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· @the-alien · (edited)
Everything Starts With "Why"

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“If more information was the answer, we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs” ― Derek Sivers.

One of my best friends is an information addict, he reads tons and tons of books, watches video after video, listens to podcast after podcast…

It seems like he knows every single podcaster on the planet, and I’m not even joking.

But he never, ever takes any sort of action.

He’s a great guy, and I love him to death, but it’s just too hard for him to take action.

He knows it, in fact we talk about that all the time as he always says: “I’m an information addict, I always get stuck in analysis-paralysis.”.

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But let’s not be too judgmental here. I mean who of us hasn’t forgot to apply some great ideas and insight they learned from somewhere?

I know I have.

You know how it is, you come across a great tool or idea to increase efficiency, it feels great. But then you forget to apply it when the day comes.

This curious little thing made me wonder if there are ways to make certain information stick more than others.

Because let’s face it, our brain processes a massive amount of information throughout the day.

You would think that the most important ones that stick but sadly there are so many cognitive biases embedded in all of us that makes it hard to prioritize information.

What would be the most direct way to make a certain information float above all the other competing information we see every day?

To hack our brains, so to speak

Short answer, I don’t know.

I started thinking about that and I remembered, I remembered how I used to react to information when I was a kid.

Back then if my parents warned me against doing something and I would always ask “why”.

Somehow a warning was never enough.

Even to this day they keep reminding me that back then unless they gave me an explanation, I would never listen.

Apparently, they’ve explained electricity to me, otherwise I would’ve been stabbing that plug with a fork until my hair looked like the kid version of Hellraiser.

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The question remains:

How to make your brain prioritize certain information without succumbing to all sorts re-affirmation and confirmation biases we picked up along the way?

First of all, the hell do I know? Secondly, I’m just gonna invent a new technique, so…

Don’t do this at home!

What’s the most immediate way to bypass the 12 years of Pavlovian doctrine?

I don't know, maybe go back before those bad habits were installed?

You laugh now, but what if one of the main purposes of modern education was to create selective responses and selective outrage?

It sounds hard to believe, I know. But ask yourself this:

You can send people to jail for victim-less crimes where sexual assault is national sport and claim it's rehabilitating and therapeutic and no one blinks an eye.

You can bomb innocent people like there is no tomorrow, you can take people’s freedoms away, screw the economy and cause poverty… But nobody cares.

No one gives a fuck.

If you were to pronounce a word that starts with the letter ‘F’.. It’s whole new story.

Their faces go red, their chests are heavy, shirt-buttons popping everywhere!

The outrage is uncontrollable.

The same of course goes for Christmas-less coffee cups, or any other irrelevant issue that people perceive it’s acceptable for them to get riled up about.

Why does this phenomena keep occurring?

It because someone had the brilliant idea to attempt to neutralize curiosity and critical thinking and train little kids to produce selective responses and selective outrage.

So what if we train out brains to lose all the baggage and prioritize what’s important based on the “why”.

Crazy, am I right?

You know what’s crazier? Hiring a freakin’ dog trainer to base your education system upon.

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Jokes aside, the ‘why’ is what shows you if you’re on the right track, it’s what keeps you going and prevents you from burnout.

Start with Why

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.

Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. By WHY I mean your purpose, cause or belief - WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?

People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” ― Simon Sinek.

If you can influence other people’s behavior using certain tools, then why can’t we use the same ones to influence our own?

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· @getonthetrain · (edited)
The Stream Of Life - Original Poem

When I was little I would craft little boats from twigs and leaves and let them sail down any little stream I was at. My little creations would follow the twists and turns down the stream, sometimes bumping into rocks or needing help if it took a wrong turn and got trapped. They never lasted that long. Probably due to me making them with the pieces of nature I found lying around and that I was a single digit age.

But if you think about it, it's just like life.

We are all floating down it in one direction. There are rocks and whirlpools and waterfalls. Our ability to cope is measured in the quality of our craft. Some of us can endure after crashing into numerous rocks, others seem to fall apart and sink with but the slightest bump.

But even the best of us get pushed into a corner where we need help getting out of.

