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title"Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost054"
<sup><h6>They both looked at me puzzled. “It means that shit happens. We keep on having one crisis after another. There will be times you cannot go; what will you do then?”<br>
“Oh!” They looked at each other in dismay. “What can we do Robbie?”</h6></sup>
<p><center><a href="">Previous Post 053</a></center></p><br>
<p>“I said, do not forget you are Cherinians. Work it out yourselves.”</p>
<p>“That is not fair Roberto.” Dommi cut in.</p>
<p>“They want to do this enough they will think of a way.”</p>
<p>“How can you be so nice and also such a mean bastard?”</p>
<p>“When it is for their good - easily.”</p>
<p>Cherine had of course been listening. “Girls, I’ll give you a hint. What do Cherinians do when they cannot go to their work?”</p>
<p>“Cherine, you looking for trouble from me?”</p>
<p>“Sorry Robert, but you were unfair.”</p>
<p>Aganthi sat there trying hard to find the word. She gave up. “Roberto, you mean we must make those things that look like us?”</p>
<p>“Doppelgangers. That is right my Albanian flower. Practice with them until you are perfect. You don’t want to scare the kids by having them act stiff and wooden.”</p>
<p>I knew they were dying to run off and tell the others, but they also felt that my trust in them demanded that they act like two adults and sat there in a very dignified way (if one ignored the occasional twitching in their seats). I told them to buzz off and happily they kissed me and walked for ten metres before hugging each other and then they ran to spread their joy to their loves.</p>
<p>“They really made you feel good Robert.”</p>
<p>“Yes, very good. Also a little sad.”</p>
<p>“Why? Are you afraid they will grow up too fast?”</p>
<p>“I forgot about that! No, I was just thinking how it is only those who have suffered who think of others. I’ve known about Aganthi going out and secretly using her healer to help kids, why not the others? Wendy and Meli I understand, they live in worlds of their own, but at least some of the others should have been doing something.”</p>
<p>“That comment applies to Cherine and I also, Robert. In a way you are right, but you try running a home with so many people and so many visitors dropping in all the time. Most of the girls do their share. They have their studies, as you demanded. It does not leave that much time for them to play.”</p>
<p>I waved my hands in the air, in surrender. “Go on, the two of you. Take a walk or something. I’m going to ask for a game of tavli. I’m curious about the old guy. If he needs, say a six and one, he throws the dice and gets them. He is not using any paranormal powers and is not cheating. I want to work out how he does it.”</p>
<p>“What you mean is he always beats you?”</p>
<p>“Buzz off!”</p>
<p>They left laughing at me - which is how it should be, if I want my heart to be happy.</p>
<p>Apart from time with Paul, I tried to stay away from the house as much as possible. I spent time loving my girls, spent time making love to them. Spent time getting to know them better, Maria being one I need to get to know well, as she is a complex character. She has adjusted on the outside to the changes in her life, but there is still a moody and sometimes afraid little girl inside her. I did not get as much time as I wanted with her as she quickly jumped on the bandwagon and joined the two in their project. I sensed the deep satisfaction it gives her to be doing something good for others.</p>
<p>We booked the club for our celebration and Apostoli surprised us by getting the lady singer who had been such a favourite of ours. She had sold her club and was between shows and agreed to sing if Wendy would sing with her. We decided to surprise her, and Wendy, Candy, Wendy (other world) and Lua practised a current song of hers. They even burnt a CD with their own version of the background music to give to her.</p>
<p>Ordinx asked us to come to the void to watch the transformation of their World. We timed it for our early afternoon, just after lunch.</p>
<p>We brought over our family from the alternate world in the morning, their Eddie and Hettie also. Alki and Marian came over; their kids went off to play immediately, taking little Lucy with them.</p>
<p>“Today is a big day Roberto. I think it is too special just for us.”</p>
<p>“What do you mean Alki?”</p>
<p>“I was just looking at Rob and Dominique and their Cherine. I am wondering, why could you not bring all the other Cherinians from the worlds you went to. Can you not find them?”</p>
