tumblr

As a stakeholder in Steemit (just like you) I want to know where the organization stands, compared with other similar organizations (I intently avoided the term competition here).

So I spent a good hour digging through Wikipedia, Quantcast, Coinmarketcap, Steemd and Quora, in a quest to find relevant information about the market.

I picked only 3 metrics: market cap, alexa rank and monthly visitors. Alexa rank is informative and I don't give it too much credit, it just shows some general interest.

All data is between 2014 and 2016 and some of the information pertains to transactions which already happened (Tumbr was acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 billion). Another observation about Medium traffic, the 25 millions monthly users is a number pulled from an interview Ev gave to CNN in December, but Quantcast shows only $1.9 millions per month (just an estimate, Medium doesn't have the Quantcast tag, as far as I understand). The traffic for Steemit was based on Steemd active users for the last 30 days, but that takes into account only users who voted, commented or posted, the traffic could easily be double or triple than that, but it's in the same ballpark, compared with the other sites.

I didn't give specific sources links for each number, because it will have bloated the text, but you can go to the websites mentioned above and do some basic search. If you come up with different numbers, do let me know.

Below is the aggregated data.

Site|Market Cap (mils) | Alexa Rank | Monthly Visitors (mils)
Steemit | 36 | 16453 | 0.013
Medium | 132 | 333 | 25
StackOverflow | 459 | 43 | 29
Reddit | 500 | 24 | 234
Quora | 900| 154 | 100
Tumblr | 1100 | 39 | 555

As you can see, in terms of monthly visitors, Steemit doesn't event count here. It's natural, it's not even past its first year. But it does count in the market cap area and that's a key information. It means money is there and it's ready to flow in whatever direction will be profitable. Who will take that decision and when (given the decentralized structure of Steemit) that's another question.

Another interesting observation is the valuation of Quora which is almost double than StackOverflow or Reddit, at half the number of visitors for Reddit and three times more than StackOverflow. Weird.

But here's where it gets interesting:

The chart represents the market cap distribution among all players.

I see at least two possible scenarios:

  1. A consolidation between Steemit and Medium. It only looks natural. Together they will have 5% of the market in terms of market cap and Medium will get a big asset by implementing the Steem blockchain technology.
  2. The launch of a Q&A platform based on the Steem blockchain, completely different than It may be launched by Steemit Inc, or it may be launched by anybody, using the same blockchain. Hardfork 17 will implement an arbitrarily splitting of the rewards feature that will enable big players to put resources in significant projects, knowing that a revenue-share option is feasible and easy to implement. The rationale behind such a decision is based on the combined marketplace of StackOverflow and Quora, which is 44%. A new player could easily get in this Eldorado. If he scraps only 1%, it will get $13 millions! Quora + StackOverflow = $1,359 millions market cap.

Of course, there are many other metrics, like the value of a member account on each platform, which I didn't take into account, the data here is a bit foggy. Also, I didn't take into account, intently, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. I don't think they're doing the same thing, although they are players on social media too.

My final observation is that the money is still in the blogging platforms, not in the Q&A platforms. The high end of the market cap is occupied by Tumblr (both in terms of market cap and users) and the low end is also occupied by blogging platforms (Steemit and Medium). Q&A, where money flows faster, but where the audience is also more limited and highly niched, is in the middle. That means, for me that, as a blogging platform, it takes a lot of time to grow a loyal audience, 4-6 years. Once you get there, though, the affinity of those users is way bigger than in Q&A platforms.

Questions? Criticism? Other scenarios?

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

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Home safe and sound. But you won’t believe what I found when I got back home.

My wife has been up to her old tricks again while I was away. It’s going to take me ages to put things right.

programming mug
[image source – me!]

It was a pleasant drive home, with light traffic, and not too many people doing stupid things, like pulling out in front of me without looking.

I got home and gave my wife a big hug, and told her I missed her, because I did.

Then I started unloading the car, my gear, my washing and a new grape vine freshly liberated from my father’s garden. (to replace the plum tree that he gave me last time that didn’t survive Wellington’s wind.)

Then I walked into my bedroom and found out what my wife had been up to. I should've known.

She had taken my duvets to the Laundromat and sprayed my mattress with lavender water.

She even had the audacity to wash my programming mug!

It’s taken me decades to build up the tea stains in that mug! Now it shines brightly at me, like some sort of Osmond mug.

I have to wear dark glasses just to have my tea now.

It’s also going to take forever to get my bed to smell right too. There was over twenty years of farts stored in there. Now they are all gone, and I’ll have to start all over again.

The duvets are all fluffy and light and I’m not sure how I’ll cope with that. It will be like being smothered by feathery clouds.

I’m planning on jumping up and down on my bed for a bit to see if I can get them all back into their normal matted mess.

