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Wandering in Amsterdam, Part 4

    Time for the last post in this series, and the conclusion to my trip in Amsterdam, at the end of Steemfest. If you haven't seen the previous posts, check out part one, part two, and part three first!

    In this set, I'll focus on the last day of Steemfest, and the wandering around Amsterdam I did that day. Steemfest itself was amazing, and I was happy to meet so many like minded individuals, amazing artists and creators, and intelligent programmers. I am so glad I went, and very impressed with @roelandp setting the stage for the event. I can only hope there will be a Steemfest 2!

SteemFest Activities!

    Like I mentioned above, during the final day of Steemfest we had a bunch of activities set out for us to do. A great day following the awesome main conference day, and a day to relax and enjoy Amsterdam. After some coffee and Dutch pancakes, I was ready to tackle the day... by, of course, wandering around. :)

Oude Kerk

    This 800 year old church, literally called Old Church, is the oldest building in Amsterdam, smack in the middle of the red light district, and the hub of the last day of Steemfest activities! Myself and two other fantastic steemians @foxxycat and @razvanelulmarin, were the first to climb the tower of the church that day. I wanted to share photos of the cool church bells inside, and of course the view from the top, for anyone who missed it!

Smashed to Pieces

    Inside the old church was some sort of exhibit of broken mirrors. I don't quite understand the purpose of it (feel free to tell me in the comments if you know!), but the effect made for a cool picture, so I figured I'd share! You can see the windows and architecture of the church in the broken reflection.

A Short Tour

    Part of the Steemfest activities was a short tour around a small piece of Amsterdam, with a history lesson to go with it! We followed the woman in the red hat, as she explained to us some of the culture and history behind buildings, and the explanations for the very progressive and accepting culture of the Dutch. The tour was great, and above are just a few shots I took during!

Goodnight Amsterdam

    Heading back towards central station, I said goodnight to Amsterdam for the final time, as my flight would be early in the morning. The adventure may be concluded, but it is not one I will soon forget!

    That's all for today, and that concludes the Amsterdam series! Hope you enjoyed it! For those of you interested: Camera is Sony NEX-7, with my usual Zeiss 16-70mm lens.

    Click an image to enlarge to the 1920px version! They are, of course, down-sampled from my original copies; we can chat if you're interested in any full quality versions. As always, these are my original photos, and I maintain the copyright.

    Don't forget to if you like my blog, I like to post picture stories!

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Diablito and Congo, it is Almost Time for Carnival in Panama!


Panama has a Rich History of Carnival.

Every year the whole country descends into chaos as people party their hearts out just before the Catholic Holiday Lent. The Diablos (Devils) or Diablitos as they are affectionately called here make sure you are scared and punished for your sins.

The versions of Diablitos range from colorful versions on the Western Pacific sides of Panama to the more sinister versions on the Caribbean side of the country.

I Took This Video of a Diablito and Congo While Giving a Family a Tour in Portobelo, Panama.




I Took These Photos During the Panama City, Panama Carnival Parade in 2013.

Of All the Diablitos I Prefer the Afro-Caribbean Version.

The people on the Caribbean side of Panama really take their positions as Diablitos serious. They carry whips that they use to strike revelers. If you ever get chance to experience the real version in towns along the coast you will see people with welts on their legs. The Diablitos scare money out of people. If you don't pay prepare for pain.

Diablitos also have ranks. the black costume is more senior. So the all red versions are the newbies. They tend to roam in packs. I have to admit the first time I experienced them I almost wet my shorts.

Watch this Video to Get a Sense of the Work that Goes Into Being a Diablito in Panama.
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Wheel Jam 2015 highlights in 4K

Wheel Jam event had 155 trucks registered, 55 vendors and over 16000 spectators over the three-day event. The trucks came from over 15 states and three Providences in Canada.

Receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, for 2015 is Gary French of Gary French Trucking in Cavour. He has lived and trucked there all his life.

Read about Gary

I didn't get every thing on video that i would of liked. There is so much to see and do. Hope to see you there next year.

Thank-you for all your comments and viewing the video. I have other videos on my YouTube page

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Life After Graduation... Experiences in The UAE

Join me for some experiences on a trip from from the UAE to Syria. There were highlights in each place that will stay with my forever. I am writing now many years later but I would like to share some of the memories that have stayed with me. Travel is so much fun, if you get the chance, get out and explore this great world.

Life after Graduation...

This is the third post in this series.

The first post give some background to the trip

The second post focuses on the UAE and what the country is like.

Dubai Majnoon

Memories of the UAE

In this post I am going to share some of my memorable experiences for the UAE. This was the beginning of my Journey.

Camping in Fujairah

Shortly after we arrived in the UAE a group of the other teachers in our school organised a night camping in Fujairah, a short drive away from Sharjah. Great plan we are in. My housemate, two neighbours and myself arranged to rent a car, get some booze and meet the others at the campsite, a beach to the east of the country on the Gulf of Oman.

What could go wrong.....

I arranged to rent a car (a small Toyota Echo) from a dealer near our school. I was a bit worried as he took my passport as security, but he assured me this was normal. It seemed legit so I thought I would go with it. I got the car and went back to our house to pick up the guys and our stuff

Do we need a tent?

Ah this wouldn't be a problem. It was early September and even at night the temperature would be in the 30s. We would be fine :) We packed what we had in the boot and headed to Ajman, a nearby Emirate, to get some booze.

A Bad Omen

I wasn't used to driving automatic cars and on the other side of the road. After about 20 minutes into the trip I realised I still had the handbrake on. A sign of things to come...

The Hole in The Wall

In the UAE at the time if you were a tourist you could get served alcohol in hotel bars but if you were a UAE resident or a local you needed a licence to purchase alcohol. It wasn't that strictly enforced but you had to be careful not to get into trouble or they could throw the book at you. Particular times to be careful was during the holy month of Ramadan when the police were extra vigilant and looking for examples of westerners to parade in front of the media. Part of this strict control of booze meant that you could only purchase alcohol in certain places. In Ajman, a nearby Emirate, there was a shady warehouse in the dockland area with literally a hole in a wall. This place was actually the official place where you could purchase alcohol. You could purchase booze which they would give to you out through the hole in the wall in black plastic bags.
I had found the handbrake, we had the booze, we didn't have a tent but that was ok so it was time to go to meet the others at the campsite.

