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title"About IDEAL COIN"
Now it is time to give the value of content to those who generate it. It's time to arrange content rightly and perfectly in a system that develops, organically, exceptionally, sustainably and accurately. The network you have in front you will transform the exploitation and use of the collective skill, it'll assure that this complete collective knowledge is used efficiently and very sensibly to market research, promoting efforts of companies, GOVTs, individuals, optimizing of resource and institutions. And at the peak of entire that, the ICO platform's members will collect money constantly!
Information about Project
The digital money that unlike the rest of the system is supported by the info produced with the PAY MHO network. Every virtual asset is created via the POC procedure. This validation, within the block, makes sure that all IDEAL COIN have been made in Dean Chain's decimalized and distributed platform.
In addition to this procedure of formation, this digital money will be the single one accepted by PAY MHO network as a way of payment for the services it offers. These services include market trends, studies, focus groups and all related to data science and the data it produces. It'll be available in the crypto assets markets, quoted and valued according to the development and PAY MHO and POC community.
A social network provides you with the chance to make your own personal profile self-storage. A tool that lets you to recoup the value of your data, data which is clean, perfect and very useful than ever, A platform that'll allow you to get to know yourself greater, help you during a range of life procedure, and bring you many short, medium as well as long-run advantages. It'll create constant revenue for your day if you wish - and a lifetime of royalties collected, for as-long-as you stay with the IDEAL COIN.
Absolute confidentially and complete control, this data will remain to protect and encrypted by their block technology. And it'll continue to generate and gifts for you develop a profile.
IDEAL COIN digital asset that users can use in the PAY MHO virtual social system, the IDEAL COIN will be processed and secured by the algorithms for rapid use. The PAY MHO is a virtual social network where users can actively contribute in the creating of data and information while collecting financial benefits. After small more than a brief prologue, any individual can turn out to be an expert influencer (USER) and begin collecting cash continually, attaching with viewers and developing value that organizations and corporations will be interested in buying. The IDEAL COIN will provide the solid option to the users to monetize their accounts.
The IDEAL COIN is an ERC: 20 based token will behave as your gateway PAY MHO. The token itself supported by the accurate, valuable and safe info hosted on the PAY MHO platform.
About Talent
The home made by Proof of Crafting (POC) for PAY MHO platform. Talents coins made within the PAY MHO platform via Proof of Craft tech, and gifted to users for their top quality data. These talent coins can be changed to IDEAL COIN or physical money via digital coin trading exchange.
Highlights of Pay MHO Platform
• A job that each person can do  -  developing PROFILES IN Pay MHO Platform can be completed by any person
• Get paid for your comment or feedback - by genuinely drafting and answering questions (Crafting) customers can gain talents coin which can then be replaced to local fiat money.
• Become a professional influencer or user - Get Fiat and virtual money their individual POC system, each person can join IDEAL COIN system
• Sensitive and simple platform - the cooperative consciousness will provide methodically processed info by interacting in a friendly and simple platform.
• Pay MHO Platform for commerce - corporations, institutions, businesses, individuals, companies and government will acquire the most honorable and exactly secured data using the advanced block chain technology.
• Protected token market - the 444 Dean Chain Protocol will make immutable. Traceable and safe POC talent coin that can be exchanged for physical Money, or for the service token such as Ideal Coin, valued in all crypto asset exchange platform.
Architecture of Pay HMO
By crafting on the Pay HMO platform, users generate precious promotion data which can be gifted TLN (Talents coins). These advertising data then obtain by companies just with IDC (Ideal coins), creating a demand and supply curve for Ideal coins value.
What enthusiasm do you use to pay?
• Each day, more and more people connect the system of systems: now, more than 25 percent of the world's residents are used.
• Most of us look for and use this tool for the duration of their everyday activities without using any power or security control. More than 80 percent of internet consumers have FACEBOOK profiles, for example.
• Their absence of awareness, their naïveté and naivety - and their wide demands for the stipulation of superior speed Internet services - mean that they regularly leave their own to recognize the theft. This can be as soft and seemingly risk-free as your shopping or web browsing habits. But people who embezzle, market, and use your data can also access dangerous levels and advantages.
• A marketplace that is natural, productive, active, ambitious, authentic, rich and ready to share.
What is PAY MHO Network?
