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title"Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost053"
<sup><h6>“That was a very brief explanation doctor. As I said, you do have an option. If you decide you are not interested, we just leave and that is the end of it.”</h6></sup>
<p><center><a href="">Previous Post 052</a></center></p><br>
<p>“I think you know that I do not have an option. It would be like someone coming here with a cheque for ten million dollars and saying I can have it if I want to!”</p>
<p>“There are many people who would say no to that kind of money. As I explained at the outset, there is the disadvantage that all our gifts stem from just one lovely girl. We lose her and we all lose our gifts. That is a risk that has to be acceptable to you.”</p>
<p>“It sounds too fascinating for me to refuse. I think from what you told me you are going to be disrupting my life. I worked and schemed to get myself this comfortable position where I hardly ever deal with real sickness. What you told me about the healer has re-woken dreams I had as an intern. I’d hoped to help those who could not afford the price tag medical care carries today.”</p>
<p>“You will have to be careful, making it seem like things happened naturally. If it becomes known you can bring about miracle cures your life will be hell.”</p>
<p>Ship time was six hours behind ours, which meant the earliest we could take him home was, our time, about two in the morning. I agreed - and assured him, “You might get an emergency call while away. I will send someone who will look exactly like you. If there is a call that person will let us know so that we can bring you back.”</p>
<p>When we returned with Jonathan looking like him, he drew away nervously. “The way you arrive and leave, is it teleportation?”</p>
<p>“A good a description as any. We see in our minds where we want to arrive and wish ourselves there.”</p>
<p>“What happens to us if we don’t arrive there?”</p>
<p>“Your guess is as good as mine, as it has never happened. With zero fatalities up to now I would say it is the safest form of transportation available. Give me your hand, I promise we will not jump home yet.”</p>
<p>That, my sweet girls, is called the art of deceit. I knew he thought I wanted to show him pretty pictures in his mind or something else. Soon as we touched I jumped to the aft deck that usually is fairly empty at this time (still too early for lovers to be strolling there). He gasped in shock.</p>
<p>“Now you have done it, not so bad is it? We have babies of a couple of weeks who have done this. By the time you return you will be able to do it on your own.” At the last statement he looked dubious and chose to walk back to his office. I had to jump back, it would not be a good idea to be seen on board. Only then did he agree to us jumping him to our home.</p>
<p>“Doctor, this is doctor Maria. While we all settle down and get our drinks, why don’t you have a chat with her. She has put into practice some of the things you dreamed about as an intern.”</p>
<p>“A pleasure to meet you, my name is Paul.”</p>
<p>“I’m pleased to meet you Paul, this is my husband Kosta, he is an anaesthetist and the girl with dark hair, wearing the green skirt is my daughter Nafsika. I trust you understand my English well enough?”</p>
<p>“Yes. Actually I am amazed at how perfect your accent is. You must have grown up in the United States - could it be in Florida?”</p>
<p>“I’ve never been there.” She was grinning. “Paul, I speak very poor English. I am speaking to you in Greek and I hear your answers in Greek. If I concentrate on blocking the gift, then I will hear you in English.”</p>
<p>I left them to it as she explained how she uses her healer so that her diagnosis is always correct. She said that she has learnt it is far easier to pretend the patient has a small and simple problem and give them medicine for that, even if they have terminal cancer. Patients are always happy to believe the doctor if the diagnosis proves to be correct and they are healed. There are those who insist they had a serious problem and she sends them back to their own doctor for confirmation that they are healthy.</p>
<p>That made something obvious to me, she must be using her own, her husband’s and her daughter’s healers. When there is a serious problem with major reconstruction of organs, the healer can take up to a full day. With the number of patients she sees every day even three healers would not be enough. I asked the girls to volunteer their healers, perhaps three of them per day in rotation. That way their healers will also become proficient at handling all kind of health problems.</p>