The ancient philosopher Heraclitus once said No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

Time is always flowing, and we are always changing. You can never travel back upstream so make the best ship you can and enjoy the ride.

We will all meet once we reach the ocean.

The Stream Of Life

By @getonthetrain

I built a ship in miniature,
And placed it on the sparkling tide,
As it glided swift and sure,
My heart was touched with childish pride.

The snow-white sails sped lightly on
In a joyful dance with the breeze;
And glittered in the gorgeous sun
That smiled through wave reflected trees.

Softly it bounded past the flowers
That sprouted from the shore on either hand;
In restless search of fairer waters,
Though laden with its freight of sand.

With happy step I watched its course
As rapidly it skimmed the wave;
Sometimes a rock would break its force-
It heeded not the chance it gave.

Often it would stray into the shade,
As if the flowers a magnet bore;
Then by scornful zephyrs swayed
It launched into the stream once more.

I thought it sped towards its final goal;
But one short plunge and it was sank.
Darkness descended upon my soul,
While I stopped and sat upon the opposite bank.

I thought about that little ship
And compared it to years of strife
One moment bright, next dark,
That is just like our life.

The sails of youth are spread
Eager on the stream of hope;
There is not a rock, however dread,
Which it would not dare to cope.

It sees the flowers of beautiful hue,
Spread out on either shore,
And quickly looks their beauty through,
Before hurrying on for more.

Perhaps in gloominess and shade,
Life’s ship may be involved awhile,
But soon it sets its sails arrayed,
It shoots away where the suns rays smile.

Then down the stream it swiftly glides,
Not thinking about the waterfalls that wait;
Its destiny is trusted to the tides –
The tides are guardians of its fate.

See, life that appears to quickly speed along
Can suddenly stop and hold its breath;
And listening to the Siren’s song,
She drags it helpless down to Death.

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@elewarne · (edited)
The Moon Isn't Made of Cheese...

The Buddha said, “All I teach is suffering and the end of suffering. This does not always mean physical suffering but mental suffering, the pain of change, loss, aging, and knowing there is an end to our earthly existence. Most of us embrace pleasure but reject suffering in our lives. We see life as a big roulette wheel and crapshoot, and hope we emerge winners and land on pink. Everyday we toss the dice and cross our fingers. Viewing life as a succession of lucky breaks or chances only makes our mental suffering worse.

The more we practice denial and avoidance of the harsher aspects of reality, the more and harder we suffer.

James Patterson wrote, the secret to understanding Parisians is to know that they are exact opposite of people in LA California. In LA people are raised to be optimistic. full of life, friendly. People who grow up in Paris however, are taught the value of melancholy and an unwavering belief in the superiority of suffering. It's why they have a reputation for being rude.... they honestly believe they are doing you a favour.

Being optimistic and positive is not a bad thing as long as it is real and and your smile doesn't mask tears. As you can see Hollywood is all about the make-belief, unreality, devoid of aging and suffering, full of plastized faces and phoney emotions. The French, as do other other Europeans celebrate the real, wisdom in a face and not a blank expression caused by surgery, even their films have actors that look like real ordinary people with depth and breadth of humanity lining their visages.

Buddha taught that embracing suffering is how you can desist from it, In any experience, even a painful one we can end suffering. Accepting that this life is as is, and saying this is dukkha, liberates our minds, eases our burden, relaxes our anxiety about whether we will win or lose and what the next moment will bring.

So the sooner we stop pursuing pleasure and are present in what is going on in the moment in our lives, the more capable we will be in dealing appropriately with each situation, the more wisdom and energy we will have to carry on until we are in the pink again. But trying to remain in the pink, despite a change in colour, can stop us from actually enjoying it when it arrives.

It is very liberating to realize, all is good and just let go of the incessant mental control of thinking mind that says,, it must be this way and not that. It is okay to have wants and desires as long as you are not attached to getting them met at all cost. As the song goes you don't always get what you want but you get what you need. You may want to live forever and never be ill, but hey the moon isn't made of cheese.

So if you want to stop suffering, relax and try to enjoy the ride, even the bumpy parts.