While I enjoyed going up to see my folks and I’m glad the festival went well, I’m also glad to be home again.

Be it ever so humble, and lavender scented, there really is no place like home.

This post counts towards @dragosroua's Challenge30

Are you new to Steemit and trying to figure out what it's all about?

Head over to: It's the best place to get a handle on what the platform is all about.

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@franks ·
Challenge30: Guns Motorcycles and Gold coins

The Bug-Out culture is growing and it's not just here on Steemit it seems.
We are getting advice right left and center.


Now it seems the Apocalypse strain is mutating and has gone main stream.
Wall Street Hedge Fund managers are now looking for a lot of actual Hedges on a few green acres to manage.
And to hide their, Harley Davidson Motor Sickel and trove of Gold coins.

I've been here before.
Check out list at the ready:
Nearest Tesco Warehouse/Walmart Warehouse. Check!
Nearest shop that sells shotguns or any guns. Check!
What is the chance of getting guns from a Police station. Or even an Army base?

You see, like most people, the, we are the world, peace-lovin hippie, goes right out the fucking window when you start prepping for Z World 1.0

And you start looking for a Mallet to bash somebodies brains in.
All done in the nicest possible way of course.
Give me the food!
Give me the fucking food!
No, get your own, I've saved this for the Apocalypse. You could've done the same. Be reasonable.

I know we should be nice to each other.
*Save the Cheerleader Save the World,*
and all that Jazz.

But when Push comes to Push.
We will look to our Family our tribe, Our Gang.
You get a Big Club and join the Biggest Club.

It is a sad state of affairs, that beside the Illuminati, the only ones that will survive and do well out of a complete society meltdown.
Criminal fraternities
The usual collection of angry biker gangs.

So even if I stockpile my survival stuff.
Some asshole will try and take it away from me.
And if the assholes learn where Mr Gold-Plated Hedge Fund Survivalist is hiding his bug-out stores,
they will come and grab it. And I, will probably, be right behind them.

Follow the Fool's Gold and you will find the Fool's Rainbow.

Read On:
Some of the wealthiest people in America—in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond—are getting ready for the crackup of civilization.

Steve Huffman, the thirty-three-year-old co-founder and C.E.O. of Reddit, which is valued at six hundred million dollars, was nearsighted until November, 2015, when he arranged to have laser eye surgery. He underwent the procedure not for the sake of convenience or appearance but, rather, for a reason he doesn’t usually talk much about: he hopes that it will improve his odds of surviving a disaster, whether natural or man-made. “If the world ends—and not even if the world ends, but if we have trouble—getting contacts or glasses is going to be a huge pain in the ass,” he told me recently. “Without them, I’m fucked.”

Huffman, who lives in San Francisco, has large blue eyes, thick, sandy hair, and an air of restless curiosity; at the University of Virginia, he was a competitive ballroom dancer, who hacked his roommate’s Web site as a prank. He is less focussed on a specific threat—a quake on the San Andreas, a pandemic, a dirty bomb—than he is on the aftermath, “the temporary collapse of our government and structures,” as he puts it. “I own a couple of motorcycles. I have a bunch of guns and ammo. Food. I figure that, with that, I can hole up in my house for some amount of time.”

Survivalism, the practice of preparing for a crackup of civilization, tends to evoke a certain picture: the woodsman in the tinfoil hat, the hysteric with the hoard of beans, the religious doomsayer. But in recent years survivalism has expanded to more affluent quarters, taking root in Silicon Valley and New York City, among technology executives, hedge-fund managers, and others in their economic cohort.

Last spring, as the Presidential campaign exposed increasingly toxic divisions in America, Antonio García Martínez, a forty-year-old former Facebook product manager living in San Francisco, bought five wooded acres on an island in the Pacific Northwest and brought in generators, solar panels, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. “When society loses a healthy founding myth, it descends into chaos,” he told me. The author of “Chaos Monkeys,” an acerbic Silicon Valley memoir, García Martínez wanted a refuge that would be far from cities but not entirely isolated. “All these dudes think that one guy alone could somehow withstand the roving mob,” he said. “No, you’re going to need to form a local militia. You just need so many things to actually ride out the apocalypse.” Once he started telling peers in the Bay Area about his “little island project,” they came “out of the woodwork” to describe their own preparations, he said. “I think people who are particularly attuned to the levers by which society actually works understand that we are skating on really thin cultural ice right now.”

In private Facebook groups, wealthy survivalists swap tips on gas masks, bunkers, and locations safe from the effects of climate change. One member, the head of an investment firm, told me, “I keep a helicopter gassed up all the time, and I have an underground bunker with an air-filtration system.” He said that his preparations probably put him at the “extreme” end among his peers. But he added, “A lot of my friends do the guns and the motorcycles and the gold coins. That’s not too rare anymore.”