<p>“I can and I will. That is a fabulous idea. I’ll be back just now.”</p>
<p>“You are not going without me. I’m not having you going off and kissing all those other Cherines on your own!” Filled with joy I swung her into my arms and jumped.</p>
<p>“The burnt one?”</p>
<p>The rubble has been cleared and rebuilding has started, but it is obvious that it will take a long time. So much of the city has been destroyed and such a few workers are available and they hardly have any equipment left.</p>
<p>“Robert, you came back! This is your Cherine? She is lovely.”</p>
<p>“Thanks Robert. Where is your Cherine?”</p>
<p>He looked a mess. He was dirty, deeply tanned and looked fitter than I do. He has obviously pitched in and helped with the construction going on. He smiled and waved his hand around.</p>
<p>“She is working, just like the rest of us. She has assumed the body of a man, let’s see if you can guess which one she is?”</p>
<p>“You must be joking, I can feel her.” I walked over to her, whispering to my Cherine, “Well you don’t have to worry about me kissing that huge hairy brute.” She giggled.</p>
<p>Cherine saw that I had recognised her and putting down the trowel wiped cement off her fingers and came to us. She first greeted Cherine and kissed her cheek.</p>
<p>“I’m so glad you came Robert!” She threw her arms around me and gave me a kiss on the lips. I kissed her back - I’ll kiss any Cherine, however she looks, but I also knew that I had been had; the two minxes had communicated and set me up. I got a few wolf whistles and good-natured comments from all round. I called out to Robert.</p>
<p>“Hey Rob, I think I prefer yours, you want to swop?”</p>
<p>We explained why we are here.</p>
<p>“It is also our anniversary, but after all the damage I caused I was not in the mood to celebrate. I don’t think it would have gone down well with everybody. Being a Cherinian is not exactly a thing to be proud of on our world right now.”</p>
<p>“You are wrong. Robert, Cherine, what happened, happened. You are now building a new world and you have the opportunity to make it a Cherinian world. If you start off with a defeatist attitude your world will not amount to much. If you have no pride in what you are, you are insulting Cherine!”</p>
<p>“Robert my love, I think…”</p>
<p>“Not now my love, please. You chat with them for a few minutes, I want Robert and I to visit Solomon.”</p>
<p><i>*It is good to see you again Robert of the other world. Are you staying long?*</i></p>
<p><i>*No, but I shall be returning. I am hoping to bring my Solomon with. I have come to tell you that today we are celebrating and the reason will be of great interest to you.*</i></p>
<p>I told them and the reaction was as I had expected. I had to plead with the alternate Solomon to allow me to leave as I have to get back home, after all, there was no need to tell him I would be jumping in time too. Let them have their moment of joy without me being there to feel like a shyster. After all, what had I done? I’d only thought of an idea that was obvious, being treated as some kind of minor god for that is embarrassing.</p>
<p>I had second thoughts. <i>*Solomon, would you come with? It would give you an opportunity to meet our Solomon and to actually see what is being done.* </i>He was very happy to come with.</p>
<p>I could not get away from Robert that easily. He was shouting the news soon as we arrived. Thank goodness his Cherine had changed and when she tearfully gave me a hug and kiss I enjoyed it a little bit more this time.</p>
<p>“Robert, I helped open doors to new abilities in both of you last time. Why are you not using them? Physical work may be good for you, even therapeutic, but it is a very slow way to get things done.”</p>
<p>“In what way?”</p>
<p>“This way. Cherine, link to my mind.”</p>
<p>I showed her what I wanted. We have used my powers so many times to destroy, now I want to use them to build. We told everyone to get off the site. First we cleared the land. Then I used the healing gift to reach back in time and copy the house that had stood here. Down to the tiniest detail a house came into existence, a true copy of what had been here before. It took three hours. We then re-built the house our Alki stays in so that there will be another place for more people to live in.</p>
<p>“I’m pooped, I can’t do more now. When we return we can built a few extra houses. Robert, everything is there, even to the clothes in the closets. Your taps will not have water and your sewerage will not work, though all the pipes are connected - I cannot repair all of Athens.”</p>