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@lovejoy ·
Happy Inauguration Day - I believe Tom Robbins said it best:

I believe in political solutions to political problems. But man's primary problems aren't political; they're philosophical. Until humans can solve their philosophical problems, they're condemned to solve their political problems over and over and over again. It's a cruel, repetitious bore.
-Tom Robbins

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· @pedrovillegas96 ·
How to Make Money

Let's say that from a certain age, at a certain stage of our growth when we began to become aware of what money is, we realize that it is a fundamental TOOL that will lead us to have the lifestyle with which we dream. But do not confuse having a lot of money is equal to a success less clear that for you reader so the sea.

Having a lot of money does not ensure a success in life, but who is depressed and does it from his latest model car, at least cries from car,that  is better to be crying in the subway is like this or not ?

Personally money is a tool, as I mentioned before, for me money will only guarantee me the material things I want, those banalities that we all want to have, in my case a super Gaming PC that allows me to play what I do I feel like it, but this is not the case everyone is more ambitious people, and that's not bad and I forget a JEEP to go on adventures, who is sad with a JEEP?

But this is how we grow when we realize that our parents have limitations (money) in most cases, but nevertheless that does not prevent us from reaching our goal, in this case we will talk about having money today.

How to Make Money?

The first limitation with which we find ourselves is FEAR, it can be failure, what they will say, etc., etc. There are a million etc for everyone and that is very normal, since fear is a physiological tool, a brain response that says "hey dude you can died" and knowing that fear is a tool we can start using it. And here's a story about how to use fear in our favor.

Some years ago, when I was in the 1st year of my university career, I had a super important exam of Neuroanatomy, the fear of having a failing grade made me study like I had never studied before and of course I passed the exam with even more note than What he hoped for, was how fear became a tool and ceased to be a limitation.

That is, if you have the fear of failure, then prepare and fight because your only option is to succeed, if you reach a low point do not worry that the race is not over, there is still time on the scoreboard.

Fear is a double-edged sword, very careful where you choose to take it.

Prepare our mind to see opportunities

This is possibly a breaker of heads for many, since we have to understand the principle "Need-satisfaction" that I have to offer others? Before we ask ourselves what others can offer me?

Obviously there are possibilities that do not respect this rule to the letter, for example if you are an Investor, a binary options operator; More however that you have to offer to the market, ie how well prepared are you to compete in that market?

It is there that we have to look inside ourselves and see our strengths, weaknesses, needs, opportunities and THREATS (SWOT) in that way we will be able to work on them and detect our opportunities. But this does not happen by magic, you will have to prepare yourself, study if you study and take risks, all in view of getting what you want.

Change the way you are and change the way you see the world.

When we can change our mentality, when we realize that it is easier to ascend than to ask for a raise, when we become aware that the only culprit of our current situation is us, when we are able to see that success is not given if it is not paid And not with money. It is at that precise moment we will see the world with other eyes, we will stop complaining about things that are in our control, and we will start to hold life and take it where we want.

When I am, I will have .... be and you will have

Leave the anchors behind.

This point applies to couples, family, I, we must get rid of everything that prevents us from reaching our goal. On many occasions this can be very difficult but like a boat, you need to put your sails in the wind to advance, but if you throw the anchor to the bottom of the sea this will be very difficult if not impossible.

For this I bring an anecdote from a very close friend

Some years ago I had a friend who wanted to be a musician, but I did not want to be famous, my friend wanted to have a recording studio, he was very clear where he wanted to go, but his father wanted a very different future for him so he forced him To study something else, my friend ended up leaving the University away from his father, even came to move country because Venezuela did not offer the conditions he wanted so much, now is abroad working to fulfill his dream.

This story is that of many people who have an anchor that prevents them from advancing to where they want, either by FEAR, social stigmas, and an infinity of ETC. My friend's story would have been very different if his parents had supported him from the beginning.

Know what you want out of life and what you're going to offer

As I said before "BE AND HAVE" life has many paths but it is impossible to speak only money at this point, we speak of "BEING" to "HAVE" and in that order, one is not born having millions, one becomes Say Investor and this is how you get the millions first we are after we do and we have. This is why we must know what we are looking for in life and who we are going to BE in it.

