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title"Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost052"
<sup><h6>After spending time sitting by Gilli and her parents I moved over to Daniel. They were in the middle of a joke and I waited. At a lull in the conversation (there tend to be many of those as everyone eats and drinks), I spoke to him softly.<br>
“You have been told that we wish for you all to become Cherinians?”<br>
“We are honoured Robert.”</h6></sup>
<p><center><a href="">Previous Post 051</a></center></p>
<p>“There is a problem and we must first discuss it before making any announcements.”</p>
<p>He frowned. “The problem Robert?”</p>
<p>“Every single Gillian must be present. Each must come to Cherine for her to accept them. My problem is this Daniel. I know that the Clan is a very tightly knit group, so what would you do if Cherine finds one or more not suitable to be accepted as Cherinians?”</p>
<p>“I do not understand.”</p>
<p>“Becoming a Cherinian opens doors in the mind, bringing you gifts that give longer life - almost eternal life once you have your own Worlds in the void. The gifts can be misused, usually by those who hunger for power over others. Being a Cherinian is also a great responsibility, Daniel.”</p>
<p>“I do not think even one of us would not see that Robert.”</p>
<p>“Your reassurance does not help me, I too hope that all are found acceptable, but I cannot treat it as a fact. Let me explain. If you accept that those who do not have Cherine’s approval, if any, are excluded, we will tell you their names. They will have a long life, their souls will be accepted by your Worlds and they will return to their next lives, until they have grown and can be accepted as Cherinians.</p>
<p>If you decide that either all are accepted or none, then we will not tell you the names of those not accepted, not even how many there were - one or a hundred will make no difference. Think of what this will do to the closeness you enjoy now. You will all be watching each other and wondering who they are. Each of you will also have doubts and wonder if you were the reason the Gillians could not be accepted as Cherinians. What would happen to our people then Daniel?”</p>
<p>“Our people - thank you Robert. I know which I would choose, but I must first discuss it and have the agreement of all.”</p>
<p>“We can return for your answer. Take as long as you need. Are there any Gillians close to dying from old age or any other reason?”</p>
<p>“The oldest of us still have a number of years.”</p>
<p>“On another matter. I am sorely puzzled. Meli was but born a few years ago - she is still really a toddler. How can there be those of you who are adult? How is it that there are children here older than her? When did your daughter have time to live and die? When we first met you she was already dead here and being born on Earth.”</p>
<p>“We have know of our lady Meli for generations, Robert. When did the trees have time to grow into forests Robert? Where did the rocks find winds to smooth them? You ask of riddles that we cannot explain.”</p>
<p>“I am sorry, I am curious, but I also have to ask these kind of questions if I am to find a way to bring your world into our reality. Having taken Gilli, who by the way, her natural age on Earth was greater than that of Meli, we now know that it may be possible to do it.”</p>
<p>“You have set yourself the task of a god.”</p>
<p>“Not me old friend. It was foretold that I would. I also need to do this, the Sparklers must have worlds for all the souls they carry.”</p>
<p>“So many worlds!!” He stared into my eyes. “It is no easy thing being a Robert of the Cherinians.”</p>
<p>I laughed. “Robert is my name Daniel, not my title.”</p>
<p>“Your name has become a title.”</p>
<p>All Cherinians had been ‘listening’ in to our conversation. I felt them all agree with Daniel. Sadly I answered him, “What have you done to me Daniel.”</p>
<p>“Do not worry Daniel,” Sam said, “you only said what we have all long known. He had not understood it yet.”</p>
<p>“Then I should not have spoken. Robert, I only did for my heart became heavy with the load I saw you carry.”</p>
<p>“It is a part of growing up Daniel, having to face truths we do not like. Not that I accept what you said. I will fight it to the day I die.”</p>
<p>“Cherine. Could you help us make him die so that he stops fighting?” She got more grins than she should have, even one from me.</p>
<p>“Rosie, sometimes your thorns are sharp. At least you make me laugh.”</p>