<p>“What you have taught us is more than we could have hoped for. Thank you.”</p>
<p>“When we return the two of you will link to me and see how it is done. Two other Cherinians can link to Cherine and see from her. Within one day we should be able to get you well on your way. Would your family and friends join us for our celebrations? I’ll even bribe you all - you can use our showers and toilets.”</p>
<p>We did not stay to make all the introductions. First we took them to the bedrooms where they could have a shower and I asked their counterparts to jump home and bring them all a change of clothes. I left it in the hands of my mother and Marian and we left.</p>
<p>“You should bring a different one each time, it is not fair I keep coming with you.”</p>
<p>“I’m not interested in fair my love. This is the wealthy couple. I suppose they are still staying in the same house. I think you will like Pamela.”</p>
<p>“I’ve seen her Robert. We were with you.”</p>
<p>“I suppose so. I could not feel you so it does not seem so real to me. Bet you he opens the door before we knock.”</p>
<p>As we walked up to the door, Cherine opened the door. She was beaming. She looked at Cherine and recognised herself as a child.</p>
<p>“Was I ever that young? Robert, we are so glad you came back. What now?”</p>
<p>“Sorry, just had an idea…I’m glad to see you looking happy at last. No welcome kiss for me?”</p>
<p>“With her here? She’ll have my eyes out.” She was smiling and I felt that they were in communication.</p>
<p>“She is harder than me Robert, but not tougher!”</p>
<p>“Not polite Cherine.”</p>
<p>“Oh, she knows, anyway we are the same person in most ways, she just looks older.”</p>
<p>Big Cherine laughed. “Perhaps I should do something about that. Come in, Robert was having a shower when we felt you arrive.”</p>
<p>My Cherine giggled and then apologised. “I’m sorry, it’s just that whenever Robert has a shower it means he wants to make love.”</p>
<p>Naughtily she got asked, “Is he a very clean man?”</p>
<p>“Very, at least every day, sometimes more.”</p>
<p>“The two of you can manage without me, I think I’ll go home.” I pulled big Cherine to me and kissed her softly. “Mmm, that tasted nice. Feel like running away with me?”</p>
<p>“I think because I came with, he is hitting on every Cherine.”</p>
<p>“Every?” Robert asked as he came down the stairs. “Hi, you must be Cherine.”</p>
<p>“My one and only, Robert, for now.”</p>
<p>“What does that mean?”</p>
<p>“I’ll tell you later. Guys, we have come to invite you…” The whole spiel again. They were happy to come and the two Cherines dashed off upstairs while the big one changed and refreshed her makeup. She also prepared a change of clothing etc for both of them as I mentioned they might be away more than a day.</p>
<p>Robert came to me and stuck out his hand. Surprised I shook it. “No ill feelings? I’m sorry about what happened last time. You were a real bastard and you scared me when I thought you were taking my Cherine. God, when she cut the link I felt as if I was dying.”</p>
<p>“You probably were, just as she had been dying inside for too long. Where is Pamela, she is also invited.”</p>
<p>“In town, taking care of the kids. She’ll be here in about an hour.”</p>
<p>“Fine, we can wait. I think she will be interested in what two of my wives are doing. Robert, I have been a shit and I know you feel me. I have been probing your mind and I still find a great difference between us. We are celebrating tonight and you will also hear our story - in a way you cannot imagine. We will also do a golden circle of love. Damn it; if all that doesn’t show you where you are going wrong then there is not much more I can do. Just one thing. That hardness, it does not protect you, it only makes you lose out on all that is best.”</p>
<p>He still tends to give himself airs and his smile was just a little bit more of a condescending smirk. I know I’ve said at times that I don’t love myself, but not to like myself!</p>
<p>Pamela arrived, breathless and in a mess. “I’m sorry, but the traffic from Athens to here in this heat… Glad to see you again Robert. I trust you are here as friend this time?”</p>
<p>“He brought his Cherine with. She is upstairs with ours. Go take a look, I think you are in for a shock. Just remember that she is also the mother of his child, Rosie wasn’t it?”</p>
<p>We both kept our minds attuned to hers and when she saw my Cherine we felt the shock and horror. I burst out laughing. “That was sneaky of you. Well, my Cherine will soon set her right. May I have a chocolate, they are my favourite.”</p>
