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title"Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost051"
<sup><h6>“You would have to adapt my methods to suit your needs. The children with me accept it as a way of life and willingly take part. For you to organise this in the right way, you would need to excite them, make it a game. One word of caution, if I may?”</h6></sup>
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<p>“The purpose is to provide their brains with stimulation. It could be said that the least intelligent children need this the most. If you provide prizes and make them feel they are competing they will give up. There should also be no controls on what information they bring for discussion. Let them use the internet to get ideas. Perhaps someone could help them find the sites that provide information for growing minds. Please avoid the feeling that they are at school. Make it fun and the supervisor should know how to make them laugh - even if it means letting the kids make fun of him or her.”</p>
<p>“I see this will need a lot of careful thought. Doctor, what is your opinion?”</p>
<p>“Mr Teller is right. The brain is busiest creating links up to the age of three. After that it slows down, coming to almost a stop by the age of eight. If we can entertain them and help grow their minds, the parents will be very pleased. It would gain the company the reputation of caring. Mr Teller, what is your profession?”</p>
<p>“I’m an artist, on computers.”</p>
<p>We were interrupted by an excited voice. “You are Robert Teller of the Kaleidoscope series?”</p>
<p>That turned the conversation and embarrassed me the next day when I found that the captain had printed out my pictures and made a display of them for the passengers to see. I ended up having to sign a number of them for the next two days. I also had to deal with those people who hate anyone being thought of as talented and had to listen to why my paintings are no good - and the opposite of course, those who adore artists and want to be seen with them. I ended up hiding in my cabin or in the office of the doctor.</p>
<p>Marita noticed and asked the girls. When told that I am a famous artist she protested, “That is not true - he never draws anything and doesn’t even have any paint.”</p>
<p>They showed her on the internet my pictures. Wish I could say she became my fan, but she was not very interested, though she loved showing off to others that ‘her’ Robert is famous. I decided wryly that ‘anything’ helps in our battle to win her over.</p>
<p>This was the longest period any of my wives have stayed away from their parents, those who have parents to go to. They avoided mentioning how they feel so as not to cause Marita distress and if she moaned that she missed hers, they agreed that they missed theirs too, but then would add something like ‘but we are here to have fun! Let’s…” and they would make some suggestion.</p>
<p>At our last supper on board, Marita asked me, “Robert? Why can’t we live on this ship?”</p>
<p>Quickly I put my finger to my lips and went ‘Shh.’</p>
<p>“Don’t let the others hear you or else they will all want to. I don’t think I have enough money to do that - it is very expensive Marita.”</p>
<p>“How much?”</p>
<p>“This trip cost more than it would to buy a car.”</p>
<p>“Oh.” She sat puzzled, something worrying her, so we waited. “I made some money, but I can’t remember who owes it to me. If I do, you can have it.”</p>
<p>Oh god, how I wanted to kiss and hug her and cry.</p>
<p>The next morning, as we were disembarking we were thanked for joining them on the trip etcetera, as they do with all passengers. </p>
<p>As we gladly escaped I heard a voice, “Mr Teller.” It was the doctor.</p>
<p>“Glad to see you before we leave. Thank you for everything.”</p>
<p>“Uh, Robert, I have a question.”</p>
<p>“I know you do, so do many others. Perhaps I’ll explain to you someday.”</p>
<p>He ignored my attempt at evasiveness. “Your tickets and passports show you arriving with adult women. It caused quite a stir when we saw the booking. The ladies have appeared for supper in the evenings only, while you were surrounded by children all day. You only had bookings for two children.”</p>
<p>“Someday doctor. Not yet.”</p>
<p>“I don’t understand.”</p>
<p>“I would not need to explain if you did, would I? They say all good things are worth waiting for. Will you wait?”</p>
<p>We had become quite friendly, which meant he had also had a taste of my stubbornness and my penchant for teasing. </p>
<p>“Another mystery! I’ll wait Robert, but it better be a real humdinger.”</p>
<p>“Oh it will!” I left laughing, all the girls tittering.</p>
<p>“Robert, he was suspicious. You should not have done that.”</p>
<p>“Why not Cherine? You did give me the okay, you said he is a good man.”</p>