<p>There was music and dancing, though Gilli asked not to perform. When it was all ended the twins came to Daniel and I.</p>
<p>“Daniel, daddy, can we try something? We’ve never done it, but we want to try.”</p>
<p>“You want to put on a show?”</p>
<p>“No, we will turn ourselves into the show.”</p>
<p>“Are you being deliberately enigmatic my loves? Daniel, would they mind?”</p>
<p>“We are just as interested in finding out what they plan.”</p>
<p>“Daddy, it may not work out properly, we haven’t rehearsed.”</p>
<p>“Just try my love. The floor is yours.”</p>
<p>They did not sit in the middle. They sat at opposite ends of the floor. They waited until there was silence and they closed their eyes. I was aware of a deep communion between them. Suddenly they opened their eyes, their faces strained, they looked at each other - and disappeared.</p>
<p>In the centre, so that we could not see those who sat opposite us, was space, the darkness of vacuum. Stars first appeared all around the edges of the space. Then a sun, a golden sun like ours appeared. The sun grew smaller, receding and we now saw a world. From space it resembled Earth, pregnant with the blue and white colours of water and life. We could see it was not the Earth and it had no moon. Slowly the planet zoomed closer and we saw continents, islands and oceans. Closer still it zoomed and we passed by clouds and came over a land filled with forests and a mountain range. We hovered over this at a height where we could see the trees and recognise the area we were in.</p>
<p>The view changed and we looked up to the sky and we saw fluffy clouds and the sun shining. Time accelerated and the sun sunk, a beautiful sunset lighting the horizon. As it faded stars came out.</p>
<p>“This is your world as it will be one day.”</p>
<p>“Robert will bring you to the place of stars.”</p>
<p>After a time the view shifted so that we saw the girls now looking at each other. The space around them became soft and blurry, as if in a mist and then the mist cleared and we saw the two girls sitting facing each other before us.</p>
<p>There was so much noise that no person could be heard. They were beating their tankards on the table tops, others were clapping and shouts filled the room. I sat back and watched how my babies would handle this. I need not have worried, they share my soul after all. They gave each other a look and standing gave a bow to everyone and ran away, trying to escape the adulation.</p>
<p>“Gilli love,” we stood in the forests, her in my arms, “promise me you will go back to your dancing. To be the best you can, needs a lot of practice.” I gave her a light squeeze. “We are all going to miss you, it will not be the same without you around.”</p>
<p>“You will have the others Robbie. I will have my memories.”</p>
<p>“Do I detect a little self pity Gilli?”</p>
<p>“Why not Robbie, have I not earned it?”</p>
<p>“God, but you come up with some funny ones. You’ve earned it love.”</p>
<p>“The memories will be very good Robbie. I will even miss your smelly cars. You will take me back with you someday?”</p>
<p>“Very often my love, but at least for a few years you should spend at least half your time here with your family.”</p>
<p>“I am married Robert. All of you are my family now.”</p>
<p>“When I say so Gilli. You also need your parents to help you grow up as a Gillian. How does it feel being called a Gillian?”</p>
<p>“Silly. Like they are trying to make me more important than I am.”</p>
<p>“Guess you and I will understand each other a little better now.”</p>
<p>Many of the girls cried when it was time for us to depart. I was glad they did; all the Gillians were watching and they saw how she is loved by us.</p>
<p>“Robert you promised. It’s been m-o-n-t-h-s!” (For the non-Cherinians: I hardly ever promise so it does not matter when I made the promise, I’ll remember it.)</p>
<p>“I’ll do it, not now though.”</p>
<p>“You all want it now?”</p>
<p>Only Dommi, Cherine, Sam and Claudia were clever enough to smell a rat and keep quiet, the others all answered ‘yes’.</p>
<p>“And you all want to know when?” I asked, looking thoughtful, as if considering it.</p>
<p>“When your request is not selfish.”</p>
<p>Dommi was grinning from ear to ear - that woman of mine is getting to know me too well. {<i>Woman of his? So now I’m not his girl anymore</i>?} [Of course you are love - always will be.]</p>
<p>I had to explain or else they will be hurt without learning anything from my refusal. They knew that this is something Gilli would enjoy, so I asked, why now?</p>