<p>The girls were thinking of taking it easy tonight, not going to great lengths to make the telling as wonderful as they are capable of. I had an idea they will be changing their minds very fast. I went to our bedroom and lay down.</p>
<p>“I think that would look stunning Gilli. I bet everyone will want to copy it on Earth. Who designed it?”</p>
<p>“Ariance, wife of Bellic the gatherer. She will be very pleased to hear what you said.”</p>
<p>“Soon as you are ready to leave my love.”</p>
<p>The girls were already running into the bedroom as we arrived. They got hold of Gilli and for a while were a bunch of kids, screaming and laughing at nothing that made any sense to me. When I was much younger and I would read about some father watching his kids laughing and playing ‘indulgently’ I had hoped I too could do so some day. What a remarkably stupid thing to want! These are my moments of greatest joy, minutes that are more precious than anything else.</p>
<p>With Gilli in the audience, they really outshone themselves. I wonder when will everyone start to get bored of hearing the same story again and again. I do not think I ever will. Gilli wept and was horrified, clung tighter to me as she heard/experienced my deaths. Marita also reacted, listening closely instead of being lost within herself as she too often is. Paul, the doctor, just sat there stunned.</p>
<p>“Paul, the story keeps on getting longer and longer and it will soon be time for you to return. Would you agree that we just relax, get to know a few people and I can collect you tonight again? I will be leaving a Sparkler with you, Solomon has already arranged it. It is just a precaution as we have not taken you to the void yet.”</p>
<p>Once all guests had left I collared the girls. “You were brilliant my loves. However, either you must cut it shorter or else chose a point where you will take a break. For your sakes and for ours. Do it in sections of not longer than one and a half hours. Some people were getting rather desperate to go to the toilet.”</p>
<p>“You tell us what we should cut. Maybe we do not need to start with when you met Cherine? We could just say you did and start from when you met me? Actually, that parts always upsets them, maybe we should skip that also?”</p>
<p>“Wendy baby, you really have changed.” I was smiling. “I never thought I would hear you getting cheeky with me.”</p>
<p>“I wasn’t. You keep on saying we must cut it shorter. I am trying to tell you, there is nothing we can leave out without spoiling the story. Robbie, we can take two breaks.”</p>
<p>“I think in a few years this will need to be told over a few nights. Bet you your audience will get smaller then.”</p>
<p>“It would not matter. You will always be there, I would not do it without you. Robbie, mostly we do it for you, always.”</p>
<p>I laughed, “Mostly - always?” She pulled a face. “Gilli love? Now you heard the good and the bad. Still love me or are you shocked at the things I have done?”</p>
<p>“I enjoyed watching you trick me in the forest. Everybody must have thought I was really a baby.”</p>
<p>“No, they just wondered with amazement that such a young girl could love so deeply - you made them all envy me..”</p>
<p>The girls left me alone so that I could go sit by Marita. “Now you know it all, our story and exactly what happened to you. How are you love?”</p>
<p>“I feel like crying that something like this could happen to me, not the dying Robert, just that you cared and came to save me and all the things you did for me. I want to cry, but I can’t!”</p>
<p>“I think you are still in shock love. Maybe later when you are alone in bed. Terrible how we keep on going to sleep after the sun is up.” I looked at her for a moment and made up my mind. “Marita, I have something to confess to you. I have been doing something I think of as very bad. I thought I had to do it to find a way to help you. Since I first brought you here I have been spying on your thoughts. Not exactly every word you thought, mostly just the feelings that go with the thoughts. I think that you are now much better and I promise you I will not do it anymore.”</p>
<p>It did not upset her, she was disinterested. It may have meant nothing to her till now, but I knew that at some point she will have a thought, be embarrassed and wonder if I had heard it; then she will begin to understand my apology. I just hope she will also trust my promise.</p>
<p>Gilli was once more enchanted by the emerald isle. To her this is as Meli’s world is to us. Here she is in a body that is not hers and she thought she could do anything she wants - and so she could. She saw the dolphin people and flew across the water and played with them. They took her for rides, even dipping her under the water. Her laughter could be heard ashore and we all sat watching her.</p>