<p>We stood on the balcony, looking over Athens and it’s smog (that seems to be the one thing that is the same in all the universes).</p>
<p>“Did you get sent to many worlds after us?”</p>
<p>“More than enough thank you. Some of them will really freak you out - especially when you realise the danger of them happening here too. I’m going to have to train you. At the least you must learn to jump, teleport, so that you can call me if you need help.”</p>
<p>“That’s very nice of you Robert, thank you.”</p>
<p>I laughed. “Nice? It is not nice of me, it is cruel of me. The more power you have the bigger your responsibilities. You will end up cursing me.”</p>
<p>Wryly, “Oh I’ve done that already. It didn’t work.” At last he made me laugh and like him a little.</p>
<p>The ladies came down and as Pamela made eye contact she turned bright red. “I’m sorry Robert.”</p>
<p>“That’s alright, I guessed my cub would set you right. I’m glad you are excited about the trip. Are you all ready?”</p>
<p>Rich Robert was shocked at the amount of people already there - and a bit put off I think to see so many Roberts. Before he could become high and mighty I grabbed his arm. “Come with me, I have someone I want you to meet.”</p>
<p>I took the poor bastard to Dommi. He paled as she turned around and smiled at him. She ignored his feelings and reaching up gave him a soft welcome kiss. With her arms around his neck she leant her head back and smiled at him.</p>
<p>“I’m not like the Dominique you know. Open yourself to me Robert, feel what I am like.”</p>
<p>He turned to me. “Does everyone know what happened between us?”</p>
<p>“All my family and friends were watching through my mind and eyes throughout all my trips. They do not judge on the past Robert, but they will on the future.”</p>
<p>He looked back at my Dommi who looked so young to him; she had aged herself to about sixteen, and I felt his heart melt as he felt her. She turned her eyes and looked at me and he felt the love that swelled within her and he gave a soft moan.</p>
<p>“Cassie, Tina, come here please.” They came to my side, looking expectantly, waiting to be introduced. “Robert, these two girls are the daughters of Dominique and myself. They will be keeping you company while I dash off with Cherine to collect the next lot.”</p>
<p>As we arrived I had our shields up. Just as well, they were still fighting a battle. Cherine looked shocked, wounded by all the hate she felt.</p>
<p>“Why the hell has it taken them so long?”</p>
<p>There was a bunch of kids running around on the street playing. I saw a number of adults watching over them. They waved to me, but I noticed they kept their attention on the kids. They were between them forming an umbrella over them by reaching out and catching any potential attack and using their gift to track and convert the attackers.</p>
<p>There was no one at home, but the doors were all open. We walked in and sat down. Everything looked even shabbier than it had been. I felt guilty at leaving them to fight their battle on their own for so long. I concentrated on renewing their home and things. I went into their bedrooms and opening the closets concentrated on their clothes. Looking at the worn cuffs and collars, tears and stains on what clothes they had, I felt uncomfortable at having all I do.</p>
<p>“You saved them Robert, stop feeling guilty. We can all come and help them afterwards.”</p>
<p>Some time later, I had finished and was checking their stores. I was frightened to see their stocks of food are almost finished. If we had delayed a few more days they would have had nothing.</p>
<p>“Cherine, we’re going back. I’m going to Hettie about a week in our past. Not our Hettie, the alternate one. We have not seen her in the last ten days.”</p>
<p>We jumped straight into her home. I explained the problem.</p>
<p>“I know it is the other Hettie who offered, but I cannot go to her. She has met me a number of times in the next few days. Will you help?”</p>
<p>“Start making a list. How are you going to carry it there?”</p>
<p>“Weight is not a problem, volume is. We must chose food that is highly nutritious but not bulky. For now that leaves out rice and wheat. A lot of tinned stuff, in catering sizes. They do not have refrigeration.”</p>
<p>We made a list (I added nearly half a ton of chocolates which made them laugh). Hettie gave us the address of a warehouse she owns.</p>
<p>“The first deliveries will arrive tomorrow morning. You can sleep here tonight.”</p>
<p>“Thanks, but I am too impatient. We’ll jump to tomorrow. Hettie, please have the warehouse empty of staff that could see us jumping. Can you show us where it is?”</p>