<p>There were a lot of red faces, though I suspect they may have been more crestfallen because of their disappointment than anything else. </p>
<p>I worked my guts out, painting and sketching hour after hour, the ideas just seemed to come one after the other. The girls must have felt how happy it made me for they left me alone and did not complain once. I sensed Meli, Wendy, Sam, Jade - even little Candy spending time in my mind trying to understand how the ideas come to me. With Meli and Wendy I sensed a recognition, as if they said to themselves ‘this is how it is for me!’. Jade stayed interested the longest and it did not surprise me to find her trying her hand at it. Since she is in so many ways a part of me, it would have surprised me if she had none of my talent (to whatever extent I have it).</p>
<p>I decided to help her. “What you are trying to do here would be more interesting if the person stood out more, if his figure is made dramatic to the eye. Give me the brown pencil love.” I quickly shaded in, making the background a little darker. “How is that now?”</p>
<p>“I prefer it as it was. He was part of his world. I think what I should have done is used the same colours as the background to make him blend in even more. You know, like a chameleon.”</p>
<p>I laughed, thinking she is just being pertinacious because of having the same personality as me. Then I held the picture up and adjusted mentally the way I was looking at it. I saw what she was getting at and I liked her way of seeing it differently from me. I told her so and she was soon brimming with self confidence and happy.</p>
<p>I quickly made a few other changes, explaining why I was doing them. “Your hand is not sure enough yet. Practice drawing straight lines and round circles until you are able to do them without using a ruler or looking for something round of the right size. Train your hand and it will be with you forever. Also learn to use pressure, varying the pressure changes the effect. Keep it up and soon Alki will decide he prefers your pictures and then I won’t have to work for a living anymore. I’ll be waiting for the day I can go to the site and see a picture there signed J. Teller.”</p>
<p>“Just Jade I think.”</p>
<p>“You don’t like our surname?”</p>
<p>“Then they will think my picture is there because I’m your wife.”</p>
<p>“Art critics are ruthless dear. If I put your picture there for that reason we would both be slaughtered.” She giggled.</p>
<p>“Slaughtered?” We all turned around in shock, my heart feeling like lead.</p>
<p>“Like cows at the abattoir? I saw that on television. They shoot a spike in their head, they say the brain cannot feel pain and it kills them too fast for them to know they were killed. Then they cut their throats so that all the…blood…comes…out. Dommmmmi!!”</p>
<p>Dommi had her in her arms instantly, trying to soothe and fill her with love, but Marita was sobbing hysterically.</p>
<p><i>*Just hold her Dommi. Let her feel it, please.* </i>Theresa asked and Wendy agreed. </p>
<p>We were all feeling her pain and shock, the ‘why me’ and ‘why did they hate me so much’ kind of thoughts. Even once most of the crying was over she would not let anyone talk to her. I sat there unable to think of what to do. </p>
<p>Suddenly Theresa grabbed her shoulders and shook her violently. “Get angry Marita. Hate them, hate them!!” She carried on, repeating herself until Marita cried again. “Stop your crying, stop feeling sorry for yourself. They were bad men and Robert has killed them for you. You must hate them Marita, if you only feel sorry for yourself they will stay with you forever. Please, hate them.”</p>
<p>She carried on in that vein, explaining that there are a few very bad men who like to hurt little girls because it makes them feel nice. She then told her that I am their protector and from the day she first had me to look after her, nobody will ever be able to hurt her again. She turned to me, pleading. “Please Robert, show her how strong you are so that she is never afraid again.”</p>
<p>“How? Marita, what can I do to show you? Girls, let’s go to Botswana where we slept the first night, by that little hill.” We jumped there, after I made certain they all were wearing shoes and brought a towel for a scarf.</p>
<p>“Look at that rock Marita. Would you like to try and move it?”</p>