How do you get out of Ajman?

For some reason we got to the hole in the wall without much trouble. Maybe all roads in Ajman lead there, but we couldn't find the road out of this infernal city. To make matters worse the city was full of these ridiculous speed ramps and due to the heavy load in our car each time we got to one the guys had to get out of the car for us to make it over the ramp due to the low suspension in the small car. In the baking heat and with 4 frustrated guys this was quite an ordeal. We eventually got on the road and we saw a signpost for Fujairah, but alas I missed the turn.

Never mind we can just take the next right...

Top Travel Tip: If your ever driving in a desert and you miss a turn, stop, turn around and go back. There wasn't a right turn for about 80km. I had learned my lesson thought and it served me well on a later trip in Jordan.

Eventually we reached Ras Al Khaimah (another Emirate) where we were able to turn right. On the bright side this was my only trip in the 10 months to Ras Al Khaimah. There isn't a lot there to do and its quite a journey from Sharjah and Dubai.

I think it's this way....

Before GPS you had to follow maps and sign posts. Sometimes there would be disagreement especially when your in a country that is constantly under construction. We found a road which had a sign post that said Fujairah but the road was eerily quite for some reason.

Literally The End of the Road

We came to the end of the road after about 20 minutes. The fully built dual carriage way stopped abruptly and there was a hill in the way which had not yet been removed. The road hadn't been finished and the last 10km or so to Fujairah was just a dirt track over the mountain. A great short cut if you had a 4x4, not a Toyota Echo. After the speed bumps and with 4 rather large guys in the small car I was afraid I wouldn't get my passport back if we risked it. We had to turn around and go the long route which added about another hour and a half to the journey.
I wasn't too popular, lets just say that decision **not* to go over the mountain pass wasn't unanimous.*

Mounted Cannons and Humvees

In late 2003 the Iraq war was still fresh in many peoples minds. I was just after arriving in the UAE and I still was ignorant of where I was, what the people were like and all of that. As darkness fell on our trip we were now in a mountainous part of the UAE and we came upon a checkpoint with soldiers and Humvees like in the movies.
I was driving and I wasn't too scared but as I rolled down the window I realised we had a boot full of alcohol without a licence. I hoped they wouldn't search the car but even if they asked us to pop the trunk it was hidden under clothes and bags so they were unlikely to find it unless...

The officer that stopped us was polite and he asked me what we were doing, where we were going. I said Salam Alai Kum in my best attempt at the greeting which I had just read in my guide book. I told him we were going to Fujairah to go camping and that we were teachers. Everyone trusts teachers. I was expecting him to wave us on but ...

Pop the Trunk

The dreaded words, but I was still confident he wouldn't find the booze until I heard an expletive come out of one of my passengers mouths, FXXK!. The Officer also heard this but he went back to the boot, looked in and I will never know if he waved us on because I had greeted him in Arabic, because we were teachers or if he was just being nice.

The Prize

We finally got to the camp site. They girls had made a fire and were preparing a barbque. We had Camel burgers for food and settled down for the evening drinking cans of beer overlooking the Gulf of Oman. I was so beautiful even in the dark.

Sparkling Pristine Waters

Probably not a good idea but after our day nothing else could go wrong so we went swimming in the water. I will never forget it. Everytime you moved in the water it lit up with plankton. It was mesmerising.

Sleeping under the Stars

After a great end to a trying day where we had gotten to 5 of the 7 Emirates, we settled down in sleeping bags under the beautiful crystal clear sky and stars to sleep. It was so hot the guys in the tents ended up sleeping outside too so we felt rather smug that we hadn't forked out for a tent.

Football in 50 Degrees

At he beginning of the trip when I arrived to Dubai Airport I met my housemate for the next 10 months for the first time, a Kerry man. No surprise he was linked into the GAA scene in Dubai before we arrived. I wasn't big into Irish football but there was also hurling (which was my sport) so I thought I would give it a try.

Before purchasing boots and kit I wanted to see what it would be like and sit out a training session. One August evening after work (and after sunset) we headed to an outdoor pitch in Dubai where the Dubai Celts trained. I sat in the stands during the session to see if I would like give it a go.

Unbearable Heat

At 10.30 at night, dressed in tshirt and shorts I was not expecting beads of sweat running down my legs. As the training session progressed, which I was only watching, the heat seemed to build. The heat and the fact that there was going to be very little hurling didn't deter me. It looked like fun, the people seemed nice so I decided to give it a go. On the way home we stopped at the City Center Shopping Mall to buy boots and gear for next weeks training session.

We had regular training and I don't think I was ever in better shape in my life. The players were lads and ladies from all over the world. Football was more popular as it was easier for people to pick up. I think hurling is something you have to be born into :) There were lots of South Africans, English, Kiwis and Irish.

Serious Training

It quickly became clear that these guys were serious. Our sessions were very professionally run by some former inter-county players. Added with the natural outdoor Sauna we got in great shape. Dubai Celts were miles ahead of the other teams in the UAE (i.e. Abu Dhabi). There were also teams in Oman, Bahrain and Saudi which travelled to play us from time to time but mostly the fitness, the comradery and the banter were the reasons for participating.

No Need to Warm up

Training was mainly at night but occasionally we had to play during the day. This was absolute madness. The games were shortened to 15 minutes a side but half an hour in the baking sun melted your brain.

Even at night sessions we would lose litres in perspiration. It was all a bit crazy but you became used to it after a while and we had great fun.

GAA and the Dubai Celts was as much a networking and social club as anything else.

GAA trip to Bahrain

This was a great experience. The whole of the Dubai Celts travelled to Bahrain for a weekend to play teams from elsewhere in the Middle East in a series, both football and hurling.

