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title"The Daily Qurator #554"
<sup>*Cover graphics by - @aaronleang*</sup></center>
Welcome to the **554th** Daily Edition of the **Daily Qurator**. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!
<center>**Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:**</center>
|@nainaztengra |   india |
|  ------------------- | :----------- |
[Holi Celebrations- Festival Of Colors](
>Holi is on one of the most colorful festival of India. I basically like all my Indian festivals, they add so much of color, zeal and joyfulness to life.
>Imagine life without colors, how dull it would be. Colors are like visual fragrance, when there are the right colors around us it can brighten up our space. Colors have a lot of significance in our overall existence. The Aura our etheric body holds is filled with colors and the intensity and colors variations of our Aura can depict our state of health. The 7 Chakras in our Physical body are also associated with colors and have deep meaning to them
Come along as @nainaztengra, her son and many others celebrate at the Holi Beach Party! So many people here and so much color!
|@saracampero |  utopian-io |
|  ------------------- | :----------- |
[Review Of Steem Press & Guide Featuring State Of The DApps](
>Surely you have already heard of WordPress blog or at least if I am sure that one of you has visited a blog of this type and maybe you have already left thousands of comments on many of these blogs, I would also say that many of you They use WordPress or at least they have thought of using it to have their own web page or personal domain or for business purposes.
>Since last year, Steemit's dynamic duo (entrepreneurs and dreamers) "@howo and @fredrikaa" have published an interesting supplement or "plugins" for WordPress known as "SteemPress"
Have you been using steempress to post to steemit? What are your thoughts about it? See what @saracampero is saying in this review Dtube video... _so what do you think? Does she like it? Or not?_
|@ironshield |  blog |
|  ------------------- | :----------- |
[A Story In Photos: Hamantashin Cookies For Purim](
>Making cookies is something even young children can help with!
What better way to spend an afternoon with your family then by making some delicious looking cookies! See the final cookies @ironshield's kids made for a weekend treat! _Oh so yummy!_
|@jerrytsuseer |  poetry |
|  ------------------- | :----------- |
[There Comes A Time](
>There comes a time, when we must
>The good we want to see.
>We must
>The change we want to experience,
>And we must
>The Love we want to share
In this poem penned by @jerrytsuseer it's all about _Bee-ing_ the best you. Putting your best foot forward and _Bee-coming_ who you are meant to be.
|@erikaflynn |  beersaturday |
|  ------------------- | :----------- |
[Beer Saturday Time- Because It's Saturday!](
>Going to have a good time with our best friends.
>One of them has just returned home from military service in the East of Ukraine. The second one has finally found his free time to meet with us.
They are always welcome guests in our home, and we are glad to see them both in good health today
For some the weekend means some down time; for others it means getting together with friends and enjoying some great food and spirits. For @erikaflynn it's a combination of both. See how she and her friends spent their Saturday evening together and filled up on some great food and good times!
<center><sup>@qurator does not explicitly or implicitly endorse third parties opinions or statements in the Daily Qurator. Any statements made in these posts are the author's and curator's own opinion.</sup></center>
# <center>Qurator News:</center>
## Bigger better monthly subs!
We know not everyone can delegate or upvote for larger upvotes. Thus sending in steem allowed for a larger upvote for the month.
It used to be only two levels.
SUB1 = 0.8 Steem for an upvote from 750 SP
SUB2 = 1.6 Steem for an upvote from 1500 SP
We decided to add three more levels to this, with level 5 adding a little bonus in there!
SUB3 = 2.4 Steem for an upvote from 2250 SP
SUB4 = 3.2 Steem for an upvote from 3000 SP
SUB5 = 4 Steem for an upvote from 4000 SP (250SP Bonus!)
So how does that work?
Let's say you send 3.2 Steem with the memo `sub MARCH` then you will get an upvote from @qurator similar to a 3000 SP account.
# <center>Qurator ICO is live!!</center>
<center>Head over to [this post]( to get all the details and get in on all the action!</center>
## Introducing Referral Bonuses!
Dear Qurites,
We know times are tough now and we all have to push a little bit harder. We came up with two programs that will help you earn some extra upvotes and visibility from Qurator, and will also help Qurator to reach more Steemians/your friends that need some extra help.
## <center>**Write a post about Qurator.**</center>
Our long time members know how it all works. You have been with us through thick and thin.
Share your experience with your friends and followers. We would love to know how our members see Qurator and what they like (or don't) the most about the project.
Feel free to write in your own native language. We are open to all languages and have already translated our main Qurator post to several languages.
Well written posts will receive some extra upvote love from Qurator and a resteem. :) Feel free to drop your post link in our Daily Qurator comment section, so we don't miss it.
## <center>**Invite a friend.**</center>
Do you know someone who is starting out? Or maybe someone who is posting great posts for a while but still need more exposure? Refer Qurator to your friend and after they get approved and become a member you will also receive a bonus 1SBD upvote on your most recent posts.