<p>“Then why don’t you explain to him?”</p>
<p>“Just the ham in me love. Think how effective it will be when I suddenly am found sitting in his office with the ship at sea.”</p>
<p>“You’ll give him a heart attack.”</p>
<p>I grinned, loving it when I can tease her. “You love chasing souls and bringing them back so you can have the job.”</p>
<p>“One of these days husband dear, I’m going to make you pay for all your teasing.”</p>
<p>“But I did, I am. I married you.” I made a duck and then swung around and picked her up for a hug. “That is the first time you’ve called me husband.”</p>
<p>“I was thinking it is about time we start making you act like one.”</p>
<p>“In what way? Don’t tell me you’re not having enough sex?”</p>
<p>“Silly. No, we’ve let you get away with too many forgotten anniversaries.”</p>
<p>“Now that is what I call a perfect ‘woman’ thing. We’ve just walked off a luxurious cruise and you bring it up.”</p>
<p>“We don’t need a cruise Robert, even an evening at a taverna to celebrate, to know you remember.”</p>
<p>“Have I ever been here and forgotten one love? Are you blaming me for those I was not here to celebrate?”</p>
<p>“No. I guess I was just being silly. I’m not used to this period thing. I want to change back Robert.”</p>
<p>“Soon as we are out of sight. I’m almost tempted to enter the mind of Marita. How is it that she sees you all changing your ages, even has hers changed once, and yet there is no sense of wonder?”</p>
<p>“You don’t have an option love.”</p>
<p>I stopped walking. “What do you mean?”</p>
<p>“There is something wrong. You must go in and find out what.”</p>
<p>“I agree Roberto.”</p>
<p>“Do you mean you sense it Dommi or is it just logic?”</p>
<p>Cherine laughed, pleased to hear me ask Dommi that. Dommi though answered solemnly, “Both.”</p>
<p>“Okay. Who will be coming in with me?”</p>
<p>“You should take Candy, she loves her.”</p>
<p>“We really have been manipulating the poor girl.”</p>
<p>Cherine turned on me, furious. “You’ve been giving me that bullshit since I first met you!! I’ve had enough!”</p>
<p>“Don’t Cherine me Dommi. If I had not manipulated you that day in Kolonaki, where would we be now without you? Probably both of us dead! I may have been too young to know how to say what I felt then, anyway, with him wanting to die on me I didn’t dare!! Do you think that if Marita were able to understand how we are trying to help her she would resent our trying?”</p>
<p>“No, she wouldn’t. I’m sorry. I’m even more sorry to find out that you have been secretly harbouring a resentment against me all this time. Have I really been so impossible to talk to my love?”</p>
<p>She stared at me without speaking and then burst into tears. I put my arms around her and held her until she calmed down a little.</p>
<p>“I’m sorry Robert, that was nasty of me.”</p>
<p>“I’m glad it is out. And I also plead guilty.”</p>
<p>“Of what? You are not difficult to talk to, I just did not know how to say what I felt.”</p>
<p>“No, guilty of manipulating you. I only see it now, I had not realised.”</p>
<p>“What do you mean?”</p>
<p>“I see that even my dying was a way of manipulating you, making you afraid to be yourself.”</p>
<p>“That’s not true Robert.”</p>
<p>“It is and I’m sorry love. Some of the worst manipulating we do is when it is unconscious. I would never have done that to you on purpose.”</p>
<p>“Cherine, you are wasting your time arguing with him. He had to find a way to turn it all around so that he is guilty for everything. He succeeded, so let him enjoy it.”</p>
<p>It felt like I had been stabbed, but I kept silent, if Dommi thought it was necessary to help Cherine this way I could bear it. Cherine looked up into my eyes, “It’s not true Robert.”</p>
<p>We got back home and of course the first thing we wanted was to just take off our shoes and relax. Alki and family came over and Meli and Bernie sat in their arms, telling them in one mad rush everything about the ship, the people and all we did or said. I’m convinced they did not have the opportunity to assimilate even half of it. Candy took Marita to the bedroom when they were about to discuss what we had done for her.</p>
<p>When they finished Cherine went and sat on Alki’s knee, leaning back against his chest.</p>
<p>“Pappou, I did something very selfish.” I could not think of what that might have been and listened. She repeated our conversation as we were walking on the pier.</p>
<p>“You are right moro mou. It was selfish since you know that he cannot help worrying about those kind of problems. It is part of his being the protector and partly his being our leader. I would not want a leader who does not care and fear he is manipulating us. What he said about manipulating you with his dying, that was silly. We were there and know how he really wanted to die - if he had pretended, that would have been manipulating you.”</p>