<p>“I feel very stupid. How come we never thought of doing that?”</p>
<p>“Robert, the gift of Gillianth, her sharing with me, it has changed me and your World.”</p>
<p>“Adam, you are our World. Do you now think of yourself as a separate entity? Not that we would mind, I’d just like to know.”</p>
<p>“Solomon is all the Sparklers who created him?”</p>
<p>“Touché. Point accepted Adam.”</p>
<p>“But not fully understood. I am your Kaleidoscope World, I am this island and I am your bodies here. At least those of you who have not brought your own bodies from the Sparklers. I am also able to present myself as an entity in a shape familiar and acceptable to you so that we may also communicate in this way.”</p>
<p>He deliberately cocked his head in imitation of me. “Yes Robert? Some cutting remark?”</p>
<p>“I think I should bring Jonathan and Themi for you to chat with.” </p>
<p>He has all my memories so he smiled. “Touché to you also Robert. I think though that you would prefer that I stay as I am, for should I begin to talk as you do, the consequences would be unforeseeable!”</p>
<p>Solomon was greatly amused and when he took my arm to lead me apart I thought it was to make fun of me.</p>
<p>“He is becoming a real personality. Robert, he reminded me. All you need to do is bring the bodies back to us and when you leave the beach we will undo them. After all, they only exist in our minds.”</p>
<p>“That is interesting. So you are able to sense what they do, what they say, whenever we are here or when Anadir visit?”</p>
<p>“Yes. Though being here, on your World, it is muted. The link is still there though.”</p>
<p>“If it is inconvenient, then we will do as you suggest. Otherwise they do provide a lot of pleasure to the Anadir.”</p>
<p>“When they visit we can change the bodies to suit the way they know themselves to be.”</p>
<p>I became excited. “Solomon, the truth, does keeping the bodies here cause you any problems?”</p>
<p>“No. We are able to share vicariously in the pleasures and find it very interesting.”</p>
<p>“Would larger numbers of such bodies cause you problems?”</p>
<p>“Larger? How many Robert?”</p>
<p>“You tell me, how many could you sustain?’</p>
<p>“Perhaps as many as there are Thinkers. Even those not fully Thinkers should be able to…Robert, what are you planning now!?”</p>
<p>“How many is that?”</p>
<p>“Perhaps a few hundreds of millions. We could however train, awaken certain senses in all Sparklers. In that case, as many as there are of us. With time their bodies would no longer need us.”</p>
<p>“Jesus! Shit!!!”</p>
<p>I was fairly jumping with my excitement and all came running. I grabbed Ordinx and kissed him.</p>
<p>“Cherine love! The test the Sparklers pulled on us? Remember that stupid fight we had on their beach? That was the best thing ever!! We’ve done it baby. We’ve done it!” As always, at times of strong emotions, I picked up and held Cherine tightly to me.</p>
<p>“Done what Robert?” Ordinx looked very anxious, almost afraid.</p>
<p>“You, the Anadir and the Sparklers. Your Worlds will have to change.”</p>
<p>“Solomon, he is incoherent, can you explain?”</p>
<p>“I am afraid to Ordinx. If I have understood correctly he is about to change our lives and our futures. I would prefer he speaks. I think his excitement is proof of what I think he intends.”</p>
<p>“Does it give you purpose for now Solomon? Would it?”</p>
<p>“Why not explain first Robert?”</p>
<p>I turned to Ordinx, suddenly serious. “Tell me, those who use our bodies here, do they enjoy the experience? Does it serve to remind them of their lives before they died?”</p>
<p>“Yes Robert, it does. They are all very grateful, I get many messages asking that I thank you and the girls. I do not for I would tire you.”</p>
<p>“Are the Anadir as many as the Sparklers, in numbers I mean?”</p>
<p>“No, far less.”</p>
<p>“Touch me Ordinx. Feel my flesh. Is it real?”</p>
<p>“How would you feel if the Sparklers created a body for each of you?”</p>
<p>“What? But where would they be Robert? We could not all fit on your World!”</p>
<p>“What is wrong with your own Worlds? Create a surface, as we did Ordinx.”</p>
<p>It took a while for it to sink in, for the impossible to become something they could conceptualise. We had never seen how the Anadir react to extreme emotion and in a sense we did not now. As the size of change in their lives, in their circumstances became more real, he vanished.</p>