This for me is the most difficult part of the whole story, because we tend to settle for "BEING" one thing in life, who says that a teacher can not own a business, or who says that a Taxi Driver can not be An investor. The possibilities are endless, as we work on the "BEING" and we get rid of the anchors and stigmas that surround our mind like crows.

I know that very little we talk about money, and there are still many things we lack, for example financial education but that is already subject for other post.

For me we have to concentrate on "BEING" to "HAVE" so if you have ever wondered what the key to success is, ask yourself "what is success for me?" With that answer you can work on the "BEING".

There is a passage of the Bible (I am not very believer) where if I am not mistaken King Solomon asks God "Wisdom and wisdom to govern this people" and God answers "I will give you Wisdom and Science and everything else in addition ". Even though I was not very believer to say this made me think a lot. And as the years went by and I grew up I realized that I must "BE" to "HAVE" and that I have been doing I stop concentrating on "HAVING" and working on "BEING".

Pictures were taken from

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· @jacobcards · (edited)
Thank You (An Original Poem)

I think
I think of how I aways wanted to be a writer
A musician
A poet
A master of the arts...

But then I realized
I do not want to be those things
I want to be a farmer, a cook
And a preacher of God

If I didnt do those things
Or if I didnt want to be those things
I wouldnt have something to write about
My music would have no soul in it!
I would be lifeless

It is the natural things of God
The things of Eden
That fill our belly with true happiness

A rich man who is hungry is a miserable one
But a poor man with a belly full of bread and wine
Is rich of life and the Holy Spirit

God is all around you
In the tomato you eat
The turkey you base
He is the creator of the accessible lifestyle
He is the all loving, all knowing, father

Thank you Lord
For opening my eyes
Thank you

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 1.41.55 PM.png

Image Source:

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· @jmetroya ·
¡To want is to be able to!

In the course of my short life this phrase becomes more and more recurrent to want is to be able, frese that can arrive to make very certain, like a times not so much. Like most of these phrases will depend on the context in which it is handled. Usually, men have not happened that when we have a partner and we do not do something, we refer to the relationship, the most recurrent is that our girlfriend or partner tells us want is power.

When we refer to this phrase in love affairs, many times it is often true, I will not deceive. But as there are always things that escape our hands and take credibility to the phrase, for example, a llama that lives in a place and his partner lives in a distant city to say something, both have their priorities (studies), but without Let go of your relationship. There comes a point where the girl recriminates the man who never sees her and does nothing to see, but nevertheless they see every weekend, which is not enough. No matter how much you want it becomes complicated, you can not always, although if it is true that if both put their side could see more, because something that is true is that a relationship is made up two, so it is 50/50 .

But what does this phrase refer to as such? It will simply refer to will power, that if we intend to do something we will achieve it no matter how. So when we say we want to achieve this, or that, we should not stay with that, we must find ways to achieve our goals in the most healthy and legal way possible, let's not be extremists either.

To achieve our goals we always have to start somehow, sometimes it is the most difficult part, but the most essential part is to really want to achieve the goals. And then defining well what we want, work hard to get it. According to the Rae power is defined as Having ease, time or place to do something, will never be easy, it is no more than the faculty that we will each have to perform our actions.

In conclusion…
As for love, if you have been a victim of this sentence, check well who is really who fails, weigh your priorities and like everything else in life, dedicate yourself to your partner, not because she demands it if not because you want . Always remembering that not always wanting to be able ...
And if we talk about the work, raise your goals well, organize yourself and always with a positive mind and a great will power will reach your life goals ... Never lower your arms, he who perseveres reaches and as the image of the principle says, make happy .

Images taken from:
Source consulted:

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Human rights, marriage and the importance of understanding natural law

What I find most interesting when I read things about the removal or creation of rights for certain people is that people do not understand what rights are to begin with. There never been white, black, asian, african, american, eastern, european, gay, lesbian, hetero, bisexual, trans rights. The only thing that ever existed is human rights and those are not granted or created by the government. Those are inherent to creation itself and without them life wouldn't even exist and they are declared as unalienable rights in different constitutions around the world because of the self-evident facts that exist in nature.

Simply explained a right is an action that does not cause harm or loss to another sentient being. This can be broken down to three words. Do not steal and here is how.