<p>She looked embarrassed. “I’ve never been there Robert. We’ll have to drive there.”</p>
<p>A bunch of kids came in (there are also eight of them here, four boys and four girls) and she introduced us, I was ‘uncle’ Robert. The kids were shy, but I saw they are fond of her. After supper, Hettie had the car brought to the front door and the driver was told where to take us. He found it strange that he was to leave us there. Hettie in the meantime phoned her manager and made arrangements. He met us and took us through the warehouse. I sometimes still forget myself. I nearly asked him to show me how to drive a forklift. Here I was planning to jump with the stuff to another world and worrying how to carry it from one part of the floor to another.</p>
<p>We left, walking away and soon as we were alone we jumped. The place was busy with men offloading and the piles of foodstuff was already growing. We were stuck. I could not start jumping yet. We walked around, waiting for a lull. There were four men of Hettie’s who seemed to be determined to hang around and I was wondering how to get them to leave us alone. A car drove up and Hettie got out. She waved to us, spoke to the men and came to us.</p>
<p>“One thing about the Germans, they are always on time. I presume you want to start taking the food?”</p>
<p>“Yes, though I don’t quite see how.”</p>
<p>“I have told my men to start moving the food into other rooms. From there you can take the stuff without being seen.”</p>
<p>“Won’t they be worried when they find it gone without anyone taking it?”</p>
<p>“I chose these men. They are all talents and have seen even stranger things happen. I think your first load will be ready soon.”</p>
<p>“When I return I may have another list. Medicines for instance.”</p>
<p>“Hand it to one of the four and they’ll get it for you or else come to the house. I cannot stay away too long Robert, the kids will tear the place down.”</p>
<p>“It’s alright, go now. We’ll see you in about a week at our house. Hettie, thank you.”</p>
<p>“Eddie is in Africa again. After the other Eddie took him on a safari he is spending more time there.”</p>
<p>“I’m glad. He will have time to think and find peace, it will help him find what our Eddie found - what it is that really matters to him.”</p>
<p>Within a short time we were jumping with loads that grew heavier as did our self confidence. By Cherine and I joining our gifts we found we can carry quite a lot. As we were taking the stuff directly to the store rooms it took a while for anyone to find out what we were doing. After three trips we decided to call it a day and went to their house. They were all waiting for us.</p>
<p>“You have returned! We knew it had to be you, nobody else can enter our home. How did you do this?” </p>
<p>“I’ll show you. Robert, Cherine, this is my Cherine.”</p>
<p>You know how when two normal women first meet they sort of weigh each other up? This never happens with my Cherine. First of all, they only see a little girl of about seven, even if their gift tells them she is older. The second reason is that they seem to first meet mind to mind, sensing each other.</p>
<p>Before we could talk there was the sound of people outside the house shouting and Robert went to investigate. He calmed them and promised to go with them. He returned beaming.</p>
<p>“You’ve really been busy!! Where did you find so much food?”</p>
<p>“We brought it from another world. We are both tired, for us it has been more than a double day. Let us get some sleep and tomorrow we will bring a lot more. Make a list of what you need, medicines for instance.”</p>
<p>They were too shook up at the idea of us carrying the stuff from another world for them to be coherent. Cherine took us to a small bedroom with only a single bed.</p>
<p>“Will you be comfortable?”</p>
<p>“We will, thanks. Cherine, our apologies to all, but we have used our healers to keep us going this long, we really need to sleep.”</p>
<p>“But what about food?”</p>
<p>“In the morning. We did eat in Germany, in the other world, so we are not hungry.”</p>
<p>Soon as we were alone I hugged Cherine to me. “You’ve really been something! Thanks my love. I guess you will have to use your gift to clean yourself if you need a shower. I’m just going to sleep now.”</p>
<p>We carried for nearly a week, about four jumps a day. Cherine and I were exhausted by the end.</p>
<p>“We still have two more worlds! I hope they don’t also need help, we are running out of time.”</p>
<p>She was too tired to even give me a smile. I gathered her into my arms and used my poor healer to reinvigorate her. She perked up a little. We went to the others.</p>