<p>She only shook her head. I lifted it and made it spin around in the air. I sent it up over two hundred metres and jumped to be right under it. I let it drop on me and just a couple of metres above me I pulverised it. I looked inside Marita and realised it meant nothing to her.</p>
<p>“An elephant is much bigger and stronger than ten men. If an elephant attacks me and I beat it, will that convince you?” She did not answer, just burying her face in Dommi’s skirts. We jumped to Tanzania, to the game park. I found an elephant, large and with tusks, an old matron.</p>
<p>Marita was afraid of them as we were only metres away from them. I walked towards the old cow and she lifted her trunk in warning, her ears flapping. The menace was clearly felt by all. When I continued to approach she charged, her tusks pointed at me. The pounding sound of her feet, the trumpeting and the mean look in her eyes made even Marita realise this is real. Dommi forced her to look as she wanted to hide her face.</p>
<p>I made it look as if I grabbed her trunk and swung her around in the air. I was using my powers and was being very gentle, not hurting her at all. I ‘let go’ and she went flying, landing in a cloud of dust (hiding the fact that she landed gently on her feet).</p>
<p>She looked around, found me and charged again; this was one real mean, brave and stupid elephant. </p>
<p>“Marita, I don’t want to hurt her again. Shall we leave?”</p>
<p>We returned home. I was dismayed to find she still was not convinced I can protect her against ‘bad men’. I then decided to try the one thing I had thought I should not. I mind-spoke the girls and told them to get the biggest, sharpest knives from the kitchen, change themselves into big hairy men and attack me. I insisted they use the serrated knives.</p>
<p>When they appeared, brandishing the knives and making mean noises, Marita screamed. I took her from Dommi and held her by the shoulders, looking into her eyes. “Marita, they will try to cut me, like you were cut. They will hit me with the knives as hard as they can. You must watch so that you know I did not trick you. Watch what happens when the knives hit me.”</p>
<p>Something must have got through to her for she stood staring. They stood in front of me and hit me, blow after blow, some even on the face. Sam put her knife to my throat and tried to slit it. Hitting me was hurting the girls so I ‘knocked’ the knives out of their hands. Then I hoisted them into the air and ‘threw’ them into the walls (the protector was making damn sure I did not hurt them - the last thing I needed right now was for the protector to attack me).</p>
<p>They all fell, pretending to be knocked out and then fled out of the room. When the girls returned Marita did not associate them with the men who had just left.</p>
<p>Marita stared at me. “You promise you won’t let bad men hurt me again?”</p>
<p>“I promise my love. I’ll always be there to watch over you. Day and night.”</p>
<p>We spent hours talking to her. I’d liked what Theresa had tried to do and we all tried to reinforce that message - not the hating part, but definitely the getting angry with them part. We picked up cushions and told her the cushions are the ‘pretend’ bad men and she must hit the cushions as hard as she can and scream at them, telling them what she thinks of them. Once she got into the spirit of it we were all shocked at the amount of swear words she knew. She was screaming and swearing and hitting as savagely as she could, her face contorted with hate. Alki rushed in and stood there staring for a moment, realised what is happening and left.</p>
<p>It took weeks, but we tried everything we could think of and had Themi help us also with some ideas of his. The unfortunate side effect of all this was that Marita became chained to me, never wanting me to be out of her sight.</p>
<p>“This seems to have woken her up Themi. Suddenly she seems much more aware and is full of questions. She is also having temper tantrums, fighting with the girls and then expecting me to punish them for her.”</p>
<p>“She needs to reassert herself Roberto. Give her time. Don’t play along though, if she is in the wrong, tell her so. She must learn that you are not there as her servant, just as her protector against bad people.”</p>
<p>I laughed. “I’ve been trying so hard to convince my little loves that if I am to be leader of the Cherinians they must realise that it only means that I am their servant. Now you want me to teach her the opposite?”</p>