There are two ways to do it and this is how it works:
||<center>Option 1 - Referrals</center> |<center>Option2 - Sponsorship</center>|
|1|You refer a friend to Qurator| You sponsor a membership to your friend |
|2|Your friend sends registration fee to Qurator and mentions your name in the memo: `referred by @your_steemit_username`|You send registration fee to @qurator with your the person's name in memo: `@your_friends_username`|
|3|Our team reviews the account|Our team reviews the account|
|4|Your friend is approved - you receive a 1SBD upvote|Your friend is approved - you receive 1SBD upvote|
Keep in mind that all registration rules still apply and all account will be reviewed by our team. You can read about content requirements in [THIS]( post.
*Note: Both programs are open to everyone, not only Qurator members.*
| ![image sourcing.jpg]( | Required Image Sourcing for the Qurator Project. <br> [Check how to do it properly.](|
|![es.jpg]( | Procedimiento Estándar Para El Enlace Correcto De Imágenes Del Projecto Qurator <br>[Leer más]( |
| ![wit update.jpg]( | - To view our most recent witness update click [HERE.]( <br> - For more details go check out our [witness page]( and consider voting for us. |
|![2r8F9rTBenJQfQgENfxADE6EVYabczqmSF5KeWefV5WL9W95HhWRcTukCdcFi7v8NgKCRZBbuFdGNT2qGzKdUrapi1KfHy6L6bTebpdYQchCy5ntqAJW3NFeHFuqyW3mY.png]( | [Qurator 4.0 - Multiplier System](! There has been quite a few changes. Go and check it out. |
# Competitions
We host weekly **Photo** and **Food** competitions. Click on the images below to view the posts.
Additionally for all members we have **Toss up Thursday**, a biweekly free for all post-promotional competition.
| <center>Tasty Tuesday</center> | <center>Toss up Thursday</center> | <center>Photo Friday</center> |
| ------------------------------ | ----------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------ |
| [ ![Tasty Tuesday.png](]( | [![99pyU5Ga1kwqSXWA2evTexn6YzPHotJF8R85JZsErvtTWXyV9Fkimbr8hosPRu9YbVeygV4RdT8V2MDWsqYtUkCxfyquVcXwgASSjS9YGzDTZmTWcJkTj2D6LESpftrx4e.jpg](]( | [ ![Photo Friday.png](![2.png](]( |
# @Qustodian support bot
<center>**For Qurator members**</center>
For those who would like some extra upvotes from the Qurator project can send SBD and their link to @qustodian. This little bot is available to Qurator members only.
| ![DQmRFeDPwYrJYcGBqsU52WWwTkxbv4tA5J6QBwsPZBqYwuc.png]( | - Send any amount of SBD and your link to receive upvotes. <br><br> - Any extra SBD will be refunded. <br><br> - The bot will upvote your post to the value of 2.35 times the amount of SBD you send.
<center>**For Investors**</center>
For those who would like to invest some Steem Power, @qustodian pays out 90% of all the SBD sent to the account. Delegate minimum of 50 SP to invest and receive daily payouts in SBD.
**Delegation links for @qustodian (NOT @QURATOR):**
Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account!
| | | | | | | |
| :-------------------------------------: |:--------------------------------------------:| :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|
| [100]( | [200]( | [300](| [400](| [500](|[1000](|[5000](
<center><sup>For any other amount feel free to contact us in Discord.</sup></center>
<center>**Delegation links for @qurator*</center>
| | | | | ||||||
| :-------------------------------------: |:--------------------------------------------:| :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|
| [100]( | [200]( | [300](| [400](| [500](| [1000]( | [1500]( | [2000](| [2500](| [5000](|
After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your Steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate.
Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account and that new delegations overwrites the old one. Always use the total amount you want to delegate.
# Qurator's Discord Channel
There is more perks and fun stuff on our server:
- Feel free to ask Qurator Team questions
- Meet other members
- Promote your post in our `Postpromotion` room
- Check your last upvote, current tier and @qustodian balance with `Quro` bot in `Qurator-Assistant` room
- Keep an eye on on Steemit challenges in `Steemit-challenges` room
Join us!
<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
# Steemauto Curation Trail
| | |
| -- | -- |
|| The new curation trail is active and running! If you would like to support your fellow Qurites or just earn some extra curation feel free to join our curation trail that is active on Steemauto. <br>[Steemauto guide and registration info](|
We suggest not following the trail with 100%, steemauto has 2 ways of following a trail, static or scaled. We suggest using **SCALED** instead of static since static votes can add up quickly and drain VP very fast. We suggest using scaled and then maybe around 25%.
**Steemauto** can show us who is currently on the trail and at what percentage. Looking forward to see more Qurites joining the trail in the near future! We also reward the team players and there might be a nice surprise for a lucky trailer. =P
# Qurator banners
If you would like to show some more support and use Qurator banners then please head over to [this post]( and copy the banner links from there. =)
<center>**Upvoting or Resteeming this post will help us grow and in turn enable us to give better upvotes to our members and quality content creators.**</center>
##### <center><sup>The Qurator project is brought to you by: </sup></center>
<center><sup>@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @brumest | @stresskiller | @blacklux </sup></center>
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