Read the whole Article:

Images from Pixabay

Challenge 30 is a 30 day writing challenge issued by @dragosroua to write and post every day in January.

60+ Badge Courtsey of @elyaque
100% Content Badge courtesy of @reneenouveau


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· @sstefan · (edited)
At least you tried...

Eh, at least you tried! We hear most of the times after we fail something.

“At least you tried” it’s the consolation prize that the kid who finished last receives from his mother.

I think we use this thing with trying as a safe measure in case we fail.“I can’t complain, at least I’ve tried. There was nothing that I could do”. And then we give up and let that behind.

Trying is not the same as start doing something. “I’ll try to lose some weight”, “I’ll try to quit smoking”, “I’ll try to wake up earlier”, “I’ll try…”, “I’ll try”.

I’m not saying that experimenting and trying things out is a bad thing. I’m saying about the things that you have as goals, things that you know that you should do or you want to do. But you always use this word “trying” as an excuse to fail.“At least I’ve tried” is offering your brain an escape chance. When you start working on a hard task, you have to burn the proverbial ships and offer you only one choice, win or die. It might seem a little bit extreme philosophy, but I’ve said for too many years that I will try this and that, ending up doing nothing.

To stop trying and start to do things, use the word start instead of trying. Because starting something implies a time as well. And you offer your brain an order to become active. To find solutions towards your goal. When you say “I’ll try to do this” mean that you want to do it, but somewhere in the future, far away in a distant time. And the brain says “Ok. We’ll do it later”.

Don’t just try. Do it. “At least I’ve tried" is a bullshit excuse.


I’m not a psychologist nor a specialist in the matters of the brain. But this is a lesson that I’ve learned on my own body. For years I’ve said that “I’ll try to do things” and I’ve done nothing. Only when I’ve stopped trying and start doing, the wheels started to move themselves as well. I’m tired of trying, I want to do things. So I’ll burn all my ships if necessary.

Don’t try it. Do it.

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@dragosroua · (edited)
January 2017 30 Days Writing Challenge - Reporting Day 23

A series of repetitive, conscious choices is eventually melting into a habit.

We're just one week away from the end of this challenge. Boy, how time flies. It feels like we just started yesterday. I'm so happy to see so many writer enforcing their writing habit, honing their skills, increasing revenue and making a difference on this platform. It makes writing my reports so much more fun.

If you happen to read this for the first time, scroll down to find more details about the project and a few tips about how to make it happen.

Let's see the 23rd day articles:

  1. And this is how Steemit grows - by
  2. Challenge30: Logic for Peking Ducks - by @franks
  3. Pets and Mental Health! - by @smysullivan
  4. rage for order* - by @lindsayw739
  5. Steemit Photo Challenge #26 Entry - Towards Kosuta Partisan Hospital - by @ervin-lemark
  6. Introduction to my completed novel Reborn: The first book in a paranormal series making its debut for you, on steemit - by @dreemit
  7. 🐚Sand Patterns on the Beach - A Photo Essay📷 - by @creatr
  8. A.N.Y. Questions... Awwww Shad-dup Monty! (Question #22) - by @commonguru
  9. Followers , Steeminas , Fellows, Knights and Dames :) , I have a quick query to run through you, challenge30 day5 :D - by @j3dy
  10. Chrysophyllum cainito - by @immarojas
  11. At least you tried... - by @sstefan
  12. Continuous Failure = Inevitable success - by @coloured-content
  13. Last Week In Review, What I Write About In Steemit - my own contribution to the challenge

Here are the links to the previous reports:

Good luck to all the writers and keep up the good work!

This project is part of my witness activities here on Steemit. I think a witness should not only maintain the technical and economical components of the platform, but he should also get involved at a community level and improve as many processes as he can.

If you want to know more about the rules of the chalenge here's the introductory article. There are also a few tips to help you stay on the track.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

You can also vote for me as a Steemit witness here:
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· @coloured-content ·
Continuous Failure = Inevitable success

We are born into this world with little guidance; most of us immediately thrown into the education / indoctrination system.

Quite a few of us are forced to mentally raise ourselves.

When we make errors, society paints them as mistakes.

Society teaches us we should never make mistakes.

And they lie.

Making mistakes is fundamental to success.

You will almost ALWAYS make mistakes. And because you are human, you can learn from these mistakes.

The ability to learn from mistakes is what leads to success.

Even if you fine tune your path to success by listening to many mentors and gurus on the subject: you are still learning from THEIR mistakes.

And if not; they are still learning from their mentors mistakes and so on and so forth.

Thus it can be noted that mistakes are the richest quality ingredient in the formulation of success.