<p>Themi hardly ever accepts my teasing as teasing, and true to form went into a lecture about why I must do as he said. The girls were amused and enjoyed watching me suffer through it. When Themi left I called Alki.</p>
<p>“Would you and your family join us for supper? I need a man around who knows how to throw a glass of whisky down his throat and talk some nonsense. I’ve just been through two hours of Themi lecturing me.”</p>
<p>I was in for a night of teasing, but I enjoyed it as much as they did.</p>
<p>“Why are you not taking me to my parents?”</p>
<p>“Do you really want to go?”</p>
<p>“I don’t know. They can’t protect me.”</p>
<p>“I have an idea. Why don’t we get the girls to change the way you look. We can then go visit where you lived. You might even see your parents. That way, if you don’t want to return there, nobody will know.”</p>
<p>“Yes.” For the first time ever she gave me a hug. I was quick to let go when she stepped away.</p>
<p>“I think you are super nice.”</p>
<p>“I try to be sweetheart. I’m not always successful though.”</p>
<p>She preferred to go in the late afternoon, I presume she was hoping to see her parents once they have come off work, so we waited for the next day. I let Wendy and Jade come with. I thought it might be good for Jade to see how miserable life can be for many people. Marita pictured an alley, but as she was afraid of it she had not seen very deeply into it. We appeared just a few metres away from people walking past.</p>
<p>“Hello, hello, what have we here? Come in for a quickie with your dollies did you? Maybe you can share with us.” There were about seven of them, all trying to look mean. I doubt any of them were over eighteen years old. I thought for a moment of how nice it is not having to fear bullies like these. Marita came up against me, afraid.</p>
<p>“Do you know them love?”</p>
<p>“No. They are nasty.”</p>
<p>“I think so too. Let’s go for our walk.”</p>
<p>One of them reached out and I froze all of them; their legs collapsed under them so that they toppled and I’m certain there must have been some ugly bruises. Marita was round-eyed as we walked away.</p>
<p>“Did you hurt them?”</p>
<p>“No, just made all their muscles go to sleep.”</p>
<p>“You should have hurt them, teach them a lesson.”</p>
<p>“I don’t like hurting people Marita. Remember, you said I was nice - nice people don’t hurt others. It was easy this way, nobody got hurt and I promise you, they won’t tell anyone what happened to them. They would feel too stupid as others would only think they were afraid.”</p>
<p>“They hurt children.”</p>
<p>“You mean they bully them? The world is full of bullies love, I can’t go around punishing them all. Forget them and just enjoy your visit. So Jade, do you think we should move here?”</p>
<p>“If we stayed here everyone would soon know we are Cherinians.”</p>
<p>“How’s that?”</p>
<p>“We would have to keep protecting ourselves so they would soon know.”</p>
<p>“Not everyone is like those kids back there love. There are some nice people who live here too.”</p>
<p>Jade looked at Wendy sceptically, but made no more comments on the subject. Marita kept us busy as she pointed out where her school is, the shop they buy their food, neighbours that she recognised. An Indian woman who was standing at the door to her shop watched us as we came by.</p>
<p>“Are you tourists?”</p>
<p>“I suppose so.”</p>
<p>“Not going to be tourists for very long if you keeping walking around here, you’ll be patients in a hospital. You better come in and let me call you a taxi.”</p>
<p>“I see you sell cool drinks, that would be nice. I presume you noticed the two men following us? Don’t worry, they will not touch us.”</p>
<p>“I don’t think it is you they are wanting to touch. From you they only want your money.”</p>
<p>“I’m glad, it would have been embarrassing to be robbed by a couple of gays.”</p>
<p>Jade was amused by the lady and Marita was not. I had hoped to rid my girlie of her fears by coming here so I excused myself and walked back towards the two, looking into their minds for information.</p>
<p>“Evening. May I suggest the two of you direct your attention to some other more lucrative use of your time? If I see either of you following me I will wrap both of you up in a parcel and hand you over to the cops with information of where you have hidden the stuff you stole two nights ago. Would it perhaps suffice if I told you that the room the stuff is in used to be painted green and looks out over this street?”</p>