<p>“I know you still have problems and we will return to help you. But it is time to go now. I promise you will be brought back here to within minutes of your leaving, however many days you spend on our world. The change will do you good.”</p>
<p>It had been a battle to convince them to come, but convince them we did - mostly I think because they were too embarrassed to say no after seeing us work so hard to bring them supplies.</p>
<p>Soon as we arrived they were taken to have showers and change. I suggested they first lie down and sleep a couple of hours. I made Cherine also sleep, had myself a coffee and cigarette and lay down by her. The one hour of sleep made a world of difference. We quickly showered again and left.</p>
<p>The reality of the committee Cherinians - I could tell that Cherine loves this Robert and Cherine. I think he reminds her of me as I was when we first met. They were happy to come along and thank goodness had no urgent problems. </p>
<p>This was now our second last visit and I anticipated they would be facing problems. I was right.</p>
<p>It took hours to find out what had happened. After the attack of Earth there were tremendous changes. Large scale suffering and anger finally brought about revolutions in many countries. What made it very confusing was the fact that the attack halted without reason. They had been able to take photos by satellite which showed it attacking a tiny object that led it away from Earth. The distances were too great for computers to get any details, but they were able to work out the approximate size. This became common knowledge and the belief was adopted that visitors from another solar system had intervened to save mankind. The power they must command to fight the fire monster, as they thought of it, with a craft as small as a normal human being, led to many fanciful theories of mini aliens, in one version the size of ants, and though there was gratitude there was also fear.</p>
<p>The world economy and technology could not be sustained after such damage, even with the tremendous losses in life there were still too many mouths to feed. As cities had been hard hit with the largest proportion of deaths, and those were the people who ran the economies, the disaster of loss of their expertise only compounded the problem. As is the rule in every reality, I think, the armed forces of each country received preference and never have had to do without, and feeling they are special, they show blind obedience to their government leaders, even where it means they are shooting at their father, mother, sister or brother, or friends. </p>
<p>Within months one city began to stick out like a sore thumb. Athens.</p>
<p>Robert and Cherine had decided to go all out, bring in as many new Cherinians as possible. They had heeded the lesson I had learnt and only those Cherine approved were approached. This has given Athens a growing pool of Cherinian talents, people who are willing to devote themselves to helping others also. As they infiltrated into positions of power they became even more effective. On any night there are at least five golden circles of love and they move around so that most of the city is covered every week.</p>
<p>To the world at large, Athens is seen as the city of sanity, the Greeks themselves punting their success with claims that the city which gave birth to democracy and civilisation will be the light to guide the rest of the world. With over two thousand Cherinians, and under the troubled circumstances they are living and the pride they take in their accomplishments, it is only natural that someone told someone and the story came out. </p>
<p>Soon as the government learnt about the Cherinians, so did Robert know, from Cherinians, that they know. Rather than risk a confrontation, he went with Cherine to the president and with him to the prime minister. Soon they were being held and interrogated by army officials and a multitude of other interests. The major powers almost immediately got to know of them also and demanded they be handed over for testing and confinement so as to prevent them from taking over the world.</p>
<p>Not one Cherinian had given the name of another, so the majority of them were still free, but the family and close friends were all being held, still in Athens, though being guarded by a multi-national force.</p>
<p>All the above was public knowledge, what I could not find is information as to where they are being held. I also did not know what to do.</p>
<p>“We have to save them Robert.”</p>
<p>“How my love?”</p>
<p>“We must find them and get them out.”</p>