The Flight

The experience started on the plane over which was operated by Gulf Air. I had ordered dinner in the airport but for some reason it got really delayed and we ended up getting it in take away plates which we planned to eat on the plane.

Bangers and Mash

Little did I know that Gulf Air was quite a conservative choice of airline. The screens didn't show the altitude or aircraft speed but rather the distance to Mecca. Surrounded by Burka clad women I dug into my takeaway bangers and mash but I felt very uneasy for the short trip as I was acutely aware of the smell of the pork sausages emanating form my lap which was quite rude.

Oh Jesus never again

I wasn't much of a footballer so I wasn't expecting to be on the team. Hurling wasn't that popular so there would be only one game and that wouldn't be till Sunday so I thought I would be able to stay up late drinking on the Friday night. We had great fun and I got to know some very nice (but retired) expats until 5 in the morning over a bottle of Jameson.
To my shock and horror I was named on the squad to play Saudi Arabia the next morning. I was in no fit shape but the heat quickly sobered me up and I made an appearance in the Celts Colours in my first match in an International Series.

The Crazy Irish

We had a clean sweep in Bahrain, the ladies, the guys both football and hurling. We didn't get to do much sightseeing but we had a great party. It continued to the airport where our flight got delayed. No problem we found the bar and continued our party. The group from Dubai was a talented bunch, there were singers, musicians and dancers. Someone pulled out a tin whistle and we got a sing song going in the airport pub which we had to ourselves. In fact most of the people there sipping tea and the like actually left when we started sining.
We were in flying form after our wins. At one point a guy in full Disdasha stuck his head in the door to see what all the commotion was about. I will never forget his face.

Arab taking Selfie
Image Source

Football Trip during Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims are required to fast from sunrise to sunset. Nothing must pass their lips.
As with most customs in the UAE I didn't get much of an appreciation of this custom. The local people can be quite extreme and your kept outside the loop. I didn't get a full understanding of this practice until later countries on my trip where I came to respect it and what it represented. I recognised that Ramadan is actually a joyous time in the Muslim world which culminates in the Eid al Fitr celebration. In the UAE all I remember of it is a trip we made during Ramadan with the Dubai Celts to Abu Dhabi to play a football match in the scorching heat. I scored a point in this match which I was happy about but the trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was quite an experience.

Near Death Experience

We were driving in convoy on the motorway when a lorry in front decided to Shed its load on the Motorway. This type of event is typical in the UAE. There are no standards for anything. If something bad happens in a normal country those responsible would be sent to jail. In the UAE people just leave the country so there are little building standards, regulations, human rights conditions. I was a few cars back and I managed to swerve and avoid the corrugated roofing that littered the highway.

Time for a Smoke

After this shock one of the passengers in our car decided to light up a cigarette. We quickly got a phone call from one of the other cars who had some Dubai Celt veterans warning us to put out the cigarette. You cant smoke in public during Ramadan in the UAE. You might get away with it in Dubai but we were now in the more devout Abu Dhabi where you were liable to get arrested.

Sneaking a Drink of Water

We played the match but an added bonus of playing Football in 50 degree heat was that we had to hide behind a shed to drink water during Ramadan.

Altogether it was a rather eventful day, but we all made it back to Sharjah in one piece. I do rather regret that this was the only time I was in Abu Dhabi. I didn't get to see much of the City. On another road trip we did go to Al Ain which is a desert city in the emirate of Abu Dhabi but we never visited the capital again.

Weekends in Dubai

The address of our school and compound where we lived was Industrial Area 6. It was about as appealing as it sounds and little to do nearby. Sharjah is famous for a cricket stadium but none of us were much into cricket. It was a short trip to Dubai however were we spend most Friday nights. After a long week at school we would travel to one of the 5 star hotels in Bur Dubai or Deira to one of the all you can eat and drink buffets. They were amazing value and provided a great start to a night out on the town. The nights would regularly continue until the wee hours of the morning in the Pubs or Clubs in Dubai.

Slow Cooking Irish Man

One evening I realised that I was actually (me not food) cooking in my apartment.
I had ordered take away one Friday evening when the air conditioning in my house happened to be broken. When I opened the door for the delivery driver I was taken back by the look he gave me. A blast of hot air hit him when I opened the door. That is the moment when I realised, I was literally sitting in an oven, the walls were actually hot to the touch and I was slowly roasting like a slow cooked piece of beef. Luckily the air con was still working in my bedroom.

Meeting Oliver Cromwell's great great great .... Daddy

Sharjah has a much stricter Muslim ethos and laws than neighbouring liberal Dubai.
The UAE is a federal system made up of 7 Emirates. Each has its own laws and is ruled by its Emir. Sharjah, where I lived, was a dry state except for a small piece of land The English Club which was a private members club for expats living in the area.
When the British left in the 70s part of the condition was that this club would remain. As this club was near where we lived we spent many evenings there in the swimming pool or eating and drinking in the bar. There was one memorable evening when all the Irish teachers from our school were there celebrating and we got into conversation with an English guy out in the pool area. I don't know what this guy was hoping for, but to say to a bunch of Irish people that your great great great ... daddy was Oliver Cromwell is not going going to get a great response. He made no friends that night. Apart from that night we had many fun nights in the English Club in Sharjah.

The Irish Village

This is a pub and venue in Dubai on the Deira side of the creek. Many nights began or finished here but my second trip here was the funniest.
A few friends and I got a taxi to the place. We were new in the UAE and we didn't know exactly where the entrance was. We ended up getting out of the taxi about a block away form the main door which meant we had to walk in the August heat. By the time we got to the pub (literally two minutes later) one of our group was bathed in sweat to such an extent that when we entered the sanctuary of the wonderfully air conditioned pub people turned around and laughed. He had to buy a t-shirt in the gift shop and change, he was that bad.

The heat and humidity in the Summer time was unforgettable.

Where did the Scream Mask come from?

There were so many parties during the year. One that sticks out was Halloween in 2003. A friend from the GAA was throwing a big bash at their villa in the Jumairah Beach area of the city. The fact that Halloween that year fell during Ramadan meant everyone stocked up on booze well in advance to make sure we would not run out. The party was a blast. Everyone also made great shapes for the costumes.