<p>They did not know whether to become threatening or back off. I am too small and slight to impress others as being able to defend myself. The smaller one (he was actually smaller than me, but the meaner of the two) decided to counter-attack.</p>
<p>“I don’t know where the fuck you got that mister, but we’re not going to let you walk away unless you tell us who squealed.”</p>
<p>“Nobody did, just like nobody told me that you are screwing your friends’ girlfriend.”</p>
<p>I walked away, hoping their own arguments would keep them busy. I miscalculated and I saw the horrified eyes of Marita as the small guy stepped up to me and stuck a knife in my back.</p>
<p>“Keep walking and don’t make trouble.”</p>
<p>“Or what? You going to stick that knife in me? Why don’t you try.”</p>
<p>I walked off and in a fury he dashed up to me and stuck the knife, expecting it to cut me as a warning that I must obey. I turned and laughed in his face.</p>
<p>“You couldn’t slice a loaf of bread with that. You really are hopeless. Not much use to anyone are you? Your parents had to kick you out because they saw how worthless you are. You can’t find a woman of your own so you fuck your friends’ girls. You can’t get a job because you are stupid and ignorant, have an attitude and to top it all, you are lazy. It would also help if you had a bath now and then.”</p>
<p>I made the energy surrounding me hard as steel so when he threw a punch he screamed and held his hand. I looked over at the other guy.</p>
<p>“He is beginning to piss me off. Are you going to join him in looking for trouble or are you going to grab your friend and make a duck while you are both still standing?”</p>
<p>“Nobody threatens me.” He also took a swipe at me and ended up nursing his knuckles. I left them and went for our cold drinks.</p>
<p>“I saw you Marita, you were afraid. You still don’t trust me?”</p>
<p>“I do, but I was also afraid.”</p>
<p>“Fair enough. Tell me when you are not afraid anymore so that I know you are enjoying yourself. Can I have a lemonade please?”</p>
<p>“How did you get rid of them. I thought they were going to attack you right here in public. Not that anyone would have seen anything, if you know what I mean.”</p>
<p>“I do. I presume things will get even more interesting once it is dark.”</p>
<p>“Interesting! You are crazy. Ladies please make him take you back to your hotel, It is not safe here.”</p>
<p>“But he promised to show us how life is over here. We are not afraid.”</p>
<p>The woman gave up on us, yammering away at her husband in their own language. He was not interested and did not even bother to look at me - he had bothered with the girls, but that is understandable.</p>
<p>Once it was dark we got surrounded by a group of thugs who demanded we walk into an alley. Quite cheerfully we did and this time I threw them against walls and had them all lying on the ground bleeding. They had intended raping the girls and I had also seen what they have done to others. I made certain they will not be doing anything to anyone for a long time.</p>
<p>Marita got a little cocky. We were walking past some teen boys standing and sitting on steps. They whistled at the girls, but intended no fuss. Marita walked up to one of them.</p>
<p>“I hate you Kelvin. You are a bully.” She slapped him. If she thought she could walk away with impunity she was wrong. He grabbed her and hit her back. I quickly stepped in.</p>
<p>“Tit for tat. Now let her go.”</p>
<p>“Says who? Who does this bitch think she is!?”</p>
<p>“She is under my protection. I let you hit her because she hit you first. Now, let her go.”</p>
<p>He looked at his friends and laughed. “He must be some kind of foreigner, maybe a Yankee. Thinks he can order us around.”</p>
<p>“She called you Kelvin. I see you like to bully kids smaller than you, especially little girls. Let me show you what happens to naughty little boys like you. First of all they pee in their pants.” I made his bladder let go and his friends looked on in amazement, watching the obvious stain.</p>
<p>“Then I guess they go crazy and start hitting themselves in the face.” He did so and his friends were now ‘queered’ as they called it. They just wanted to get out of there.</p>
<p>“You all stay and watch your friend. Anyone tries to leave joins him.”</p>
<p>I mostly made him act the fool, stuff very embarrassing. He would also be sore for a number of days. Softly I asked Marita, “Enough my love?”</p>
<p>She nodded. We walked off.</p>
<p>“Girls, I’ve had enough. Marita, how about you?”</p>
<p>“I wanted to see my mummy.”</p>