<p>“I too must go Robert. Perhaps you would enjoy watching the Sparklers from the void as they begin to understand the gift you have given us?”</p>
<p>We made our Mama Jo come with us - a pity we could not also take Adam.</p>
<p>For a while nothing seemed to change and then there was a rippling, as if they were riding a wave. Then their glow brightened and they began to dance. The void around us filled with Anadir souls who watched the Sparklers and then began a dance of their own.</p>
<p>We all decided to dance also. Never has the void been such a place of uncontainable joy. With trillions of souls emitting motes of joy and love it became unbearable for us. The protector helped force everyone back to our World.</p>
<p>Even there we could not escape. Adam appeared.</p>
<p>“They have all surrounded us and are sending motes of love. I am not able to handle so much Robert!”</p>
<p>“Can you send any back?”</p>
<p>“They are destabilising me. I cannot, there are too many of them.” Despite his words his face showed his rapture.</p>
<p>“I’ll take the protector and ask Solomon to help.”</p>
<p>Even the protector was affected, but as a ‘force’ it had a job to do, to protect me, and it did. At least it was not unbearable. I called for Solomon and Ordinx and feared I would not be heard, but they both appeared. I explained that such a multitude emoting to us, even for our World, it was too much, we could not bear it. They quickly returned to their people to pass on the message and we felt the wildness of their emoting become gentler and sweet. I called to my own and they came to enjoy it.</p>
<p><i>*You have done it Robert my love! You have given the Sparklers a purpose and the Anadir new life. This is all for you my love.*</i></p>
<p><i>*Dominique, you speak the words for all and yes, it is a great joy and it will help them. It is not the purpose I intend for the Sparklers though. This is a temporary solution until we can create worlds within Meli and bring those worlds to our reality.*</i></p>
<p><i>*Just be happy for what you have done for two species Robert.*</i></p>
<p><i>*Not two species Cherine. They are all as children to me, our children.* </i>That thought overwhelmed everybody. I thought of poor Jonathan on the ship and flashed down to him. He let his body lie as in a normal sleep and came to share this glorious wonderful feeling we were experiencing. We all let Em-e be the one to explain.</p>
<p>For the first time ever that night none of us needed sex. We still suffered and felt as if we were about to float out of our bodies, but all we could do was cling to each other, caressing with love but without passion. I think the emoting had been too much for us. Poor doctor Paul could no even call in sick, he had to work as usual.</p>
<p>We slept through the day and we collected Paul to start opening some doors in his mind. It was as if suddenly a door opened in my mind and I sat there in wonder.</p>
<p>“Can we look daddy?”</p>
<p>“No privacy sign.”</p>
<p>Sam began to cry. Paul sat there bewildered as everybody reacted in one way or another. He was having quite an introduction to becoming a Cherinian. </p>
<p>“Sorry Paul. This is not the usual way we welcome new Cherinians. Can you give me a few minutes please?”</p>
<p>I went to the void, I was not about to send Sam or anyone else, not after what we had been through the previous night. I called to Solomon and Ordinx and asked that they visit us.</p>
<p>“I’m sorry to make you come here, but I find all the excitement there too much.”</p>
<p>“It looks as if there is considerable excitement here also.”</p>
<p>“I had another idea and the girls have jumped the gun, getting excited before we know whether it will work.”</p>
<p>“Another idea Robert? We can hardly come to grips with the first one yet.”</p>
<p>“I don’t know why you did not think of it yourselves, after all the void is your element. The idea I have is only a follow up, but if Solomon wants to do it he will need your help Ordinx.”</p>
<p>“And the idea is? I’m almost afraid to ask.”</p>
<p>“Well, if it can be done it will change things up there dramatically. Solomon, why only the Anadir? Why not other species as well?”</p>
<p>The kids could not contain themselves when they saw the reaction of the two. Paul was now beginning to understand and his bemused look was now glazed as he tried to also understand the magnitude of what he was being a witness to. As happens when the emotions get too high, Cherinians began to arrive so quickly than it is a wonder none ever arrive in the same spot at the same time. While the kids explained and the excitement mounted I grabbed Cherine and took her to sit with me.</p>