Without mistakes, one cannot succeed.

And so, if you want success and you don't want to wait another 20 years: just do it.

I know I am sounding a little like the shoe company associated with the goddess of victory (Nike), but I'm serious.

The best thing you can do to succeed, is do things in the now.

Try things and fail.

At least you'll know that those things wouldn't have worked for you.

Every time you fail, or make a mistake: alter your algorithm.

Winners, are not people who never fail; but people who never quit ~ Credit

......P.S......Were trying to build a website........

You can inform yourself on the mission and donate HERE


Donate bitcoin:


Donate STEEM:


Donate Monero:


Donate Zcash:


Micro donations are accepted.


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@smysullivan ·
Recovering from Distractions

Regaining Focus

Throughout our day and lives many times we face distractions, previously I wrote about ways to avoid distractions. Today I'm going to look at ways to remain focused or to regain focus shortly after having been distracted. You can find the article here.


Many of us live each day trying to multitask. Keeping a list of things we need to do each day in our heads, causing us to have to constantly think about our list of activities that we need to accomplish while working on the current task! If your anything like me, then your constantly forgetting the next task on the list, and it seems nothing is ever accomplished. Something I need to make an attempt to do more often is create a list of things I need to do, and cross them off as I finish them. Just the simple idea of creating a list of tasks we need to complete will help in being able to actually focus on the task we are working on at the moment.

Find the root distractions

Now that we have started working from a list and are no longer overwhelmed by multitasking, we can start looking for the main things that cause distractions. These distractions can be anything from background noises, people talking, a phone ringing. Or in my case sometimes just the simple click of the analog clock on the wall. After we start discovering what can be we can start looking at options we can do in order to avoid, or limit the distraction!

A couple options we can do is use white noise, like listening to music, but this can also be distraction. If listening to music is a distraction then turn it up just load enough to cancel out the other background noises. Another way to help learn to remain focused is when we feel tempted to check on an email or do something that would be a distraction, instead of giving in we should simply get up and walk around for a few minutes, write down on our list the distraction, then get back to the task we had been working on.

Another method is to use something like a radio station that is all talking and keep working on a task, with the radio on as a constant distraction. In doing so you will learn to find ways to remain focused even in an area where there are several distractions going on around you! Another great point is to simply take breaks, after a set amount of time spent focusing on a task, take a break. We can not spend the entire day focusing, we need to break things up and take breaks.

A few of the ideas mentioned above came from others in the comments to my original article! Thank you for reading this far,

Image Source 1, 2, 3

Sources 1, 2, 3

Thanks to @son-of-satire for this gif.

Thanks to and @elyaque

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@lindsayw739 ·
"rage for order"*
What does graffiti express? Rage is one emotion. “I am here,” another. Art, an obvious one. I think we all have voices and sometimes the only way to express our voice is through the visual arts. It is hard to get one’s art noticed for most. I’ve only been in Albuquerque for 3 years and know there are many commissioned murals, including some that are created by children, elementary through high school. It’s amazing to see this art-in-progress. As for this imagery on the side of the Java Joe coffee shop (featured as the building of Tuco’s Lair), I think it is planned graffiti - not random. But I don’t know. It says a lot, that I do know. *Wallace Stevens. “The Idea of Order at Key West.”

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a man and his dog
There is such loyalty of dogs to the people who own them. I don’t have pets due to allergies, but if I did, it would be a dog rather than a cat/bird/fish/whatever. And, it would be a medium size dog, not a tiny one. But, aside from the allergy issue, I don’t believe animals should live indoors as most house pets do. Animals for eons roamed free. I believe they prefer nature, trees, streams, fresh air. It is said that if cats were larger than their owners, the owners would be their meal. I don’t know if that’s true but it doesn’t surprise me if it is. At first, animals were domesticated for purposes of having food one didn’t have to hunt. How they moved from food sources to house pets I am unsure. All this said, my friend in this photo had a special bond with his dog and he was pleased beyond words when I found this old image and sent it to him.

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· @immarojas ·
Triggering Article 50

After the ruling of the Supreme Court this morning, when will the article 50 be triggered by the PM Theresa May? Surely now there are already plans in place from when BREXIT was won in June last year?

UK ministers are not legally compelled to consult the devoted legislatures before triggering Article 50 (of the Lisbon Treaty)

It doesn't matter anymore if one voted for it or against it. What matters now is where can UK go from here?

What are in place so that we the people here in UK can start seeing results, is it really beneficial to be out of EU or detrimental to our way of life.

We have seen some short-term effects, can we move on and focus in the long-term effects? Maybe do something to recover effectively if that's the way to go?

Or is it too soon to see something good out of Brexit?? We haven't started anything as yet.

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