How did I get home

Now this party was at least an hours drive from our compound in Sharjah. I left the party a bit early but the last thing I remember was noticing I had no money in my pocket...

The next morning I woke up in my apartment.

  • The first thing I noticed besides my thumping headache was that the window was wide open. In the UAE you live in an airconditioned bubble, you never leave the window open!
  • The Second thing was there was a Scream Mask on the floor of my room.

I didn't find out till much later the full story. I had left the party and two other teachers, who I didnt really know well, had seen me leave and was also heading home so we shared a taxi. I feel asleep on the way home, my house mate had come home some time later but he couldn't find his key so he knocked on my window. I was sound asleep so I didn't hear and the knocking turned into breaking the window open and jumping in through it losing his costume in the process. Mystery Solved.

My One Big Regret

I never got around to frying eggs on the pavement. For some reason I have always wanted to do this. I hope to get back some day and give this a try to see how they taste :)

Thank you for reading this. I write on Steemit about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Travel and lots of random topics.
All Images are from my personal library.

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The beauty of seasons: Autumn in Transylvania-part III.

Thank you for coming back to the third and final part of my Transylvanian Autumn collection. As you remember the first part featured leaves only, the second part trees, forests, and ladscapes. Last but not least I thought I will showcase flowers, fruits, and unique berries that grow on bushes.

Enjoy. This is the Euonymus europaeus, or Kecskerágó in Hungarian, is a species of flowering plant in the family Celastraceae, native to much of Europe, where it inhabits the edges of forests, hedges and gentle slopes. I've taken this picture in the back yard of my sister's country house. Same place as the previous photos were taken, also.
Oh, and just in case you wonder what my family does with the harvest, well my sister bakes a lot using the apples and walnuts, and the grapes, yeap you guessed it, wine!! Good old home made wine. Now, this is almost like the albino version of the Euonymus europaeus, or Kecskerágó. This was the first time in my life that I came across these as I was walking through the village, when we spent a weekend at the country house. As I took the pictures and admired these unique berries, one of the villagers told me that it was the Kecskerágó, only white. Huh. It looks different but who can argue with the locals, right? I forgot to mention that both of the berries are very hard and almost like rubbery to touch.
So, we made it to the end of the Autumn series in Transylvania. Come back and check out the other seasons that will follow, soon.
Thank you for your reviews. Be blessed and take time to capture and enjoy nature.

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@billyrocks ·
Enjoy the beauty of japan relics cave

Hello Everyone

             Today I'll tell you about my journey, cave museum relics to Japan in Lhokseumawe Indonesia, the cave was built 1942. The last stronghold of Japan before Sukarno declaring Independence in 1945. Unfortunately, the length of the cave is only 100 meters In another update, the cave several times to change the function. When in 1965, the cave was used as a place of execution they were branded as members of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

                                                            image soucre (in cave japan relics)

Who deliberately created by the Japanese defense of the fort along the coast and hills in Aceh Lhokseumawe, The hill is 120 meters above sea level. From the hill stretches of the Indian Ocean, making it very suitable as the monitoring center of Japan at the time. Japan decided location in Blang Payang defense. Goa hill now known as Japan. The whole cave was built by the people and under the threat of weapons.

                                                              Japan cave Lhokseumawe

Currently, the cave was used as a tourist attraction. The walls of the cave have been installed paving blocks. However, most of the walls were maintained in accordance original form. In the cave, like a model of a Japanese cave, in general there is space reconnaissance, logistics, prisoners, dining room, kitchen and a bedroom. Now, the cave was a silent witness.

                                                             Japan cave Lhokseumawe 

And now a place to enjoy the beauty of nature from the height it was very enjoyable. if you want to enjoy the beauty of the wild and the tour of history please visit the Cave of Japan Lhokseumawe. To get into a tourist attraction, visitors must buy a ticket for one dollar. visitors coming from anywhere often stop at the Cave of Japan. Maybe out of curiosity how the shape of the cave

                                                               Japan cave Lhokseumawe

                                                             So about my brief journey

                    So I can only story I hope you like it, Follow me on My Blog @billyrocks 

                                Thank you for reading and feel free to leave me a comment!

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@nin0000 · (edited)
Entering a forgotten gorge in Wadi Rum.
Amidst the landscape in Wadi Rum, Jordan, ancient signs of nomadic tribes can be found.
Hidden away between the eroded mountains i sought refuge from the sun and found a gorge where others took refuge long ago.
The people that left their petroglyps(marks in rock) are the Thamud.
The presence of water in this narrow gorge, amidst the desert landscape in Wadi Rum,
and this pit going into the deeps, might have made this place very important and a haven to be protected.
For all along the walls that give entrance to this gorge, people have left their marks.
My guess, a representation of feet.

The Thamudic people are a nomadic Arab tribe that migrated in the Wadi Rum area in early Christian times.
Horse and rider

The Thamud became neighbours of the Nabataean people who lived in Jordan for large parts of ancient history, especially building their culture during Greco-Roman times, with important monuments in Petra fi. The Thamud have been recorded in history from the first millenium BC.

The oldest known reference to Thamud is a 715 BC inscription of the Assyrian king Sargon II, which mentions them as being among the people of eastern and central Arabia subjugated by the Assyrians.Wiki
but they should be a much older people.

Noone knows exactly what happened to these people, it is said that they dissapeared through volcanic eruptions.
Eroded gorge walls,
View outside

I expored this area on my own, as the local guides usually direct you to one of the known and frequented places where you can discover the Thamud, but who knows where they have left their traces in this large landscape.

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@ninahans · (edited)
The Heritage Project

We will now introduce you to The Heritage Project. As we told you in our introduction Hans organizes his own project with music, dance, theater and lots of children, which Nina has joined on as well lately.