<p>“Thank you pappou, maybe he will believe you, he won’t listen to me.”</p>
<p>I guess I was smiling inside me, but I spoke gruffly, “If you are all going to sit here ganging up on me then I’m going outside for a cigarette. Claudia love, you wouldn’t happen to feel like making me a cup of your awful coffee would you?”</p>
<p>“I’ll make it extra awful for you Robert.”</p>
<p>I guess life is back to as normal as it gets around here.</p>
<p>The girls tell me that Marita is starting to ask more perceptive questions and is noticing more. I’ve been wondering about something to do with the brain. Not all intelligent people have good memories - before I became a Cherinian mine was terrible. (How is that for a left-handed pat on my back?)</p>
<p>If our efforts pay off and Marita becomes more intelligent, does that mean her memory will improve? If so, will it remember more sharply all that has happened since the improvement, or will it extend to the past? I worry about it because if it is the latter she might remember enough to understand what happened to her. That would be traumatic and I must find a way to prevent it, or at least, to soften the effect on her.</p>
<p>Theresa picked up my thoughts, as they all did, and insists I must not take away her memories. She says that if she does not remember that bad things have happened to her, she will not become the person she can be. Aganthi and Wendy agree with her. The others tend to agree with me. Having her throat slit is not a memory an adult can handle, never mind a child.</p>
<p>Talking of which, I decided to go check on the Penal World. First I went to the William couple. Soon as we arrived I sensed they do not exist. It was not difficult to find their bodies. They had already decomposed to the point where it was difficult to see how they died. I thought of jumping back in time and saving them, but then I saw the knife in his hand, a rusty brown colour, and decided they must have committed suicide. I suppose they could not handle the changes in their lives. It seemed kinder to leave them in whatever peace they have found.</p>
<p>On the main island I sensed four people. Tim and his one partner and the two from the boat. The Germans and Tim’s ‘boss’ were both not there. I asked him what happened.</p>
<p>“There was a fight. Because the Germans looked stronger, Brian sided with them. These two stayed out of the fight.”</p>
<p>“Tim, I cannot send more people here if you are going to kill them. The purpose of bringing you here was to avoid killing anyone.”</p>
<p>“Then you should not have shown us what the German bastards did.”</p>
<p>“I accept the responsibility. I was still upset when I came here or else I would not have done it. Take it as being the case for everyone. Nobody is sent here who has not harmed or is about to harm children. That does not include adults who have loved a child. I’m talking about hardened criminals who abduct, rape and so on. Better, once they are here, you consider they are paying for what they did and let them live. For some of them I think you will find that being forced to live here will be a worse punishment than a quick death would have been.”</p>
<p>“Robert, I did not go out to hurt children deliberately. I was told I could earn big money and thought only of that. I’ve accepted now that this punishment is not unfair. We knew, but did not let ourselves think of what we were doing. If anyone you bring here boasts of what he did, you might return to find more dead bodies.”</p>
<p>I nodded, not ready to make an argument about it as my own thoughts are not clear. “I see you have become successful fishermen.”</p>
<p>“The spear-guns help.”</p>
<p>“Would you mind if I walk around?”</p>
<p>His eyes widened, “You feeling nostalgic!?”</p>
<p>“Actually it feels more like a bad dream. Even with all that happened, I might have looked back on it with some nostalgia if it were not for the memory of my fear that I had killed all those I love most.”</p>
<p>“I don’t understand why you thought that. Why don’t you join us, have some fish and fruit and then take your walk.”</p>
<p>“Thank you. It smells delicious.”</p>
<p>The two Dutch men listened to us with amazement. Soon as I accepted Tim’s offer I sensed what they were about to do, but ignored them. To help them I sat with my back towards the fish and looked out at the sea. I heard the sounds of everything being prepared and then the soft footsteps on the sand as they arrived behind me. As one they jumped me, a knife being put to my throat.</p>
<p>“What the fuck are you doing?” Tim was very angry and I turned my head so that he could see that I was grinning. I spoke to the two.</p>
<p>“What do you intend doing? You try to cut my throat and succeed then you get no more provisions.”</p>