If someone takes your life he steals your life.
If someone takes your liberty he steals your liberty.
If someone takes your property he steals your property.

The only thing that governments have ever created and removed is privileges and this is something people really need to understand.

George Carlin said it best. Rights is not rights if they can be taken away, they are privileges and that's all we ever got from the government

He really understood the difference between rights and privileges and if one has followed the work of Mark Passio who talks constantly about natural law then one would understand this more deeply.

For people that wants to learn more about natural law then check out this link.

You see gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans marriage and so forth should never even be a question to raise because it's not the government that decides if you can marry someone or not, it's you and your partner that does. The only thing the government provides is to make it into a business deal where you are dealing with a merger of two corporations/persons/legal fictions/ID. A marriage in the eyes of the government is a business deal with three parties, the government and two other parties making the merger.

With this understanding we need to take a step back and look at ourselves and what we are doing and demanding.

Here is something I wrote a year ago that is quite relevant.

We know there is two bodies of law, the law of the land and the law of waters. The law of waters is also known as the commercial law, admiralty law, maritime law. What is the commercial law but not the law of commerce and money. Many talks about the language of law as legalese but recently I have come to understand that the English language is the language of commerce and it's easily proven.

See if we look at the dollar symbol $ and break it down we get 2 x I and 2 x S which is upon each other which gives us ISIS. ISIS was a moon goddess and if we look at the word moon it's similar to the word mon which is part of the word money. Check the picture in this post to clearly see an example of what I am saying. I can admit it is a bit of a stretch but bear with me.

money (n.) Look up money at
mid-13c., coinage, metal currency, from Old French monoie money, coin, currency; change (Modern French monnaie), from Latin moneta place for coining money, mint; coined money, money, coinage, from Moneta, a title or surname of the Roman goddess Juno, in or near whose temple money was coined; perhaps from monere advise, warn

Juno is the equivalent to Hera, the Greek goddess for love and marriage. Juno is the Roman goddess of love and marriage. Ancient etymologies associated Juno's name with iuvare,to aid, benefit, and iuvenescendo,rejuvenate, sometimes connecting it to the renewal of the new and waxing moon, perhaps implying the idea of a moon goddess.

Latin Iūno Monēta). The latter's name is source of numerous words in English and the Romance languages, including the wordsmoneyandmint.

In short $ -> ISIS -> Moon -> Mon -> Money

Now we know that the law of commerce is the law of water but how can we see that in the language itself? Well when we think of the moon we think of ebb and flow right? Which is why we for example say The money flows or My bank account dried out. Then of course we have all kinds of words connected to water such as: member-ship, citizen-ship, scholar-ship, intern-ship, friend-ship etc. This is not by accident.

We can also make a connection between energy and water quite easy.
Money -> Currency -> Current -> Electricity -> Energy
This is why Morpheus in the movie The Matrix holds up a battery when he tells Neo what we been turned in to.

Now that we established that we can move on and check other things in the commercial law such as corporations. Many still refuses to acknowledge the truth that we are walking stock and corporations but there is a hint in the language itself. You are bad COMPANY or Mind your own BUSINESS or He had an AFFAIR.

Bottom line is this. People need to take a step back and question what rights are, where they come from, who created them and what the deeper meaning is of this kind of knowledge and understanding. Again go to and check out the seminar about natural law because it will probably one of the most important things you will ever learn in your life.

These are the things that is the foundation of everything because if we do not understand these things we cannot possibly start to work towards a more moral society with more freedom because as the law of freedom states. As morality increases, freedom increases. As morality decreases, freedom decreases.

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Free Health Care

I stumbled upon this today and it got me thinking... Why are most Americans against free health care? I don't understand as I am also from Canada and feel exactly like this person stated. 

You pay billions in taxes to fund wars, largely to keep the rich, rich. Most are quite literally OK with war to keep oil backed by the US dollar but paying a smaller amount to keep everyone healthy in your own country is too much?

Could one of you anti-free health care people weigh in? 

I seriously don't understand, so if someone could enlighten this fella before thinking about it too much causes an aneurism, it would be awesome sauce. 

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Is Intelligence a secret for happiness (or unhappiness) ?

What do you think about this?

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