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title"[Short story] Fire Soul - Steel Soul"
body"I am taking up some creativity exercises that I had done weeks ago. At that moment, I let chance take me to choose words in a random generator and with those words I would search for a photo that was in a free online service, but this time, I came across a series of short stories and various written that I wrote some years ago and that I have not shared in English, so I thought about translating and publishing them.
[Source: PxHere](https://c.pxhere.com/photos/76/96/forge_fire_iron_embers_hammer_craft_art_glow-775831.jpg!s)
- Grandpa, you already have a quiet time. - The voice of a child sounded shy in front of the embers in the middle of the night.
- No need to speak. - An old and serene voice gave a calm answer.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't worry, if you talk right now it's because you have to.
- You always say that if something happens it is what it should, but I think some things are accidents.
- "What comes is convenient" is one of the principles we use to accept our destiny. - He devoted himself again to stirring the embers to ensure that they remained burning.
- I think that's to put up with what happens to us sometimes. - The child's voice shows some disagreement.
- You don't like what you are? Or does it bother you who you are? - The old man turned to see the boy.
"No." The old man's gaze was familiar and loving, but being scrutinized with eyes that cannot lie freely before can be nerve-racking.
- That bothers you?
- I don't know.
- You are a line successor, you belong to a branch of the family and that is heavy, you cannot be like other children, although for the rest of the world you are the same.
- Why do we have to be like this? - There was certain anguish in the question rather than a claim.
- Has anyone asked you about the way you are?
- I know I'm weird… I'm not like the others and I am too, I feel weird.
- I'm going to give you another memory. Look at the fire and fix your eyes. - The old and confident voice showed an outlet for the moment of tension.
- I see. - The eyes of a child looked at the fire and his pupils dilated, images, sensations, and thoughts entered through them, memories that were now his own and at the same time very foreign.
- Don't rush, we have plenty of time.
- I want to go home quickly.
- Is someone special waiting for you?
- Grandma said not to leave you outside for long.
- Well, that's a compelling reason. - The voice showed how funny it was that they left a child in charge of an old man to ensure that he did not overdo it.
- You are a soul of fire and that is why you can even use a candle to pass memory, how will I do it?
- When it touches you, you who are a metal soul will use metal reflections to pass the memory, the one who receives it will be able to do what you do now, it will expand and her body memory will take as much as possible,.
- I do not understand you.
- You will when the time comes, not before. By then you will be responsible for preparing someone else.
- A son?
- Not necessarily, you may be assigned a relative to train, perhaps several, if you do a good job, then you may have to take care of your offspring.
- Do you think I'm going to be a good dad?
- I don't know, I hope so.
- You are?
- I don't think so, I have done an acceptable job, but there were many things to correct.
- I think my dad agrees with you.
- He is a soul of water, he appreciates me, but we never managed to get along nor could I fully prepare him, I failed because I did not know how to pass from my soul what he needed to grow, in the end, one of the uncles took charge and except for the problem with a very old solution.
- He raised it, right?
- Yes, it was. - There was a certain sadness in the voice.
- I do not like that what I do is wrong.
- Thank you, but don't worry about comforting me, the result has been good even if it's not thanks to me.
- The memory you gave me I have moved, I think this time I did not take it well.
- Okay, it happens that I gave you one that is a bit strange for your age, when you grow up you will understand it better.
- Others can't pass memories, right?
- When you ask if something is true, you may already suspect that it is a lie. - The comment was part of the ancestral knowledge that the old man kept - If you talk about those who are not of the family, well, they usually do not pass the memories like us, but there are several families and each one has their means.
- How do other souls pass their memories?
- There we go again - the old man felt that it was repeated, but he knew that it was necessary for the education of his grandson - Water souls pass their memory with liquids, most prefer pure water, they do it in springs and rivers but it works the sea and even a pot, a puddle or a tear; souls of earth can use any stone or common earth, although some are so demanding that they use jewels to save the memory and to pass it on the moment or later; the souls of air, well those spend it even blowing near you, but I admit that they do better when they wear perfumes; the souls of smoke and steam, since they use smoke, the most formal is with the incenter; Fog souls, those are a problem, they cannot make the memory tool alone, they have to use natural fog banks, that makes them difficult and makes them unable to pass memories at all times, they are the best to keep secrets ; There is only one left, the wooden soul uses vegetables of all kinds, but the best is with wooden scepters or a living tree, the latter is the way that seems correct to me, but it can be that you also pass a piece of the memory of the tree that you are using.
- When I marry it will be with a woman who can pass memory.
- You don't have the size to think about getting married, but I like that you go thinking about the future - Grandpa had fun - When the time comes, it will be when you fall in love and I wish the girl is good because if she is not, you will a mess with the family.
- That could end badly.
- Well, we are not ogres, but you know how things can be if the newcomers do not measure up.
- Did that happen to my mom?
- She is special, she could become a good member, but things don't always go the way you want. - An old voice scrutinized the boy if there was sadness - Do you miss it?
- I should, but I really don't feel any emptiness.
- Your grandmother has filled that gap. To be frank, she is rather your mom for all things.
- The fire is ready. Shall we go back?
- Come on, the others take care of the rest.
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