<p>“You are going to take us back. I have a family and I’m going to them or else you die and I don’t care about your provisions.”</p>
<p>“Fine. Tim, is the fish ready, can we eat now?”</p>
<p>“It’s coming.” The trouble is, it was not. They were standing there staring at the knives at my throat. I put back my head to make it easier for them.</p>
<p>“Get on with it will you, you are delaying the food. I’m not taking you back so do your worst.” I had decided an exhibition of power is needed so that I will not have to go through this every visit.</p>
<p>The one, as a demonstration of their seriousness slashed his knife over my stomach, saying: “All you are getting is steel in your belly.”</p>
<p>He looked and saw that he had not even cut my shirt. He tried again with the same result. Then both of them had a go at my throat.</p>
<p>“You finished yet? I’m hungry.”</p>
<p>They started swearing in Dutch and backed off. Without bothering to turn and look at them I let my powers reach out and lifting them took them out to sea. About two hundred metres out I dropped them into the water from a height of ten metres. Cherine who always stays invisible was amused.</p>
<p>“Tim, I don’t think they are hungry, they must have felt they needed some exercise. I guess it means there is more for the three of us.”</p>
<p>He shook his head as if trying to shake what he had seen out of his head and then rushed off to bring the fish. The two of them sat opposite me, but carefully kept a distance between us.</p>
<p>“I won’t bite you.”</p>
<p>“That was how you fought us in London?”</p>
<p>“More or less - the truth is, it was mostly the girls. The fish is great.”</p>
<p>“If I had attacked you that time we talked and you asked me to kill you, what would you have done to me?”</p>
<p>“Me? Nothing. I would have been too dead to do anything. That was the only opportunity you are ever going to get. I’d arrived here without any powers. You sorry you didn’t now?”</p>
<p>“No.” They both answered. It was not because they liked me, just their fear answering for them.</p>
<p>As we finished eating the other two arrived on the beach. They stayed far away. I thanked Tim and rose straight into the air. Once I was at about the height of the coconut trees I gathered my energy and made myself blaze like a miniature sun. I swept in over the two sailors who now cowered in fear. Above them I spoke loud and clear. “Next time I will not be so gentle.”</p>
<p>We jumped back home and I imagined the sudden absence of the glow must have been pretty dramatic. I made a note to take some olive oil for the grilled fish with the next consignment - and maybe a couple of lemon tree seedlings.</p>
<p>The girls all shared my memories.</p>
<p>“That wasn’t fair Robbie, you knew you could stop them.”</p>
<p>“They did not Tina. That is what counts.”</p>
<p>“Let him have his fun, Tina.” </p>
<p>“The fish was delicious, considering they don’t have lemons nor olive oil. Come with next time Sam.”</p>
<p>Cherine was deep in thought and she did not disappoint me. She asked the right question. “Robert, what will you do if you find that some of them have really changed and would not hurt a child again? Would you bring them back?”</p>
<p>“Thank you my love. You have pleased me, I thought you would not miss that possibility. The question is, would they want to return?”</p>
<p>“You think they might not? If they do?”</p>
<p>“Only if you give me the okay.”</p>
<p>Theresa was upset. “You really would bring them back after what they did?”</p>
<p>“Theresa, we already have three Cherinians who in the past have killed many children, actually, four. Eddie and Eddie and Hettie and Hettie. Why was it alright for them only?”</p>
<p>“They did it for a different reason.”</p>
<p>“No reason is acceptable. I hope you are listening to me in English for what I am about to say will probably not make sense in your language. The word justice comes from the word just. To be just is to be fair. Mostly those who make the laws try to make them fair, but it is an impossible task. If someone breaks the law they are sent to prison. Why?”</p>
<p>“To be punished.”</p>
<p>“Yes. That is the old way. Punish those who break the law so that the rest fear to do the same. Did you know that the term ‘correctional’ facility is used to describe a prison? That is because man gradually became more civilised and found it made more sense to use prisons to rehabilitate criminals. Unfortunately it is a dream that no government can afford. That is the reason given; I can think of a multitude of ways we could do it without breaking the bank. For instance, I’m certain that many corporations would gladly fund the training required and consider the expense of psychological therapy as part of what is needed to make them potential employees.</p>