<p>“We can’t walk into their house.”</p>
<p>“They will be at that pub.” She pointed.</p>
<p>“Will you behave this time?”</p>
<p>“You let him hit me, you broke your promise.”</p>
<p>“I will not answer you. Think about it and if you want you can ask the girls. Remember, you look like an adult so behave like one.”</p>
<p>I had not foreseen how ironic the situation would get. Something about Marita appealed to a man in the pub and he tried his hardest to hit on her, when seeing he was not getting lucky he even made plain and lewd suggestions, telling her exactly what he wants to do. I sensed Marita is distressed, but did not look to me for protection. She walked over to her mother.</p>
<p>“He is disgusting, did you hear what he said to me?”</p>
<p>“He just wants a little fun dearie. If you are not into men why don’t you and me slip away. We can even let him come and watch. Nice good fun is what it is.” She was just as drunk as her husband. Marita turned to me and I saw tears streaming down her face.</p>
<p>I could not have planned for this, but in a way I was glad it had happened. I was also furious. I walked past Marita and sat at their table, making their guests leave and the father come sit with us. They both sat there drunk and stupid. I was about to give them a wake up call. I made the healer rid them of the alcohol in their blood.</p>
<p>“You have both been living it high on the money you got for selling your daughter Marita to that Mr Williams. Let me tell you exactly what they did to your little girl.” And I did, in detail. “Mr Williams is dead. The Germans are dead. I wonder who next?”</p>
<p>I got up, sending energies that made me seem deadly, a terrible threat. I took my girls and we left. Soon as we were outside and nobody there to see us we jumped home. Marita ran into the bedroom crying. Claudia went for my coffee and Aganthi lit me a cigarette. I let them all see what had happened and there was a sort of savage glee when they saw how I handled the parents.</p>
<p>“God! To have her own parents wanting sex with her!”</p>
<p>“That was the only part I found acceptable. Think of it. Without them knowing why, here is this girl who has something about her that endears her to them, but they do not know her. She is also a lot older than their daughter. Of course they thought it was sex they wanted.”</p>
<p>Dommi, Cherine and Sam sat together talking. They made as if to come to me, but I shook my head. Marita had had enough time to cry. It was now time for a talk. I walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed. She was lying face down with her face hidden within her arms.</p>
<p>“You have been a very sick little girl and I have been fighting to make you better. Today I also made myself a little sick. Do you know why?” She did not answer, but I sensed she was listening, even a little curious.</p>
<p>“All the people I hurt today, it was for your sake. I have the power to make people like that forget about us and go off to do something else. I did not. I wanted to heal you, show you that I can handle anything. You needed to see pain and blood so as to believe, so I gave you their pain and blood. Marita, it hurts me to do things like that. It also makes me ugly inside. Can I stop now please?”</p>
<p>“You don’t have to do it, I didn’t make you.”</p>
<p>“Turn around and look me in the eyes when you say that. You are not a baby and I expect you to be honest enough to at least do that.”</p>
<p>She toyed with the idea of ignoring me, but she was also a little afraid of me and turned.</p>
<p>Gently now I asked her. “You really think you did not Marita? You were not needing it inside you so that you can feel safe?”</p>
<p>She hiccuped. “I’m sorry.”</p>
<p>I sat and told her our story in plain and simple words, nothing like the girls could have done, but my approach was easier for her to understand and she became involved in the story after just a few minutes. A lot of what she had seen or heard began to make sense to her. When I told of how I killed so many Sparklers she did not believe me.</p>
<p>“But why is Solomon your friend?”</p>
<p>“I don’t know love. He says they understand I did what I did because I was afraid they were going to kill my friends and girls. He also said something about me thinking they were all going to kill us and yet I still thought they were beautiful. You’ve seen them, I was right wasn’t I?”</p>
<p>“Yes, they are lovely.”</p>
<p>I continued with the story, greatly edited but containing whatever was essential for her to know about us.</p>
