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title"ARROUND Review ICO – Breakthrough Advertising And Communication Platform In AR"
hello everyone has come back to channel review ico .
today i introduce to everyone a new project is .ARROUND
ARROUND is a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform. ARROUND uses blockchain and augmented reality to build an ecosystem consisting of four integrated elements: a disruptive universal advertising network, an augmented reality marketplace, a social platform, and the next generation AR. map that will create a backbone for AR. projects around the world. ARROUND offers a disruptive and fully functional AR social platform available for iOS and Android, which will also be ported to consumer smartglasses. ARROUND offers a new and engaging way for advertisers, brands and organizations to reach their audience in a way that both delights them and informs them. AR developers have little opportunity to reach the consumer market The use of blockchain ensures IP rights and the AR. Store provides a staging area to test new products and services, which ultimate contributes to the development of the social network.
What problems does this platform solve? The problem for advertisers is the oversaturation of the advertising market in the real world, which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and the growth of financial costs for it. ARROUND. creates a new space for advertising, where it will have a targeted focus, and will require much less costs. Also, this platform solves the problem of AR technology not being required. On its basis, there will be interaction of advertisers and AR. developers, which will stimulate the latter to develop new technologies.
The main tool in communication between advertisers and users will be an application for mobile devices. It is through it that users will be able to see advertisements and other elements posted in the AR. The application is available for download(for the Android system), but it is in test mode so the average user will not be able to register yet. The main concept within the application is the "round". This is digital content (3D object, image, text, link to some resource) tied to a specific place. In AR conditions, there are wide opportunities for using rounds for marketing purposes. So, ordinary users can create their own rounds (which only they can see, or their friends). Advertisers will have access to more extensive functionality in creating such content: it can be a flat banner ad (containing not only text or image, but also video), 3D objects, navigation. In this case, the visibility of each round for users can be customized depending on the advertising goals,
In the ARROUND. application, there are three main components: the camera (through which AR interacts), the news feed from the rounds (the user receives news only from those rounds to which they are subscribed), a map showing the rounds in the area. There will also be different user roles: a regular user (interacts with rounds of advertisers and other users, has limited opportunities to create rounds), a professional blogger (has more functionality to create rounds), a brand account (company account), an account of an advertising agent creation of advertising content using a wide range of tools), moderator (consults users on emerging issues, controls the creation of rounds according to internal rules). It is also worth mentioning here,
What is the interesting ARROUND. platform for users? First of all, this is an opportunity to weed out not interesting advertising, news, etc. The average user, looking, for example, at a shopping center through a smartphone camera, will be able to see the action he is interested in, advertising of goods. In addition, it is possible to create your own rounds, or see the rounds of friends. For advertisers, very good conditions are created for advertising campaigns, which allow to count on their high effectiveness. Created advertising content is targeted, and will be visible only to those users who are interested in it, and who are potential customers. Also, advertising in AR will be much less demanding financial costs (as there are no intermediaries, promoters, there is no cost to the physical development of advertising, its installation, etc.). This means that to advertise on a billboard in the real world will be much more expensive than the place it is in this place, only in AR. Also, conditions are created for the work of advertising agencies and freelancers. Using the toolkit of the platform, they will be able to create content for the customers necessary for advertising.
For more information about the project, please click on the links below.
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