<p>We have a way to try to make that dream come true. Are we to ignore the possibilities because we fear? I agree, we may make a mistake now and then and people will become victims because we made mistakes. There is a saying that it is far better to let a guilty person go free than to imprison one innocent person. We will take that one step further; it is far better to let a criminal go than to hold in prison one rehabilitated person.</p>
<p>Theresa love. If years from now you visit with me a criminal and you look in his mind and see that years ago he was rehabilitated and could have become an asset to society and you see his despair because we kept him away from his loved ones anyway, would you not feel guilty?</p>
<p>You have been a victim. The day you come to me and tell me you understand, and I see you do, and you agree they should be set free, that will be the day you have conquered your own fears and grown as a person. That will be the day you no longer are a victim.”</p>
<p>“We don’t have criminals or prisons!”</p>
<p>“Gilli, do not become too proud. Your clan is still very small and there is plenty of food for all. Let your people grow in numbers, let there be those who are poorer and then talk. My love, your parents have been very understanding, making do with your visits in the same way we go there. I think it is now time you return.” I felt her disappointment so I quickly added. “Won’t it be wonderful to see their faces when you give them your gifts?”</p>
<p>“We’ll come and see you every day Gilli.” I looked at Candy, but did not have the heart to remonstrate with her. Her face was so earnest and full of love. I’ll have a talk with her later about making promises we may not be able to keep.</p>
<p>“Perhaps not every day love, but we will come often.”</p>
<p>“You did warn me Robert, I know, it just seems so unfair.”</p>
<p>As one the girls laughed and fetched The Labyrinth for her to see. I called on Alki, asked Tasso to come as Gilli is very fond of his kids and then paid Luigi a visit. She has a soft spot for him and says he feels like one of her clan. By chance Keith and Annabelle came by and we asked them to also come with. The last one was Lua; I asked Wendy to get her and her family.</p>
<p>We had a nice meal at an Italian restaurant (Gilli’s favourite). Once all our guests had said their goodbyes she came to our bedroom filled with apprehension. She had sensed that all the girls wanted to make it a special night for her and the thought of me and over twenty of them loving her was scary. We decided tonight will be a no-shower night for her. My healer knows what to expect by now and I took the last precaution before going to bed. I switched off the air conditioning. Now we were all truly at the mercy of her pheromones. </p>
<p>None of them touched her, letting her lie in my arms. I cradled her tenderly, softly kissing her face and lips, whispering words of love. Her body came alive, warming to my touches, as mine was also. She has a way of caressing me in one place and then suddenly touching me somewhere else unexpectedly, it always feels as if I have been burnt by electricity. She had copied the girls and tied her hair back in a pony tail, gently I undid the elastic and let her hair flow all over me as I swung her onto my chest.</p>
<p>As my lips and hands searched for every nerve ending that would increase her pleasure, we rolled, sometimes I would be half lying over her and then I would clasp her to me and roll her onto my chest again so that the weight of her body would press my lips to her body. I also love feeling her weight upon me and she has felt it, knows of the pleasure it gives me so that even if I have interrupted what she was doing by rolling over, she does not mind. The fragrance of her body was already making my head buzz.</p>
<p>I motioned to Candy and Wendy to join us. Whichever part of her body or limbs I was ignoring they loved for me. Poor Gilli was trembling and I had to pause now and then to allow her to postpone her orgasm. The busy little fingers of Gilli and the scent of her arousal were driving me wild. When she cupped me softly I knew she was about to bring me to her mouth and pulled away.</p>
<p>“Next time love, I can’t wait anymore.”</p>
<p>I felt a tremor go through her and I placed myself over her, her fingers guiding me in. All the girls were sharing the sensations of both of us. What I had not thought of, by switching off the air conditioner, the scents of all the girls orgasms filled the air also so that I now felt drunk with my need for more sex. I sensed that it was affecting the girls the same way, only, for them, the scent of Gilli and my own body added to their desires.</p>
