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title" - Blockhain and Ico protocols"
Introduction w12
W12 is an open protocol for creating various types of DAOs. This protocol includes smart contracts, DAO management mechanisms and decentralized orral networks that control the execution of milestones in the project roadmap.
This solution protects users from deliberate or unintentional loss of project, reduces risk and costs, creates transparency and reliability between projects and buyers of tokens.
Fundraising campaigns can be of any kind: charity and social projects, ICO (utility and security), community mobilization, and any fundraising and governance activities. from any other crowd.
What is W12?
W12 creates a decentralized infrastructure in which the parties do not need to trust either drugu.Protokol blockchain uses technology to ensure transparency and target transactions, contracts and intellectual masters to supervise the implementation of the major stage project of the road map. W12 solution also includes a platform that allows projects to raise capital through the sale of cards without the cost of upfront or znaniy.Platforma special techniques work like helping future clients and supporters. Business households kriptovomu financial to get access to the best revenue costs, because the solution works a guide to prepare the task as an entry into the ICO market related to the supply goods and services when returned with development work.
Advantages of KeyW12:
Increase the profitability of the initial investment stage in the project by 10 times by buying the card and reducing the risk for investors.
Returns up to 95% of the investment in unrealized projects for investors.
Provides the opportunity to restrict the sale of the token to investors in the early stages of the trading platform immediately after the ICO, in order to prevent the reduction of the token's price (when the project is triggered). stored procedure token).
Simplify the selection of projects for private investors and transfer funds to professionals in asset management.
Allows projects to quickly attract funding without initial costs or any special technical knowledge.
Create infrastructure for decentralization and set a new standard for safe investment in projects.
How it works
Project Name: ABC Project
Name of the original token of the project: ABC
Project name W-token secured: ABC-W
The project will fill in the road map on the W12 platform, specify the installation for the amount and the amount needed for each stage.
Project for the issuance of ABC Cards on the W12 platform or transfer of some ABC alerts issued separately for the smart contract address of the W12 block protocol.
The W12 sequence block protocol generates the ABC-W token in the number of ABC tokens received.
User transfers money to the smart contract address and receives the ABC-W tokens.
Funds are deposited into DAO project funds (smart contracts) and are issued to the project to carry out the road map stages.
By purchasing the ABC-W card, users can:
Exchange the ABC-W code to the ABC token via the W12 alias and if desired, sell the ABC token on the trading platform (the project may set freezing time as long as the transaction is banned).
Exchange the ABC-W code for their remaining funds in the project fund. Exchange conditions vary depending on DAO type.
What problem do we solve?
SCAM or cheating;
High risk of transferring money to projects at an early stage;
The lack of protection mechanisms for investors and ICO participants crowd in charitable projects;
Lack of transparency and high cost of implementing charity projects;
Business development
The goal of W12 is to become the largest integrated solution in real businesses. Our solutions have an undeniable advantage over existing systems of price, reliability and quality.
To implement the solution, the W12 strategy is to establish the maximum number of partnerships on the market, launch an affiliate program, and launch strong business development units in key markets.
The route of the project
4th quarter of 2017
Customer development, market research, project development
Collect teams
Development of platform architecture
Develop the terms of reference and start developing the market
First quarter of 2018
Alpha version of W12 market
Development of terms of reference and protocol prototype blockchain W12
Published more than 100 projects in the market
Create a project rating system
The second quarter of 2018
Create a W12 community
Start signing up for a W12 token whitelist
Developed the smart contract for W12 crowdsale
Start of W12 Presale Token
Third quarter of 2018
W12 advertising and PR campaigns and sell W12 tokens
Speech at the conference
Started W12 crowdsale
Develop additional functionality of the W12 protocol
4th quarter of 2018
List W12 tokens on trading platforms
Additional projects on the W12 platform
Ads and PR campaigns for the W12 platform
Speech at the conference
First quarter of 2019
Additional projects on the W12 platform
Ads and PR campaigns for the W12 platform
Test and test the security of the W12 mobile app for Android and iOS
The first version of the mobile app market for Android and iOS
Second quarter 2019
Additional projects on the W12 platform
Ads and PR campaigns for mobile platforms and apps
W12 conference
Full-featured mobile app market for Android and iOS
Third quarter of 2019
Additional projects on the W12 platform
Ads and PR campaigns for mobile platforms and apps
W12 conference
Continuous development of PAMM and swap accounts, adding new features to mobile platforms and applications.
4th quarter of 2019
Additional projects on the W12 platform
Ads and PR campaigns for mobile platforms and apps
W12 conference
Implement internal exchanges and platforms to create PAMM accounts (transfer money into trust management).
For more information on investment projects, please visit:
White Paper:
Bitcointalk Link:;u=1715436"
max_accepted_payout1,000,000.000 SBD