The Heritage Project is, as the name says, a project, but also a concept in itself with its own purposes. The main goal of the project is to organize cultural activities for those who have difficult access to it. By using the traditional music, dances, stories and costumes of the participants to create a music- and theater play, we want to spread cultural awareness. Another purpose is to stimulate creativity among the participants, as we strives to create an environment were everyone can feel free to express their culture and every idea can contribute to the artistic show. For each project a team of instructors and volunteers ensures that the project comes to a success.

The project usually lasts for a week. In this period the music- and theater show is created, rehearsed and performed. The performance preferably take place outside at a location characteristic for the living area of the participants, which can be wherever. By this we want to create environmental awareness by showing the place in a new light and context as the play is being performed.

The Heritage Project started back in 2012 when Hans made his vision realized in Sri Lanka. In collaboration with other musicians, both Sri Lankan and European, and most of all a lot of Sri Lankan children, he created two artistic shows using Sri Lanka’s cultural Heritage. The project became a great success and has since then been organized in many other countries.

In our next posts we will share with you all the project that has already been organised and those we are about to do. Most of those already organized were organized mainly by Hans, but in the latest ones Nina was also participating.

To give you some hint about what is coming;

  • First of all Hans had his project with Sri Lankan children in some of the most remote areas of Sri Lanka.
  • Later the project has been hold in a refugee camp in Jordan, with an Indian tribe in Ecuador, at a music festival in Latvia and with refugees from all over the world, now living in Norway.
  • Our next project to come will be in the north of Thailand with Karen communities.

If this sounds interesting to you, follow us to be updated about our stories!


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@allasyummyfood ·
Driving through Sri Lanka - Travel & Food Blog

So after we have climbed Adams Peak - you can see my previous post, we went on a long drive through Sri lanka. We were on our way to YALA. This is the best National Park and we planned to stay in the jungle part and live in a treehouse and then visit the Safari, which I will discuss in my next post.

The drive through Sri Lanka was amazing. The scenery is so beautiful and something out of this world. Many times, we asked our driver to stop so that we can take pictures.

We stopped at a random place to have some food which was so good. I really liked most of the food in Sri Lanka and it was definitely a new experience. I felt so lucky to be there and have the opportunity to see this country.

When we arrived in Yala, we saw a lot of monkeys! And I LOVE monkeys, they are so cute, but apparently these were nasty ones and we were warned by the locals not to get too close. Apparently they steal everything you have, so I was holding to my camera and phone very hard :D

We walked through the city with my sister and then went to check into our Tree house... Until the next time!

Follow me here, so you dont miss my posts! Alla xox

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· @bontonstory ·
Korean Style Sauna Jimjilbang Story / Life Photography

Jimjilbang is a Korean style sauna.

Jimjilbang is a compound word that combines Jimjil and Bang. Jimjil refers to a steam pack to loosen knotted muscles and bang means room. JImmilbang is a kind of a place to play and relax with family and friends.

 It''s an integrated recreational space with many saunas. Each room has a special feature, and you can go into the room you want to sweat and relax in. Some people watch movies, read or even exercise. It usually has a restaurant and a bath, so you can have a meal during saunas and take a bath before or after the saunas.

I usually go to a jimjilbang to relax once a week if it's possible. Various steaming makes my skin very soft and healthy. If you go into a specific room and stay for more than 10 minutes, you will get a sweaty feeling. Really sweat.

Let's look inside of a Jimjilbang I used to go.

The jjimjilbang is a complex facility with swimming pool and fitness center, can be used as a member if you want.

There's a kid's place. Some restaurants, cafes and jimjilbangs have a similar kid's place to give some time to mothers in Korea.

There is a smoking room.

 Each steaming room in jimjilbangs has a special feature such as stone, herbs, ice, charcoal and ocher soil and so on. I heard that ocher soil emits far-infrared radiation.

I usually stay in a room about 10 to 20 minutes and go out. I enjoy repeating it many times. 

These are my favorite foods, baked eggs and Shike. Shike is a traditional Korean beverage made with rice. I really like the sweet taste. It is a different sweet with chocolate.

It was an herb room.

There was an hourglass measuring 10 minutes inside of a room.

The towel on my head is Yangmohri. Yang means sheep, and mohri means head, so Yangmohri means sheep's head. It is made by rolling a towel. We make it to use for fun in Jimjilbang.

How to make Yangmohri?

I hope you enjoyed a story of Jimjilbang. I went to a Jimjilbang in the US too, but my satisfaction was different. When you visit Korea, don't forget to add Jimjilbang to your tour list.


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· @juvyjabian ·
A visit to my parents in Aloran, province of Misamis Occidental

A visit to my parents in Aloran, province of Misamis Occidental -Aloran

Image Source

This is the port of Ozamis city and that mountain is the Mt. Malindang. It is said that this mountain is a volcano which had been inactive for so many years. Since I was a child, I've been travelling to this place and have not seen any indication of volcanic activity. Well, it's inactive. How can I expect an activity from an inactive volcano.

According to my father (let's just put it that way since I have not visited the mountain myself), there's a lake in the mountain that could not be seen with a simple aerial view because its covered with huge trees. These huge trees also act as the barrier of the lake. They are responsible of holding the water and preserving every living creature in the lake.

Once upon a time, there was this villager who happen to visit the place unintentionally and was amazed of the aquatic food that is vast in the lakes. He was amazed of its size because even a single of it can satisfy the hunger of a whole family. So the villager took the liberty and catched few of them, huge shrimps and fish.

Image Source

Unknowingly, there was already a message from a longtime ago, that everything that is inside that lake should remain in the lake and should not be consume as food. The villager didn't know about it and so he was able to bring the food at home. Few days after that, a huge flood occured that killed lots of people.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the name of the lake and only few people knows it because people are trying to preserve it from visitation because of what had happen. They believed that the lake is the crater of the volcano and that everything within it including aquatic food creatures belong to somebody that is not of human in nature.

My Parents Humble House

Image Source

Road in front of my parents house

Image Source

This road can also be use as access road towards the lake but it will take anybody days to arrive in the area. That's just how near is it. The road seem fine and is accessible by vehicle but just a kilometer away from that view. After you reach the end portion of the road, you will start walking days and night until you arrive at the lake. I have no idea as to how many days a trekker need to spend before they will arrive the place. This is good for those who are seeking adventure. Just keep in mind not to bring anything back home.