<p>By the end of our second orgasm we took a break while the healers all did their best for us. If, as they say, ninety percent of sex is in the mind, I would like to know why Gilli drained us physically to such an extent. I did a check on the girls, one by one, and realised most of them had to stop.</p>
<p>“Dommi love, would you please get the girls out of here, all except Claudia, Aganthi, Rosie and …. I’m sorry Cherry baby, you have to go too.”</p>
<p>Dommi was in a huff about being sent out with the kids, her only consolation was that Cherine was also being kicked out. Before they left I called to Cherine. She came and I kissed her, speaking softly, out of tenderness, not for secrecy.</p>
<p>“I know you will all be able to feel us, but without the scents it will not be so painful. Watch the girls, especially Candy and mute where needed.”</p>
<p>“Yes sir!” She saluted, but it was more of a show for the others. </p>
<p>“The rest of you, one more time and then you’re also out, so enjoy it.”</p>
<p>After the third climax I was not so certain I should not kick myself out also. I picked up Gilli and forced myself to leave the bedroom.</p>
<p>“I need a break love. Some coffee and honey.”</p>
<p>I ate a chocolate bar, had five teaspoons of honey, two coffees and a cigarette before I began to feel up to it again. Having her with me, her scent tantalising me also helped of course. </p>
<p>We managed another two times before my healer shrieked it’s warning and Cherine rushed in.</p>
<p>“It’s alright love. Gilli, have a shower please. Cherine, can you switch on the air conditioning?”</p>
<p>Once the room was back to normal and Gilli lay in my arms again without torturing my body, all the girls returned.</p>
<p>“Wow, that was the greatest!!”</p>
<p>I grinned. “Even with my healer helping, I’m sore. She is worse than the taxman, she really squeezes me dry!”</p>
<p>All the girls were taking turns at kissing and hugging Gilli, but it was not erotic, they were just showering her with love and gratitude. She was still struggling with the idea that all the girls had kissed, sucked and licked her in a frenzy of lovemaking. She decided within herself that it had been nice and let it go. I kissed the tip of her nose and grinned, to take away the sting of my words.</p>
<p>“Gilli, your friends are not Cherinians yet. You do not tell them about our sex. As a matter of fact, you do not discuss it with anyone. What happens in here is private, just for us.”</p>
<p>“That is silly; they would feel pleasure for me that I enjoyed it so much. They will think it strange about all my wives loving me and they will not believe you did it five times in one night. You will be a hero and they will make songs about you to sing when they drink. It is a happy thing Robert.”</p>
<p>I tried to protest, but did not have the support of my loves. “At least do not tell them of the tails. Silly things we do are only possible because we trust each other and know we will not be laughed at. That sort of thing has to remain our secret.”</p>
<p>She laughed, delighted. “But they would not believe me Robbie. If they did, they would not only call you a hero, but also the champion. Anybody who thinks of a new thing to do makes it richer for all.”</p>
<p>“No Gilli.”</p>
<p>“Gilli, when you married us you promised to obey Robert. He gave in on the first one so respect his wishes now.”</p>
<p>Dommi was pretending to stick up for me, but the truth was that she would have died of embarrassment if Gilli had told. Fat lot of good it would have done her anyway - Cherine would have just brought her back!</p>
<p>We decided to sleep for three hours and then go to Meli’s world. We ended up sleeping nine hours, waking up only because the phone rang - a wrong number.</p>
<p>It was suggested (secretly) that I hold back, give them an hour so that her Clan can welcome her back in style. I hate that sort of thing, but accept that many others don’t. I suggested in turn that the girls invite all the Cherinians who are free to join them - so as to give her an even bigger crowd. Soon as they were gone I took a quick walk around checking all their bodies. It is amazing, but even with all their experience they still sometimes cross their legs or place an arm under their head. By the time we come back the limb has gone ‘dead’, giving them pins and needles. Because they have healers they get careless.</p>
<p>“Gilli my little queen, now that they are gone, I’d love to hold you in my arms for a while.”</p>
<p>“We can stay a bit longer?”</p>
<p>“Yes. I told them I have something to take care of - I just didn’t tell them that something is you.”</p>
<p>She beamed with pleasure. Then she giggled.</p>
<p>“What now?”</p>
<p>“You won’t like it, promise you won’t get cross?”</p>
<p>“I promise.”</p>
