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City walk...

 St. Petersburg is often called Russian capital of culture, northern Venice. It is the second largest city in Russia. Few world cities can boast of so many sights, museums, opera houses and drama theatres, tofts and palaces, parks and monuments. 

 Literary and musical heritage of this city is incredible – a lot of writers, poets and composers were working in this mysterious misty place by the side of Neva. It really blows your mind! Together with Paris, Rome and Venice St. Petersburg old city is under the patronage of UNESCO. Besides, here you can find the temples of 42 confessions including amazing mosque with a porcelain dome, the only bonzery in Europe and one of the most beautiful chapels of Malthusian Order. 

 St. Petersburg is also the city of bridges. 68 rivers, channels and lades cross the city in different directions forming 42 islands on its territory. Now there are 580 bridges including 20 drawbridges in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.     Facts and figures this information from the sources you can see 

It is impossible to convey the beauty here, this is a must see with your own eyes.

  Millions of people every year visit this city. It happens because of the city’s rich history, amazing architecture and numerous places of interest. 

 Without the slightest doubt, “white nights” are the most popular time for tourists to visit St. Petersburg. 

 No matter it rains or the sunshine is ferocious, it is sleety or freezing the city will receive you as its native child. It will impart its warmth to you, soothe you and infuse with hope sure enough. 

I am pleased that you saw it. Thanks for visiting my blog. With respect to all of you...


        and photos from personal archive

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Recovering from Distractions

Regaining Focus

Throughout our day and lives many times we face distractions, previously I wrote about ways to avoid distractions. Today I'm going to look at ways to remain focused or to regain focus shortly after having been distracted. You can find the article here.


Many of us live each day trying to multitask. Keeping a list of things we need to do each day in our heads, causing us to have to constantly think about our list of activities that we need to accomplish while working on the current task! If your anything like me, then your constantly forgetting the next task on the list, and it seems nothing is ever accomplished. Something I need to make an attempt to do more often is create a list of things I need to do, and cross them off as I finish them. Just the simple idea of creating a list of tasks we need to complete will help in being able to actually focus on the task we are working on at the moment.

Find the root distractions

Now that we have started working from a list and are no longer overwhelmed by multitasking, we can start looking for the main things that cause distractions. These distractions can be anything from background noises, people talking, a phone ringing. Or in my case sometimes just the simple click of the analog clock on the wall. After we start discovering what can be we can start looking at options we can do in order to avoid, or limit the distraction!

A couple options we can do is use white noise, like listening to music, but this can also be distraction. If listening to music is a distraction then turn it up just load enough to cancel out the other background noises. Another way to help learn to remain focused is when we feel tempted to check on an email or do something that would be a distraction, instead of giving in we should simply get up and walk around for a few minutes, write down on our list the distraction, then get back to the task we had been working on.

Another method is to use something like a radio station that is all talking and keep working on a task, with the radio on as a constant distraction. In doing so you will learn to find ways to remain focused even in an area where there are several distractions going on around you! Another great point is to simply take breaks, after a set amount of time spent focusing on a task, take a break. We can not spend the entire day focusing, we need to break things up and take breaks.

A few of the ideas mentioned above came from others in the comments to my original article! Thank you for reading this far,

Image Source 1, 2, 3

Sources 1, 2, 3

Thanks to @son-of-satire for this gif.

Thanks to and @elyaque

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