Front of the house

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

One thing I like about this place is its true nature environment. It's so natural. The air is clean and refreshing, you don't need to worry about pollution because the surroundings are well preserved. The best place to rest and unwind yourself.

Image Source

Image Source
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@grisha-danunaher ·
Culture festival in the island Einsiedel .
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@hansikhouse · (edited)
Study-Abroad Manual #2: The Language You Learned is Not the Language You'll Use / 유학 매뉴얼: 배운 언어가 쓰는언어가 아니다

Hello again! If you're here, hopefully you found the introduction to the topic of studying-abroad helpful and applicable. Today I'll be looking at the very foundational consideration of learning a language abroad -

The Language You Learned is Not the Language You'll Use

안녕하세요 여러분 반갑습니다! 유학 메뉴얼 2탄을 들고 왔습니다.
오늘은 유학을 하며 배우는 가장 어려운 언어, 언어!에 대해 이야기 해보려고 합니다.

Learning a Language vs. Learning to Speak a Language

What do I mean by this? Here's an example of how this plays out in an elementary way: When a non-english speaker learns english for the first time, this is a very common conversation they are expected to encounter and use-

“Hi/Hello. I'm Michael, how are you?” “I'm fine, and you?” “I'm doing well, thank you.”

Now of course we need to learn the basic conversational tools, but how many english-speakers actually use this exact structure? The structure of your language will change drastically depending on who you're talking to, what the situation is, is you're already acquainted or not, and a number of other factors.

The emphasis is on the idea that language is very fluid and unexpected, impossible to quantify fully into a textbook or instruction videos. One real hurdle is translating the formal language learned in the classroom or rigid courses into the real messiness of that foreign place.

배우는 언어가 실제로 통용하는 언어가 아니다. 어떤의미이냐구요?
우리가 영어 교과서에서 배우는 유명한 대화를 예로 들어보겠습니다.

“Hi, I am Micheal, How are you?
“I am fine. Thank you, and you?”

사용하긴 말이긴 하지만 우리가 교과서에서 배우는 “첫인사” 사실 영어권에서 놀랄만큼 이뤄지지 않는 대화체라고 설명드리고 싶습니다. 모든 마찬가지로 다양한 대화체가 있지요. 어느 나라든, 언어든 교과서에서 정형화되어있는 대화체만을 습득하는 언어교육은 한계가 있다고 생각합니다. 한국어를 배우는 외국인이 “안녕하세요, 반갑습니다. 오늘 어떠하십니까?” 같은 문장을 교과서에서 배워도 우리나라에서 사용하시 않듯이 말이죠. 그 나라에가서 사용하는 언어는 배운언어와 다르다고 말씀드리겠습니다. 유학은 교과서, 토플, 토익 영어 실력과 관련이 없다는 결론이 나옵니다.

  • ###### Language is integrated into gestures, tones, rhythms, etc.

When I first starting using Italian during my college year abroad, this reality slapped me across the face. I could glean very little in the actual words they spoke. A great deal of the accustomization process was understanding the signals, gestures, rate of talk, and all the other nuances that I never realized were so important in communication. Being from a country where there isn't much necessary engagement with other languages, it was always an English-to-English thought process.

언어 공부에서는 듣기, 읽기, 말하기 만큼 그 원어민들의 행동, 눈빛, 제스쳐, 삶의 태도 등 들을 배우는 것이 중요합니다. 이태리어를 배울때 단어나 문장보다 “그들이 말하는 방식”을 배우며 이태리어를 더 금방 습득 할 수 있었습니다. 언어와 행동의 뉘앙스들을 캐치하는것은 현지에서 부딫혀봐야 하는방법 뿐이죠. 그리고 그것을 캐치하는 능력은 또 암기력이나 문장력과는 다른 별개의 능력이라고 생각합니다. 그런 관점에서 보았을때 언어는 그 언어권에서 사용하기 전까지 실력을 가늠할 수 없는 부분입니다.

Learning to Speak a Language

Why do I bring this up? Well, I've observed over the years of studying and working abroad that this is the one most prominent obstacle in assimilating into a foreign place. This technical difficulty manifests as a social one that has real daily consequences and difficulties. I've seen so many individuals unable to overcome this struggle and as a result, fail to establish friendship circles, experience a new context more vividly, and in general blame themselves for having such a social inability. I want to highlight that this is greatly due to the disconnect we have between formal education and applicable education.

왜 제가 이런 내용을 쓰기로 결심한 이유는요?

우리나라에서 유학을 준비하는 친구들을 보면 언어의 기술적인 부분에 많은 비중을 둡니다. 사실 높은 토익점수이지만 사용력이 약하신분보다 영어를 잘 안배워도 몸짓 사용, 표정등으로 언어를 전달하는 능력을, 사회성이 좋으신 분들이 더 현지 생활 적응도, 유학 성공력이 높습니다.

미국 유학을 예로 들자면, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT 높은 성적을 보유하신 분들을 많이 보았습니다. 하지만 막상 유학 오셔서 학업이 잘 안되서, 친구를 잘 못사귀고 혼자 다니며 혹은 멀리와서 까지도 한국인들만 만나며 스스로를 원망하는 분들을 보았습니다. 시험 성적은 이것은 유학을 가능케 하는 tool일 뿐이지, 미국에서 친구를 사귀는데, 교수님과 관계를 쌓는데, 또 미국에서 정말 살아가며 공부를하는데 있어서는 별개인것 같습니다.


팁을 몇가지 드리겠습니다!

1- Tuck the textbook/phrasebook away and mingle! Doing your homework lays the foundation, but the hard work of actually socializing will build up the construct of your foreign experience. This tip is often shared by others but for me, the importance is heavier – even if you constantly make mistakes and grind your teeth, this process will undoubtedly help you establish trustworthy relationships. It'll highlight the compassionate native-speakers around you who will inevitably help you through this growing stage.