<p>“My love, if this works, the fear in me will be far smaller. I’ve always worried, what happens if you can no longer link us and we become normal humans. As long as I have you and our loves by our side till we age and die it will still have been worth all the bad times. Now we will know that billions or trillions, whatever their numbers are, will have been given a new way of life. We will have made a difference and it is all thanks to you and your wonderful heart. Should all the Cherinians of Earth stop existing tomorrow, your name will still be remembered to the end of time. I’m so proud of you my love, I feel my heart could burst.”</p>
<p>“Please don’t do that Robert.” Her flippant reply was a temporary effort to hide her feelings. She then came into my arms and sobbed. The girls saw the puzzlement of the others and told them what I had just said. Their agreement and love that flowed to my baby was too much for her. She tried saying I had exaggerated, that it was I they should feel that way about, but they did not waver in the feelings they were sending her and she choked up and I had to carry her in my arms.</p>
<p>“Robert, we were going to talk with you and now it becomes even more urgent. As I told you once, our Worlds do not have the knowledge of how to change themselves. Can you show them how?”</p>
<p>“I have no idea, sorry.” I watched their dismay and grinned. “Why don’t we ask Adam to teach your Worlds. Ordinx, I do hope your people realise that although you will be able to enjoy having sex again there will be no births. Even if you can, you should not. Your children deserve a planet to live and grow up on. You have seen our island, it is not as rich a place to live on as even a tiny island on Earth.</p>
<p>Solomon, if I may presume to caution you. Have your Sparklers check the souls they carry and decide on one species you believe have the strongest chance of being able to dance and create a World of their own. Perhaps one of those who had already created such a World when you found them. Learn from the strongest so that you can help the weakest.”</p>
<p>It meant I had to go to the void again. I wanted to check the energy supply in our ‘area’ so we left as soon as we decently could. Adam told us that he cannot ‘explain’ to us how it is done, but that if Ordinx sends the entity of his World he will transfer to him all that happened here so that it can be duplicated. </p>
<p>Mamá Jo grabbed the opportunity to tell me, “Robert, these are great changes and I am glad I was here to be a part of it. I will wait to see the first Worlds change and then I will be returning to Earth.”</p>
<p>“Do you know how? Have you chosen a life?”</p>
<p>“No to both questions, but Adam has promised to help me. I do not care what, where or who I will be Robert. I need to return, learn what it is to be a child again and then spend my life helping children.”</p>
<p>“As a Cherinian you will be able to do even more. Jo, we have grown to love you and will miss you. It will not seem the same when we meet you in your new body. We will find you of course.”</p>
<p>“You will not need to. Adam says that being re-born from here means I will still be the Jo you know and I will remember you all. We will still be linked despite my not being a Cherinian at that time.”</p>
<p>I hugged her. “It feels like I will be saying goodbye to a favourite aunt. I know it is silly, but that is how I feel. I think my girls will all cry when they hear they will not be finding you here again.”</p>
<p>She laughed. “Robert, I still think of myself as a big black and fat woman, even if I am green now. I cannot imagine you, that English boy I met, having such an aunt.”</p>
<p>“I can Jo. We all can.”</p>
<p>An idea crossed my mind, but I decided to keep quiet; I’d had enough of changing other people’s lives, for the moment anyway.</p>
<p>“Come on Robert, tell me.”</p>
<p>“Are you forgetting where you are and who is standing in front of you? It will not upset me, tell me of what you thought.”</p>
<p>“Your argument about being black and so on made me think that up here nothing like that matters. Even the souls of different species appear so similar. You said you want to care for children. There will be so many millions of them here who will need a big fat and black auntie to help them through the trauma. Think of it Jo, the first universal auntie to all children of all life forms!”</p>
<p>“You were right, you should have kept quiet. I will have to think about this.”</p>
<p>“Please do. When you do, remember, these children, they all died, mostly killed by the Sparklers. It will be a terrible job handling them, giving them love and teaching them not to fear and not to hate the Sparklers. I suppose it would be better you go to Earth where at least you will have real little boys and girls to care for.”</p>
