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@eddard · (edited)
Ned Stark Poses A Couple Of Serious Questions About The Roman Catholic Church

Greetings, Lords and Ladies. Once again, the time has come for me to share some of the lesser known facts that I have discovered about this Kingdom of Earth. These findings are to be the most controversial ones that I have shared with you so far, so I ask that you think critically and view the evidence I shall present to you with an open mind.

Due to the lack of weirwood trees in this realm, the Old Gods have no eyes to see, and thus no power. A man needs a God in order to provide him with humility, and so I have been searching for an Earthly religion worthy of my faith and my loyalty.

My research took me to the smallest country in the known world. Vatican City-- which is oddly inside a city, which is inside another country. One would think attempting to ascertain how there could be a country inside a city inside of a country might prove the most perplexing of curiosities I would find on my travels. However, what I discovered in Rome-- I mean, in Vatican City, in Rome--was far more baffling.

After indulging in several hours of the Earthly practice, photo-bombing, I began to research what I hoped might be a religion I could ascribe myself to for the remainder of my time in this realm. What I found was far more shocking than the words my sister Lyanna whispered to me on her death bed.

I will now share with you two serious questions that I require answers to before I can entertain the thought of adopting this religion.

An internal viewing of the hall reveals windows which look like reptile eyes, a ceiling shaped like skull of a serpent, scale-like design elements, and what appears to be two fangs protruding from an open mouth in the center of the hall--where the snakes mouth would be.

An external viewing is not nearly as obvious. Yet the shape of the building, the position of the windows and an odd design choice on the right which is similar to the nose of a snake, lend the internal viewing some further context for which the serpent design can find some validity.

Though I am new to this Kingdom, my studies have led me to the understanding that the snake or serpent is representative of the villain in the Roman Catholicism's holy book, Satan. If this is the case, I have to wonder why the Catholic church chose to design such an important part of the Vatican in this manner, and why the throne of the Pope sits in the mouth of the snake during speeches, appearing to be symbolic of him being the voice of the serpent/Satan.

This twenty-meter-wide brass and bronze sculpture behind the current Pope, Benedict XVI, is located in the Vatican's Paul VI Audience Hall which was completed in 1971.
The Official Vatican spin on this horrifyingly evil appearing sculpture, supposedly in the words of Fazzini, who is no longer among the living to confirm it, is that Christ rises from this crater torn open by a nuclear bomb; an atrocious explosion, a vortex of violence and energy.
If this is, indeed, a modern depiction of the Resurrection of Christ, why then does it bear such a bizarre alien chthonic resemblance to a demonic, Satanic image?
Why is the word Christ noticeably absent from the name of the sculpture? Just who is it, really, that is shown being Resurrected here?

The sculpture allegedly representing a nuclear apocalypse could certainly explain the grotesquely unsettling nature of the piece, but it does not explain why such an event would be portrayed in the sculpture. Given the location of the artwork--right behind the Papal throne--this is a piece that is going to be seen by a lot of eyes, at the most important moments in the Vatican's progression. Would it not have made more sense, surely, to commission a piece which was more welcoming and conveyed a warmer message to audience members?

Curiously, the serpent is also demonstrated once again at a closer look, forcing one to wonder whether it is really Christ, or Satan that is rising from the ashes in this monstrous sculpture.

When considering all the better-known facts and accusations surrounding the Roman Catholic church, I feel that these findings are very worrying. It certainly appears as though the intent of the Catholic church is not to pay homage to Jesus Christ, as they say, so one must wonder what their true agenda is.

If any of my loyal readers are able to offer some plausible explanations that can serve to dispel my suspicions, I ask that you make use of the comments section below and share them.

Thanks for reading. Follow me for more truths, discoveries and important questions.

Upvotes, follows and especially resteems are vital for me in these early steps of my Steemit journey, so I want to offer my gratitude to all that support me through these methods in advance. Until next time...

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@son-of-satire · (edited)
Clinton's Celebrity Sell-outs Exposed: A Very Short And Very Clever Video

Anyone who was paying even a modicum of attention towards the US elections last year will be aware of just how many celebrities sold out to the Clinton campaign. Whether it was for cash, favours or something else, I could not tell you. I think that we all know their motives were certainly nothing to do with the protecting the US though.

I remember coming across this video where a number of very famous actors are encouraging viewers to vote.

Whilst there is no explicit mention of Hillary Clinton, or a direct suggestion that they vote for her, the video not-so-subtly discourages viewers from voting for Donald Trump.

Don Cheadle, an actor I had respect for prior to my viewing of this video, allowed himself to be used as a pawn for the Clinton campaign and embarrassed himself greatly by stating;

*a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society.*

Clearly the comment was aimed at Trump, and it was expected to be all-the-more powerful coming from a black man. I am deeply appalled that Cheadle allowed himself and his ethnicity to be used in such a way, regardless of whatever he may have gained from it.

I was happy to find that, for the most part, the American public were not buying into their bullshit. The video was met with a ton of dislikes and a plethora of angry comments. These actors showed their arrogance by presuming that, just because their fans enjoyed watching them in movies, meant that they would allow them to manipulate their fans into voting for one particular candidate or another.

Judging from the comments on the video, it would appear that I'm not the only one who lost respect for a number of actors after viewing it. Though even other celebrities such as Robert De Niro, whom I used to consider one of my favourites, also managed to sell out to the Clinton campaign in one way or another.

This may seem like old news, but I bring it up now because I recently uncovered this ingenious video which spoofs the original message into one of truth. I wish they had made this a lot sooner.

These selfish fuckers only got to where they are because of their fans. For them to show their gratitude by trying to use their influence to make those fans vote for a criminal such as Hillary Clinton, knowing(and I bet they did) that her being in power would not have been good for the American people, is truly despicable.

I am glad someone made this video which is not only enjoyable to see, but also a useful catalogue to refer to in order to find actors that you should no longer find credible in any way, shape or form.

In closing, I want to say that I am still not sure about Trump. However, having done a few things that make him seem to actually give a fuck about the people, such as signing an executive order to pull the US out of the TPP earlier today, I remain optimistic that perhaps he will be the first president in a long time to have the well-being of his people anywhere on his agenda.

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