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title"Securix ICO. Mining is easy"
The world of crypto currency is becoming more and more confident in our life. If only 5 years ago concepts such as mining, bitcoin, ether were understood by a limited number of people, now these words are used even by schoolchildren. Today we will talk with you, dear readers, about the current opportunities for mining. Mining is the process of extracting digital money. The peak of excitement around mining reached in 2017, when the price of bitcoin skyrocketed. Since the demand for equipment for mining was huge, the prices for this equipment also grew rapidly, as demand exceeded supply. Purchase of equipment for mining did not guarantee that you can soon become rich, because the process of extracting digital money is relatively slow. To date, this technology of earnings, you can say, is becoming less relevant. There are several reasons for this: a fairly high price for equipment, not a fast production process and, moreover, energy-intensive, since powerful video cards consume a large amount of electricity. This type of mining was replaced by cloud mining, when you can join remotely to the Company, which is engaged in mining. A big advantage of this type of income is that you do not need to buy expensive equipment, but this industry has a lot of fraud. The mechanism of work of these companies is not transparent, no one gives guarantees on the Internet that you will not be deceived, and there is always the likelihood of hacker attacks. Hence, we can conclude that mining has a number of serious tasks that need to be addressed. There is a project that offers solutions to these problems and provides guarantees for the safe and profitable mining for its clients. The name of this project is Securix.
Securix is a Dutch company whose main business is the production of bitcoin. The project is legal and operates under the laws of the Netherlands. The Project team offers its customers a monthly passive income opportunity, for this purpose a service is created and developed that will not have contractual time constraints, like cloud mining, and will provide passive income to holders of SRXIO tokens. In order to start to be engaged in a mining within the framework of the project Securix, it is enough only to get tokens of the company. Has mining ever been so simple? It is planned that 45% of the total produced crypto currency will be distributed among the holders of the tokens. The resources that the company has at its disposal are simply impressive: the area of the company's premises is 10.5 thousand square meters, and the number of mining equipment is 24 thousand! Thanks to such extensive resources, the Company is able to extract 24.5 bitcoins every day.
The Securix project worries about the environment, therefore it purchases electricity for its equipment through the EAN-2-EAN platform, which uses renewable energy sources. In addition, this process occurs without any intermediaries and financial barriers, which significantly reduces costs.
It should be noted a number of features of the Securix Project, which give advantages over other similar projects:
Special computer programs track all the processes of mining the crypto currency. This allows specialists to quickly respond to any changes or malfunctions.
High degree of protection. The project has a high degree of information security, which minimizes the chances of hacker attacks. As the fire safety of the project is at a high level, so much of the equipment has refractory properties.
The project enables its clients to receive monthly passive income through their investment strategy.
Develop your own exchange DCE Exchange and a special mobile application called Securix Mega Vault Wallet. This is a mobile wallet for token holders, which allows you to track the current state of affairs, namely the amount of bitcoin produced at the moment and the capacity of the equipment.
Company distribution system
Summing up, I want to say that this project has no shortcomings. Think for yourself, because Securix works openly and within the law. It provides an opportunity for a very easy way of mining for its customers. Many experts believe that the project has a great future and they are already interested in large investors.
If you are interested in this project, then I recommend you follow these links:
My Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1715436"
max_accepted_payout1,000,000.000 SBD