<p>“You really are a bastard!”</p>
<p>Ordinx reappeared. “It is happening Robert!!! It is happening right now! Our first World is changing!!”</p>
<p>I bowed to him. “Ordinx, I feel I am about to burst from my joy. You know I always run away when feelings get too strong. Please forgive me.”</p>
<p>Before I could leave Jo grabbed my arm and shook me. “Ordinx, first you and the Sparklers and now me. He interferes, changes our lives and then soon as anyone wants to send him love or say thank you he runs away.”</p>
<p>“He had an idea for you?”</p>
<p>She told him and he looked at her with love. “You would do this for children of other species?” Now she was the focus so I moved to the side and left for home.</p>
<p>“I wish I’d kept quiet about this for a few more days. Then the celebration of their creating their first World to live on, instead of just being part of the entity, could have been on the same day we all celebrate being Cherinians.”</p>
<p>“That would have been fantastic!” Before I could say anything Sam left for the void. I thought of going after her and then decided I’ve done enough. Anyway, I could not see the Anadir, being so excited, agreeing and postponing everything for such a sentimental reason. I sat by her body so as to console her when she returns.</p>
<p>She opened her eyes and they looked very grave, as if she were overcome by her emotions. “Daddy, they agreed! They said they are honoured we want their first day to be part of our anniversary.”</p>
<p>“They still haven’t learnt to think of themselves as Cherinians. Guess it takes a while. Honoured my bloody foot! Their entity is probably just not as smart as our Adam and it needs more time.”</p>
<p>Sometimes I wish they could not feel my mind when I am trying to tease. She grinned back. “Wait until I tell Adam what you said!”</p>
<p>“His head is already as big as our World, literally I suppose. You tell him I what I said and the whole void won’t be big enough for it.”</p>
<p>It was not that long to dawn and poor Paul was still waiting. I got a coffee and sat by him. First I explained what we were about to do and what it is like. I assured him that we will not be peeping in on his thoughts and memories.</p>
<p>“I think it is too late for me to worry about that kind of privacy anymore. Thank you for your reassurances, but it does not really matter.”</p>
<p>I took Em-e and Bernie and showed them how it is done. Then I watched as they began working. We only helped open the doors to empathy, jumping and his healer. The rest we will do after he has adjusted.</p>
<p>“We will not come to collect you tonight. We need a night of normal sleep. Take your time with your healer, don’t expect it to know everything. Over the next two or three visits our healers will teach it all they know. The best would be to have Maria’s healer teach it. Actually, why don’t we ask her to have all our healers learn from hers?”</p>
<p>I was touched to see that the girls had realised Marita had not understood what all the fuss is about and had been a little frightened and they sat with her and explained. That was the good side of it; the bad was that she was now a little afraid and in awe of me. To help get rid of that, soon as Paul was gone, I began to fool around with the girls and act like a clown. Once I heard her giggle at my foolishness I felt a little safer.</p>
<p>“Girls, it is almost dawn. Why don’t we go to our beach on Cyprus, watch the sun come up, go to the taverna for breakfast and then go to Paphos. About time we check on our apartment also. The thiroros (concierge) must wonder why we rent it since we are never there.”</p>
<p>While the girls got ready I checked my emails and a stack of letters (hard mail). I idled my way through them. I do not get many personal letters, usually just bills. There was a letter for me from Cyprus. There was no return address.</p>
<p><i>Mr Teller,</i></p>
<p><i>Through a series of unusual events I lost all my money. I know that you were to blame. I am not a man who forgets and despite your freak powers I promise you I will find a way to make you pay.</i></p>
<p><i>You know who.</i></p>
<p>Cherine ran in, followed by the others. “We had nothing to do with it, why does he blame you?”</p>
<p>“Don’t get upset my loves. When things go wrong and people lose all they have, there is always a reason why it was not their own fault. This is really not worth worrying about.” Casually I threw it into the wastebasket.</p>