어느정도 언어를 공부하셨다면 문장, 어휘관련 책을 그만보세요. 사실 그 책에 나와있는 문장들은 미국 친구들, 학우들 사이에서 엉켜 노는데 전혀 도움이 되지 않습니다. 이를테면 한국어를 열심히 책으로 배우는 친구, 반면 공부는 덜해도 한국 친구들과 술마시고 같이 노는 친구들을 비교해 보면 말이죠.

2- Start to compartmentalize the social scenarios around you. In any language, you change the way you speak depending on who you're talking to. Learn to speak to your friends in a more “friendship language” and adults in more “adult-y language.” It'll make the learning process less overwhelming and muddled.

어떤 언어든 친구 사귀는 방법은 다 비슷합니다. 사실 우리가 언어 책에서 배우는 어려운 말들은 더 언어를 어렵게만 만드는 것 같습니다.

3- Recognize everyday that learning a language is one of the most difficult activities there are. Think about how you learned your 'native' language. You were probably spoken to in that language immediately from birth, formally trained for several or more years, and was constantly/incessantly inundated with that language through movies, music, conversations, commercials, billboards, radio, etc. etc. etc. The monumental feat of learning to communicate was made possible because it was integrated in every aspect of your growing life. Learning all the beautiful nuances and components of a new language is even more of an endeavor because it is personal, external, and wholly dependent on your own willpower. But it's worth it and will bring you literally an entire new world of experiences. Steem on!

외국어가 제 2국어임을 꼭 명심하고 유학을 하며 모든 순간을 배움의 과정이라고 즐겨야 합니다. 내가 몇년해도 언어를 이밖에 못한다 라는 생각보다 내가 모국어 외에 다른 언어를 이만큼이나 읽고 이해할 수 있다고 관점을 바꾸어 언어를 배우는 것을 즐겨야합니다. 배움의 언어의 바깥에 있는 언어의 영역들, 예를 들자면 광고를 보는것, 노래 듣는 것, 주문하는 것 등 사소한것 까지도 습득하는 과정이 아닐까요?

I'm realizing at the end of this that I could probably do a number of posts on the experience of language learning. If you're interested in any other aspects of the process, please let me know! If you missed the first post's introduction, see it here - Why do you want to study abroad?

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* bringing to you creative and cultural analysis of the world *

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· @zaebars ·
📷 ⛵️ Circus We'll Sea Strikes back!

I've already mentioned our dear friends Circus We'll Sea in some of my previous posts, and voila - they came back!:)
Not just came back, but came with even more boats and artists, ready to make a big performance this weekend right in a local port (I hope to take some nice pictures for you). Although I am not a child, circus still gets me excited!

So nice to see each other again! :)

And here is one song as a bonus ;)

28°04'50.3N 17°19'54.9W

30 second exposure
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· @zaebars ·
📷 The Heat - SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #25

It's hot, let's hide in a shadow. But first - let's dance.

28°04'05.4N 17°18'51.5W

taken with iphone 5s

30 second exposure
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@exploretraveler ·
Photo of the day~Approaching Ketchikan Alaska

First Views of Ketchinkan, Alaska from a cruise ship as it travels up the Inside Passage to Alaska. Notice the beautiful, but fridged water with the magnificent range of snow-capped mountains in the background. The "Land of the Midnight Sun" welcomes all, as they travel up this spectacular passage of water. 

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 "Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people." - ExploreTraveler @exploretraveler   

 We have a great travel tip audio book that will help you can purchase it at Audible --> Here  

 Happy Travels,  

ExploreTraveler Team  

  © 2017 ExploreTraveler. All Rights Reserved.     

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· @mapipaz · (edited)
Las Vegas

Las Vegas es uno de los lugares más divertidos a los que se puede viajar.
Además de disfrutar del juego en sus interminables casinos hay muchas otras formas de ocio.
Una de las atracciones son sus hoteles. En cada uno tenemos diversidad de sitios que visitar.
El César Palace su decoración es estupenda, con sus numerosas estatuas y la piscina. A mí es uno de los que más me gustó.
También está muy bien en cuanto a decoración el Venetian, tiene hasta un canal veneciano sobre el que dar un paseo en góndola.
El hotel New York sobresale por tener una montaña rusa en su interior en la que dar el sí quiero en tu boda.
El hotel Circus Circus destaca por su decoración circense.
El Luxor con ambientación del antiguo egipto, llama la atención por su haz de luz que surge del centro de la pirámide, así como sus ascensores que ascienden en diagonal siguiendo la forma de la pirámide.
También hay hoteles con atracciones como el Stratosfear, con una atracción de caída, otra que trata de un vagón que se precipita en lo más alto del edificio; y para los más valientes, pueden precipitarse torre abajo con unos arnés y experimentar la brutal caída.
Hay espectáculos gratuitos como las fuentes del Bellagio o la pelea naval del Treasure, ambos divertidos y recomendables. A parte de sus espectáculos de pago con magos como David Coperfield, musical como Celine Dion o circenses como el circo del Sol.
Como podéis ver la diversión está asegurada siempre en este lugar.

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· @samstonehill ·
Sammy's Simple Solutions & Moving Timelapse Films

If you took the time to watch the above film you will already know a little about me. I am a traveling time-lapse film maker, in search of truth & beauty. I called myself Moving Timelapse because that's what I enjoyed making the most. For three years I have been on the road and have never looked back.

Before I found Steemit, I posted weekly films on Youtube with the intention of inspiring people & putting a bit of money in the account at the same time. I engaged with a great number of people through these films and perhaps I was able to help some of them but without question I can say that I did not earn the quantity of money I was hoping for. I averaged around $2 a month.

To really make money on Youtube you need thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of hits. I was not achieving this at all but ploughed on in the knowledge that I did at least enjoy every one of the films I made.

Where am I now?

When I arrived in Bali in December 2015 I fell in love with an Eco Community known as Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood which was still in construction, just south of Ubud. And I decided to stay a while. Sabrina (my partner) then became pregnant and we decided to stay a while longer... till after the baby was born.