<p>“Do you understand now why I must not change the past, that I cannot? If I had gone back in time and saved you, I would have only created a new world where you were saved. There still would have been a world where you died. At least this way I hope there is no world where you stay dead. Just this lovely world where my Marita can still smile and cry and be a bit of a bitch at times.” I gave her a soft smile so that she’d know I do not mean it.</p>
<p>“Have I been very nasty?”</p>
<p>“Yes. You do not need to apologise to anyone. What you went through, it would have made anyone crazy. Now you know the truth, can you become brave enough to let the past go and live for the new life we offer you? Let the old Marita go with that old body.”</p>
<p>“It feels like the same body.”</p>
<p>“I should hope so, it was made from your old body, but this one works better. You should also find that you can remember things easier than you could before and you are definitely smarter than the old Marita.”</p>
<p>“I heard them say that whenever you find a little girl who is hurting you end up loving them and then you get married to them. Are you going to want to marry me?”</p>
<p>“No. For some reason it did not happen with us. I think your heart secretly knows there is another young man you will truly love one day and it is keeping you for him. The way you are going to change now, you will be a very special girl and I hope he deserves all the love you will feel for him.”</p>
<p>She had her doubts; I spoke earnestly and then teased her a little and woke up a small dream in her.</p>
<p>“Why did my mummy and daddy want to have sex with me? Isn’t that wrong?”</p>
<p>“Yes, for you it would have been. They did not know who you were.” I explained why they would have been attracted to her. “It also helps that you look very beautiful as an adult. Marita, it is one of the things you will have to face so that you can put the past behind you. Your parents never really loved you very much. They had you and did what little they had to. They were always more interested in having fun and drinking. Your trying to be a good little girl so that they would love you would not work sweetheart. It just made it easier for them to leave you alone and go out. Look at my family, at Alki and Marian, see how they and we all love each other. I do not stop loving any of my girls just because they did something naughty. It hurts me if they do, but my love is still just as strong.”</p>
<p>“Then I will not have a mummy and daddy.” She said it with a finality that touched me.</p>
<p>“You can if you want to. Would you let Dommi be your mummy and me be your daddy?”</p>
<p>She thought about it. “You mean be like a real daddy?”</p>
<p>“Yes, very real. After all, you could say that in a way I am your daddy, I helped make this body and gave you back your life. Whatever you decide is okay. I just want you to know that I do love you and will look after you.”</p>
<p>When she hugged me and then came with me out to the girls I let her feel how proud I am to have her there with me, her little hand in mine. Dommi came over and they hugged.</p>
<p>I decided it was time to jump to the ship. “There is no reason why I should have all the fun by myself. I’ll take two of you, if anyone wants to come.”</p>
<p>It would have been embarrassing if we had arrived as he was examining a patient so I first checked through the void. When I saw him pick up a book, I took Em-e and Nicole and startled him. He looked as if he was about to have a heart attack.</p>
<p>“I promised I would pay you a visit. I hope you do not plan to charge me a consultation fee?”</p>
<p>It is one of the things that irritates Dommi and the older girls, my penchant for shocking potential Cherinians. The two girls were nicer than me and tried to soothe him. I laughed. “They must be confusing the hell out of you. You know you are in shock and you can feel these two trying to calm you. How about a cup of coffee and a long chat? I think you need an explanation.”</p>
<p>“That I think is an understatement!”</p>
<p>The girls made themselves comfortable, their legs tucked under their skirts as they sipped at their milkshakes. The doctor had an early whiskey while I drank my coffee and talked.</p>
<p>“That was a very brief explanation doctor. As I said, you do have an option. If you decide you are not interested, we just leave and that is the end of it.”</p><br>
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