<p>“Then what? They will be feared even more and every Cherinian will be in danger of being killed. No, we have to do something that will make them heroes of the people.”</p>
<p>First thing I insisted on was that both of us change our appearance, since our faces are too well known. We took a hotel room and while Cherine stayed behind to watch over me I went to the void, became the void and marshalling all the energy I will need, I speared my way back to Earth and into government buildings. It did not take long for me to sense them outside of Athens in a fortified camp and they sensed me but did not react, waiting for an indication from me, but I only sent a greeting and asked them to wait, I wanted to listen and get a feel for what is being planned for them.</p>
<p>I came in on an argument where a multi-national group were having strong words. The Greeks were rather cowed by the aggressiveness, but they refused to bow to the extremists.</p>
<p>“They represent no danger to us. They have only used their talents to help this city. To torture and kill them is pointless.”</p>
<p>“I demand that you hand them over to our government, they are both British nationals, the one still a minor.”</p>
<p>“They have asked for political asylum and to be naturalised. They have taken their oaths and are now Greek citizens.”</p>
<p>“That is illegal! The girl is still a minor.”</p>
<p>“You keep on harping on that Mr Thompson. The mother is the only surviving parent and she made the request on her daughter’s behalf and for herself. We are willing to be helpful, but we will not hand them over, they are a national treasure.”</p>
<p>“Monsters, freaks…you call them a treasure!”</p>
<p>I’d heard enough. As I was about to leave, the Greek who was arguing looked up and around and I felt him probing. <i>*Roberto, you should not be here.*</i></p>
<p><i>*I am not the Roberto you know. Tell them that in six hours the entity who led the fire monster away will be arriving on Earth. I communicated with you because I heard your discussion and was pleased that you are protecting them.*</i></p>
<p>“What are you going to do Robert?”</p>
<p>“I have to go out to space again. I will change my appearance, perhaps to look a little as Solomon appears, slightly strange, tall and benevolent. I will have to exude power so that they realise I will not tolerate a witch hunt of the Cherinians. They are my chosen people. Something like that, what do you think?”</p>
<p>“Since everyone knows about them, they will need to be protected. I do not know what else we can do.”</p>
<p>“Keep the telly on, maybe you’ll see me there. If you must come to watch, then be at Syntagma by eight o’clock, which is when I arrive.”</p>
<p>“Be careful my love, they may try to capture you.”</p>
<p>I laughed. “They could not even hold their Cherine if she wanted to get away. Don’t worry, I will be fully protected.”</p>
<p>I spent nearly three hours travelling out into space, created a powerful nimbus of light around me and began my trip back to Earth. I tried to think of any mistakes I might make and remembered to get the healer to also change my vocal cords so that no biometric machine will link me to Robert. I chose a deeper voice also, something like Richard Burton. I mean, given the choice, who wouldn’t, what a voice he had!</p>
<p>As I approached the moon I increased my luminosity, I wanted all of Europe to see me coming. As I entered our atmosphere a number of fighter jets tried to approach me. I forced them to stay at least twenty kilometres away. Listening to the pilots amused me as they made their reports.</p>
<p>Slowly I came down over Athens. About a hundred metres above the square I hovered and waited. Now they knew where I intended landing and I owed it to them that they have the chance to be on hand to greet me. Since the Parliament House is right next door, after about fifteen minutes I decided I’d waited long enough. The golden glow that surrounded me began to fade and I drifted down to the ground. As I arrived, all they could see was a sphere with a rippling mirror effect (see, it pays to read science fiction).</p>
<p>With my feet about half a metre off the ground I switched off the visibility of my protection. I hovered there, my face in darkness, hidden as the old man had done so that no light penetrates the cowl. I was about seven feet tall and willowy in my robe. I projected my voice so that I can be heard by those rushing in at the back of the crowd, speaking in Greek.</p>
<p>“Greetings people of Earth.”</p>