So, with baby number 2 due next week we are still here and I am still glued to my computer, only now it is Steemit I am glued to! However, my films still remain unwatched on Youtube and I feel like they would be going to waste if I did not share them with you now.

Sammy's Simple Solutions

Whilst living in Taman Petanu I had the idea to create a series in which I shared the wealth of knowledge I have acquired on the road with my small group of followers. It was also created in part to keep my mother happy with weekly video updates, showing I was alright!

The subject matter varied greatly from film to film but was always something that was close to my heart in that moment. Looking at the list below I realise now that monkeys are featured more than anything else! That would be because we don't have wild monkeys in the UK and here in Bali they are an everyday part of my life.

Upcoming episodes:

  • Why pay when you can manifest?
  • What to do with mushy bananas
  • What to do about monkeys
  • The advantages of cold showers
  • Live longer with moringa
  • Why do I stare at the sun?
  • Grow your own fruit & veg
  • The importance of laughter
  • Vitamin B12
  • Monkey squirting
  • My morning routine
  • Why I drink a smoothie every day
  • Esteban monkey love
  • How to make friends without words
  • Join me in fixing my eyesight
  • Why do I walk barefoot?
  • The joy of babies (walking & skateboarding)
  • Why I didn't vaccinate my baby
  • How to make banana ice-cream with one ingredient, and kill your blender while you do it!
  • Cryptocurrency explained (Bitcoin & Steem)

So, you can see clearly why the series ended here!

It is my hope however to give it new breath of life here on Steemit and perhaps even start shooting again. I look forward to presenting each one with a breakdown of its contents and some pictures to give you an idea of what is shown.

Time-lapse films

I have been shooting time-lapse films since before my departure from the UK three years ago. It started out as a hobby and evolved into so much more. An immense amount of time and energy goes into the production of each of these films.

Sometimes I stumble upon a region which I feel so moved by I cannot help myself but to create a time-lapse film. It becomes an obsession and I can think of nothing else till the film is done.

And other times there is something going on in my life which is so dominant, I find myself trying to express it through a time-lapse film, like Sabrina's first pregnancy for example. Which by the way turned out to be my most popular time-lapse film to date.

If I am lucky, I manage to get myself a job in which the production of a time-lapse film is required.

There is nothing better than getting paid to do what you love most!

I will be sharing all of these films with you one by one, again with a breakdown and some pictures to give you an idea of not just the contents of each film but also some 'behind the scenes' shots too.

And it is my hope that you enjoy them and find inspiration in my work.

Feel free to ask me any questions along the way. Always happy to help :)

Love & Light to you all.

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@riskdebonair ·
Sex Tourism in Pakistan, A Review

I was only bringing 10 condoms with me to Pakistan. I thought I was being foolish.

“They will only last me a week… two maximum.”

But I was lazy and could always buy more when there.

“They do have condoms in Pakistan??? Yeah probably” I assumed. (They do).

“Maybe the quality will be bad and they’ll break on me…”

Still, I was too lazy to stock up.

I'm second on the left. Everyone has a penis in this picture...

I had imagined getting my filthy hands on many dark skinned beauties. Unfortunately after arriving I encountered a lot of advertising for whitening products. I had seen them before in Asia. Islamabad was a prime example of women who had whitened their faces, some even resorting to using powder. It looked as if they were trying to do white face; the opposite of black face.

I despise these kind of products!!!

This disheartened me, but I knew I would find my dark skinned beauty somewhere.

I made friends with many men. Making friends was easy over here, especially due to the hash culture.

“Where are all the babes at? What’s the dating scene like?” I would ask them.

They gave me a look which I wouldn’t understand for another two months. I had heard that Pakistan had a dating scene which rivalled the West… but things were much different on the ground.

Two months in I began using dating sites, apps, and other means to try and meet women. I had so far met zero… I even tried marriage websites and had one offer for a paper marriage.

I had spent a lot of the time in the countryside. So perhaps that was why I wasn’t meeting women. The big cities would be different; thriving metropolitan sexy city lifestyle!

Sausage parties… everywhere.

I was told I need to go to weddings to meet women, and then I got invited to a series of weddings… but they were all gender segregated.

Gender segregated wedding, apart from a female horse...

Months had passed. I took my condoms out to check on them. They had turned to dust.

A darker side to the problem

Anyway, from trying to fulfil my sexual needs I realised that I don't like gender segregation in Pakistan, and not just because of my lack of sex. I didn’t realise gender segregation was such a problem until three unsuccessful months of trying to meet women. I had been wondering why transwomen were so popular and where all the women where at.

Pakistan was ranked 144 out of 145 in the global gender gap index 2015. The culture of gender segregation is prevalent throughout Pakistan. It is nothing short of passive violence towards women.
It means that women lack social value and status. It means less skills, less opportunities for employment, and due to social, cultural, and religious restrictions, limited chances to compete for resources in the public arena.
This means a social and economic dependency which is the basis for male power over women in all social relationships.
The nature and degree of female subordination varies across Pakistan. Large ubran cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi educate females equally as they do males, and of course middle and upperclass women have greater access to education, job opportunities, and control over their lives.
A damaging effect of gender segregation is increased gender discrimination and violence towards women.

Ending thoughts

Often I was dancing for old men. It was a farcry from my days in the UK dancing with females.

I remember my Pakistani friend in University telling me about how when he first came over to the UK he would get excited at just seeing an elbow or even the wrist of a female. I thought it was quite interesting, but being so used to seeing females all the I time couldn’t quite imagine it.

I haven't been to a single sexy party yet in over 4 months of being here. I have resigned myself to the fact that they probably don't exist, but will keep looking just in case. But mainly to keep my hopes up so I don't go crazy with lust.

9/10 Fantasizing about seeing an elbow

Writer, Author, & Blueballs

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@stabrou · (edited)
Great views in a place full of mystery

This is a photo taken in Meteora in Greece.
I have been in Meteora about 5 times. Each time is special!
One of James Bond movies was filmed in this majestic scenery.

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