PAY MHO is a tool which each one, every place in the world, can contribute actively in the generation of data, collecting daily advantages as a result. A job that each can do, from computer, laptop or mobile, without any skill, knowledge or teaching, after little more than small intro, every individual can become an expert influencer and starting collecting currency daily, Making their data interact with that of others, developing values that companies around the globe will be highly interested in buying.
Via PAY MHO apps, the network will collect each aspect of the life of its users in a calmed, fun and smooth orderly way, developing a unique profile as huge ranging as it is really possible to imagine while developing electronics bits. Complete these details will keep the property of the users. It will be safely, privately and highly confidently, in a reachable and decentralize location.
By becoming a user on the PAY MHO platform and actively contributing in it, you will be capable to earn revenue while you sleep at the comfort of your home. And you do not need any kind of expertise skill or knowledge, and other than that of your own regular lifestyle.
Huge benefits for influencers
With every click, influences will collect bits of data. These data will build up into a chain or information comprehensive than the uses knew they were able of developing. This information obtains a huge value, they named this process crafting. Every crafting is connected in hash chains, developing millions of items of safe, valuable and useful data, which in turn generate a crucial mass of details.
Influencers will be capable to enjoy the huge advantages of being market pioneers: taking benefit of some special offers, testing items as well as services, offering a commenting, opinion, participating to the enhancements of items and simply responding while every day earning revenue.
Influencers retain hold ship and management of their profile data. And their preference on the system means they’ll be paying their role in the virtual money age in a method that is fun, simple as well as enjoyable. It’ll be like financial world order.
As the ecosystem generates a data chain from the skills of millions of users, it gifts users by transforming every bit of data into virtual value unit that they named then talent.
More about Talents
This value piece will have diff uses and apps advantaging the uses, who’ll at no spot, lose hold ship of their information. Users will be capable to add value to their own info connecting their accounts with these tons of other users who will also offering answers, opinions, recommendations, developing money day by day.
Want to know about Ideal Coin ICO sale and allocation of token?
Here you can check Additional info:
Ideal Coin ICO dates
01 August to 30 November this ongoing year
• Token ticker - IDL
• Status - Ongoing
• State - Mexico
• Platforms – ETH based
• White list - No
• KYC - Yes
Allocation of Token IDL token
• CEO of the platform- 9 percent
• Token sale - 65 percent
• Promotion - 8 percent
• Founders of the platform - 12 percent
• Advisors of the platform - 6 percent
Token details:
The ICO of sale ideal coin allows building PAY MHO Platform: a revolutionary gigantic data Dean Chain protocol info provider. This system will let a person question their intention market in one of the most faultless and effective methods available. Get your bonus at the moment and take profit of the upcoming air drop as well as bounty programs.
• Token Symbol of the IDEAL COIN: IDL
• Complete Supply: 2,200,000,000 IDL
• ICO for Sale: 110,000,000 IDL token
• Platform: ERC: 20
• Pre ICO cost: 1 IDL = $0.32 USD
• ICO cost: 1 IDL = $0.61 USD
• Min investment: One IDL Token
• Accepting: BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BTG BCH,
• Soft cap of the IDEAL COIN platform: 3,000,000 USD
• Hard cap of the IDEAL COIN platform: 40,932,971 USD
• White list/KYC: yes
• Country: Mexico
• Restricted areas: China, USA, and South Korea
• Cost: Gold
• Value: Based on data and information on the platform
What makes flesh costly?
When you sign-up for the Pay MHO Social platform, the system creates a digital wallet or STASH where you can gain TLNs (Talents). Capabilities are developed from the time you sign up for the network and start crafting. For this cause, you can boost the accretion and accumulation of these digital assets by including a live account and by commonly contributing to the diff ways of generating Talents, and then you can apply it to perform each action that exists in the system.
The PAY MHO platform offers 10 percent discount to customers who can change Talents to digital Coin Names Ideal Coin.
I actually hope you discover this ICO very – very sensible, if you’ve got any sort of questions please don’t hesitate to click on links below to contact with professionals on ideal coin and social profiles and an added concern digital asset subject is market to risk, invest digital coin in your own risk when doing the full of your own analysis.
Ideal coin Resources:
• Website:
• White Paper:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• Telegram:
• Reddit:
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max_accepted_payout1,000,000.000 SBD