<p>There was not much of a reply and I saw the officials were still in a panic trying to get themselves organised. Always glad to score a few points I floated over to the grave of the ‘Unknown Soldier’ and letting my feet touch the ground I bent my head in respect. I waited the customary one minute and straightening I turned to the dignitaries.</p>
<p>“Am I welcome?” My voice was as stern and cold as I could make it, while making it felt more acutely by my emoting. A man pushed forward quickly.</p>
<p>“Our apologies, we were caught unawares. Welcome to Earth.” I was probing his mind and my anger was real.</p>
<p>“You have imprisoned the man I gave the message of my imminent arrival and used torture. You are barbarians!!” I was very angry, the American army from their base had forcefully taken the man, despite him being a member of the Greek government, to their camp to ‘interrogate’ him, warning the government they will invade Greece if they protest.</p>
<p>He cringed, expecting worse. “He will be freed immediately, our apologies.” </p>
<p>“Would the delegates of the following countries step forward.” I gave the names of the countries that had demanded the man be tortured. Not one of them was present.</p>
<p>“In that case I have nothing to say to them, but I have for the people of their countries. You change your government now and show you are worthy people who do not condone torture, or else I take my gifts away.”</p>
<p>“We do not understand your honour, what gifts?”</p>
<p>“My protection from the fire-worlds.” They wanted me to go into their buildings to talk, but I refused to move. “I am here to talk to all the people of Earth, not to a few self important men. I have watched you for a long time and I am not impressed by your forms of government. Leaders are supposed to be servants of the people, not self important men who live in luxury paid for by their people. You are of the Greek government?”</p>
<p>“Yes your honour.”</p>
<p>“I am not a judge. I have no name so you may call me by the name of my child. Call me Robert.” It was an improvisation, but it amused me - if this world split off from us, he is in a sense my child.</p>
<p>When they understood which Robert, there was a panic amongst the men of power. By now the prime minister had arrived (I do not use capital letters on purpose, it is done intentionally for servants should not have titles that place them above their own people). I explained.</p>
<p>“Cherine and Robert and all those who become Cherinians are my children. From me flows the power to Cherine and from her to all others. They were a gift to your world so that you can grow and survive as a species. However, you are repeating all the mistakes of those species that die out. When I saw this world was threatened by a fire-world I came here to protect my children. Now I find you have imprisoned all of them. Perhaps it is fitting I take them and gift them a new world of their own and abandon the rest of you.”</p>
<p>I stood without moving and then called out, “Cherine, Robert, come to me now.” I lifted an arm and a light speared out from it and my friends stood before me.</p>
<p>They of course saw into my mind and knew who I was. <i>*Do not agree to leave, ask that you be allowed to stay and help your people.*</i></p>
<p><i>*You must be the worst Robert in all the worlds!*</i></p>
<p><i>*Do you agree with him Cherine?*</i></p>
<p><i>*You are sneaky.*</i></p>
<p>I laughed aloud. “I am glad to see you are well.” I turned to the Greek official I had been talking to, ignoring their prime minister. “Bring me the man I chose to speak for me.”</p>
<p>At that moment I heard an argument going on as an arrogant man with an American accent tried to approach me. “It is only fitting that I talk to him since I represent the…”</p>
<p>“You represent what? Power? The damage the fire-world did to you with each blast I could do with one that would cover your entire continent. If I were really angry with you I could tear out your continent and throw it into your sun. You dare claim power?” I was visibly and psychically emanating raw power with a cold menace to it and none doubted me.</p>
<p>“What is fitting is that I talk to those <i><b>I</b></i> choose to speak to. Your government gave orders to have a Greek official tortured and you wanted to also torture my Robert and Cherine and you dare to demand privileges from me? I have not given any of you rights to make demands on me, apart from my beloved Cherinians.”</p><br>
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<p><h5><i><b>I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.</b></i></h5></p><br>
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