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Building a cryptocurrency exchange is not an easy task. Building an exchange that provides a complete set of tools and features is an even more challenging ambition. At Cryptonity, we are conscious of the time, self-investment, passion and hard work a project like this demands.
But we do believe that the current exchanges, including those who have been in the market for a long time, can be improved in a lot of ways. Perfection is very hard to reach, but we strive to get close to it, as much as we can. Based on our experiences in cryptocurrency as traders and miners who have been active users of current platforms, we do believe that we have the knowledge and the skills needed to build the cryptocurrency exchange you’ve been waiting for.
We also believe that in an exchange project, as for any other business, the customer is the king, and should be treated as a king, or a queen. Our users/customers are the ones who use our tools, trust to keep their money safe, and thus help us build our reputation and credibility in the market. So they deserve to be listened to and to be treated with care.
That philosophy is the very root of our project. Cryptonity is the combination of Crypto and Community. It’s simple but strong and meaningful, as our goal is to be an exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency Community.
To my understanding it is a combined of two words to frame the name "cryptonity" which is crypto and community in other way conveying clients to the crypto world and being easy to use.
Configuring a digital currency trade isn't a simple assignment. introducing a trade that gives an entire arrangement of apparatuses and highlights is a considerably all the more difficult aspiration. At Cryptonity, we are aware of the time, self-venture, energy and diligent work a task like this requests. In any case, we do trust that the present trades, including the individuals who have been in the market for quite a while, can be enhanced from multiple points of view.
Flawlessness is difficult to reach, however we endeavor to draw near to it, as much as we can.In view of our encounters in cryptographic money as brokers and mineworkers who have been dynamic clients of current stages, we do trust that we have the learning and the abilities expected to manufacture the digital money trade you've been sitting tight for.
We additionally trust that in a trade venture, with respect to some other business, the client is the lord, and ought to be dealt with as a ruler, or a ruler. Our clients/clients are the ones who utilize our devices, trust to guard their cash, and along these lines enable us to assemble our notoriety and validity in the market. So they have the right to be tuned in to and to be treated with care.
That logic is the plain base of our task. Cryptonity is the mix of Crypto and Community. It's basic however solid and important, as we will probably be a trade that is regarded by the Cryptocurrency Community.
Recommend this cryptonity:
guarantee a more complete, reliable, colorless and collective exchange platform in the auction.
I want to provide our users with the most secure trading platform.
To fulfill this mission, I will work with the most popular experts in the field of security in the exchange, it was audited twice during the independent security firms and we gathered our results of control with the aim of absolutely all our users. Our partners in accordance with security will be mentioned on our website. Continue to guarantee our users a reliable business skill, establish an insurance document in order to reimburse
our users in case of overhead due to the attack. You will find more detailed information about our insurance policy, in the field of the exchange base.
collective communication with our users
It is more than certain that I am involving our users in the development of our platform. I will have different communication channels disclosed to interact with our users, and I will certainly respond to our user requirements in the shortest possible time. I want our society to participate in the development of the platform, in terms of functions, which will be invented, coins, to be listed, and so on. The function "Request evaluation" will be carried out with the objective of the users, to imagine the functions that they would like to notice in the landing stage.
the XNY symbol
Cryptonity token released on the Ethereum blockchain. In the future, the platform will develop a personal blockchain.
Token Symbol - XNY
Token Type - ERC20
Total Token Supply - 100.000.000
Token Price - 0.23 $
Minimum Transaction - 0.05 ETH
Minimum Goal - 500.000 $
Maximum Goal - 20.120.000 $
Public Sale 1 Starts - Oct 31, 2018
Public Sale 1 End - Nov 30, 2018
Public Sale 2 Starts - Nov 30, 2018
Public Sale 2 End - Dec 14, 2018
Public Sale 3 Starts - Dec 14, 2018
Public Sale 3 End - Dec 31, 2018
Cryptonity Team
Investors & Advisors
For more information:
My Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1715436"
max_accepted_payout1,000,000.000 SBD