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What are these in the TV channel, what they report and what they themselves do Opinion post by kheya

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What are these in the TV channel, what they report and what they themselves do Opinion post

**Do you think that at the last night at 03:30 to do the TV. I watch TV very little. ABUYA is almost always watching TV. Most of which are news channels.**

**So there was a tuned TV on a Bangladeshi news channel. The ad was running. What ads?**

**Father's ad !!! Witch Tantric Husband Baba They are able to solve any problem of human beings by lobbying charm! In addition to the rhetoric, success of love, success in love, disobedience, business improvement, and the treatment of diseases which medical science has not yet been able to find out!**

**It is astonishing to see that in the news channel and on the same report, various investigations into the reports of various mazar, dad, lazy, lobbying fraud are now being advertised for these parents and their darber / institution at night !!!**

**Not only this, by remotely changing channels, it can be seen that in almost all private Bangladeshi channels on the night of Iway Foreign Science and Technology related channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, History, Animal Planet, etc., these parents, saints, darbar, gems stones, pendants, Tamar-Chagaj, Abol Tablol Company's Fairness Cream, Sex Drugs, Fattening Drugs!**

**What a terrible thing they are. The media that makes people aware of it is working on behalf of these bizarre and hypocrisy for money**

**As far as I know and myself have seen the state television channel BTV (BTV) is an advertisement policy. They do not advertise such baba dabbas, rubbish charm, stone pendants, rambling advertisements. There is nothing in the case of private TV channels. So, this kind of policy should be done for other private channels too soon.**

**Since billions of viewers see these channels and the advertisement, these shadows will not be able to spread through the media so that the media can not spread in the society should be stopped now.**
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