<p>It felt good just walking along the beach with the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and watching the birth of another day. Us northern Europeans do not realise how cold it gets in Cyprus in winter. March is a cold month and the wind was picking up. Gratefully we turned and went to the taverna. They leave the chairs and table outside on their verandah overnight, so we sat there under a cloak of warmth from the protector. The girls were still a little excited by the events of the last days and chattered between themselves, only Dommi and Cherine sitting by me silently.</p>
<p>I asked the Protector, <i>*Are you still angry with me or can you see now that I had to let her die?*</i></p>
<p><i>*Was never angry. You had not given her prime status so I was able to obey you, but it made me feel like something was torn inside me.*</i></p>
<p><i>*She has prime status now. Protector, even when I give prime status, I must be allowed to do what I see is for their ultimate benefit. It may seem like I am hurting them at the moment, but if they are to grow and become good and happy adults I have to be able to discipline them without your interference. Please think on it and try to find a way to accommodate this within your prime.*</i></p>
<p>There was a silence for a while. <i>*You will be the judge of what is to their ultimate benefit?*</i></p>
<p><i>*That is the right of every parent. Sometimes I may be wrong. If you are to grow and be a real protector, without your protection damaging the children you think you are protecting, you must learn to sense when I am wrong. If you think I am, I do not mind explaining my reasons at the time, but you must also accept that you are not mature enough, nor wise enough to judge me yet. Never forget that I am also a protector of children. You must learn to protect them from my weaknesses, but allow me to help them by hurting them when I must. You have seen that you will grow over time and become almost a separate entity. I would like to be a friend of that entity, we have to find ways to work together.*</i></p>
<p><i>*I will always only be a part of your own mind Robert. Even the old man was. You did not wish to meet yourself of this time, that is why you did not appear.*</i></p>
<p>I laughed at the mix up of tenses but understood, it made sense.</p>
<p>Cherine’s tiny fingers lightly touched my cheek in a loving caress. “I thought we came here for you to relax?”</p>
<p>“I am Cherine. Even more relaxed now.”</p>
<p>The owners appeared at nearly nine and welcomed us. The wife is a short and very fat woman who runs the kitchen while the husband sees to serving their customers when they are busy, otherwise he sits with friends to play tavli. I saw she was hobbling a little.</p>
<p>“You are in pain?”</p>
<p>“It is my knees. I am too fat and they cannot take my weight. Ti na kano, etsi einai I zoi (What can we do, that is life).”</p>
<p>“Would you like to lose some weight?”</p>
<p>The husband laughed. “Don’t get her started on that. She says she hardly eats anything, but from morning to night it is tsimba (nibble) this and tsimba that.”</p>
<p>“The gentleman is here to feed his family, husband, not to listen to your lies. Come, we will make them some fried halloumi, chips and fruit, as they like. Kyrie Roberto, I always keep some honey for you. I found some honeycomb at Platres and keep it only for you.”</p>
<p>“Kyria, please sit here for one moment. I will not take long.”</p>
<p>She sat. “There is a problem? You forgot to bring money? Don’t worry, you can pay next time.”</p>
<p>“No. I want you to close your eyes and listen to me. I will talk softly so you must listen carefully, but please stay relaxed. Your mind has a part that is like a child. It wants to do anything it wants, like a child will want to eat it’s sweets just before a meal. That childish part of your mind must listen to me. You are going to kill the body you live in if you do not start helping to get rid of the fat. You must stop wanting to nibble everything you like. Eat things that will make you feel good and not hungry….”</p>
<p>I carried on for about ten minutes. It was all show, to explain to her why suddenly she would be losing weight. I ended off. “Now you may go fry us some halloumi and this time you will not need to eat any of it. If your husband laughs at you, makes jokes about the child in your mind, tell him that his child is making him smoke which is even worse.”</p>
<p>She had humoured me, after all I am a foreigner and spend quite a lot of money whenever I come. With those two reasons on your side you are allowed to do many odd things.</p>
<p>When the husband started bringing out the food she returned smiling. “See? I did not eat any of your halloumi.”</p>
<p>As we sat eating I was surrounded by the sound of happy children and I was truly contented. The world may look on our relationship as bizarre and want me hanged if they find out, but all I need is to feel their bright minds and hear their cheerful chatter with the odd laugh or giggle and it is worth it for me. I have begun to accept that it is I who prefers them younger than normal, as I see most other Cherinians are still not loving their children, or if they are forced to, it does not sit easy with them. Perhaps I’ll worry even more when I begin to sense they enjoy it.</p>
<p>Eating over, some of the kids walked off to the beach again and Aganthi with Theresa came to sit at my table.</p>
<p>“Roberto, if I want something that will cost you a lot of money, can you afford it? Will we cause you problems?”</p>
<p>“Not really. I would first need to hear what it is for, before I give a proper answer.”</p>
<p>“Theresa and I have been talking. That thing we did on the ship for Marita and then the other children came and joined us, we would like to do that for the beggar children in Athens.”</p>
<p>“I’m pleased to hear that. Very pleased. Tell me how you are thinking of doing it.”</p>
<p>“We need a room with a toilet, a cupboard, chairs, a table and computer. We were thinking we will have to pay the children to come otherwise they won’t; they would take less money back and get beaten. If we make our lessons about two hours every day they can still earn their money and not lose their position.”</p>
<p>“I like it. How much do you think it will cost?”</p>
<p>“We don’t know how much the room will cost. If we have about ten children and we give them five hundred drachmae each per day that will be five thousand a day. Is that too much Roberto?”</p>
<p>“Theresa, you are both going to spend over two hours a day on this and not say in a few weeks that you are tired of it?”</p>
<p>She stared me in the eyes. “I will not get tired of it.”</p>
<p>“Five thousand a day is twenty five a week. About one hundred thousand a month. I do not think that is enough. If you want to be sure the kids come you must give them each a thousand a day. Based on ten children that is two hundred thousand. The room will probably cost about forty thousand per month and then you have water and lights and the telephone for the internet. Say another sixty thousand. That makes about three hundred thousand per month.”</p>
<p>Their eyes were huge, they had not worked it out. “That is too much Roberto! We can’t do it.”</p>
<p>“Giving up already? How much pocket money are you getting from pappou?”</p>
<p>“Fifty thousand a month. We can use all of mine Roberto.”</p>
<p>“And mine.”</p>
<p>“No. Each of you will put twenty five thousand. We now need another two hundred and fifty. I would rather make it another three hundred thousand, no, you should also order some food to be delivered every day. Call it four hundred thousand plus your share of your pocket money. You will keep books and show Dommi every month where the money went to. Based on ten children you will have your four hundred thousand per month. If you can attract more children the amount will be increased. Both of you must do this correctly. You will evaluate the children during the first two weeks and write a report on each. After that I want to see what changes or improvements you notice. In the way they think, the questions they ask and so on. This is a full time job my loves.”</p>
<p>“But you don’t have so much money Robbie!”</p>
<p>“Theresa, I am not paying, your senior wife and mother is. You better thank Dommi.”</p>
<p>Dommi gave a wry grin. “You are letting me pay for something at last?”</p>
<p>“This will be your project also Dommi. They will keep on running to you for advice and help so I might as well make you pay for it too.”</p>
<p>I was surprised to see tears in her eyes. Very simply she only said “Thank you Roberto mou.”</p>
<p>I grinned at her. “See? I was right when I say that we should thank those who allow us to give? Theresa and Aganthi, I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. You are converting your negative experiences to create something positive. I haven’t been this happy for a long time. Dommi and I’ll take you to Athens tomorrow to get your room and things you need. One more thing. Do not forget you are Cherinians. Do you know what that means?”</p>
<p>They both looked at me puzzled. “It means that shit happens. We keep on having one crisis after another. There will be times you cannot go; what will you do then?”</p>
<p>“Oh!” They looked at each other in dismay. “What can we do Robbie?”</p><br>
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