<p>“You know how so many things we buy say imported from other countries? I want us to make love and then go back home. I want to take your sperm with and plant it in a pot, special just for me, my own seed of Robert, imported from Earth.”</p>
<p>Okay, so I did go a little red in the face, but her idea will give her many hours of secret pleasure, a memento I suppose. I grinned. “And I suppose you plan to tell everyone where you got the flowers?”</p>
<p>“Yup!” (she had picked that up from the girls)</p>
<p>“There may be a problem though. My sperm will be from Earth where such magic does not happen. What if they don’t turn into flowers? If you want we can try, but please don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work.”</p>
<p>I wished we had time for me to see her change colour again, but I could not manage twice, never mind more. She looked a little worried.</p>
<p>I gave her a smile. “Come on Gilli, spit it out. What’s eating at you now?”</p>
<p>“Are you sure it will not make you too weak to carry me?”</p>
<p>“I don’t use the strength of my body love. The power comes from the void.”</p>
<p>She let me undress her, my fingers turning it into an act of love, teasing at her sensitive skin. It does not matter how many times I have felt the soft silky skin warmed by their own desires, I still love each time as if it were the first. My Gilli, with a skin even sweeter than normal had me at first treating her with worship. Slowly her own desires, the heat growing within her called to my body and I responded in kind. I undressed and lay next to her. My lips travelled from face and lips down over her slight body, my nostrils inhaling the fragrance of her. One of my favourite spots on any little girl’s body is their soft rounded tummy. It is so soft and has such a lovely warmth to it. My lovely Gilli’s tummy was no exception. I then stayed a while just inhaling the scent of her sex. When I suddenly licked, she arched and called out.</p>
<p>“Now Robbie please, I want you so much it hurts.”</p>
<p>We already knew that she means it literally, for if I try for too long to hold her back from having her orgasm, those tiny muscles she has within her vagina and those at the neck to her womb get cramps from trying to massage and grip something that is not there. At least in their species things were organised a little more fairly. Here only men get a terrible ache in the testicles if they hold back too long. If Earth girls had the same problem I guess there would not be so many ‘teasers’.</p>
<p>As I pushed in she arched up and I slid in. It was heavenly and one benefit of not being able to thrust in and out was that I could give more loving to the rest of her beautiful body. As I felt myself ready, I decided to try something. I jerked back suddenly and half pulled out. She cried out, but I kept her hips to the bed and slid in and out as with any of my other girls until I felt my sperm filling her. As soon as most of it was spent I thrust hard and entered her fully again, giving one or two more jets of sperm which helped her have her own orgasm. This time I lay upon her letting her hold me within her as long as possible as I sucked at her lips, breathing in her post orgasm milky breath. I told her in as many ways as I could think of how much I love her, all that she means to me. When I raised my body, sliding out of her, she lay there smiling at me sweetly, her mind and body content.</p>
<p>I lifted her legs, got a pillow and placed it under her bum. “Don’t move, I’ll be back just now.”</p>
<p>I rushed to the kitchen and found a small plastic bag. I placed some cotton wool in it and rolled it up. </p>
<p>“I’m going to put this in you my love. It should help keep the sperm inside you; we don’t want it dribbling out when your parents come to welcome you back.”</p>
<p>“Why did you pull out Robbie? It hurt!”</p>
<p>“I know sweetheart. If my sperm was in your womb it may have not been easy for you to get any out. Especially if some time has passed. Now most of it is stuck in your vagina - which has been nicely plugged up.”</p>
<p>She carefully washed the scent off her (so did I) and we both got dressed; not an easy job as we kept on interrupting ourselves for kisses and small caresses.</p>
<p>I had prepared a belt with pouches to hold all the gifts she wanted to take home. Included in that was (you won’t believe this!), a pint of fresh double thick cream. She loves it over her fruit and wants her family and friends to try it. I guess that makes me the first interplanetary milkman.</p>
<p>This time she kept her eyes fully open and I mind spoke her, explaining everything. We arrived in her room. She took a pot from her window, apologised to the plant and promised to re-plant it as soon as possible and holding the pot between her legs, half crouching, she pulled out my makeshift plug. She looked down at the dampness on the soil.</p>
<p>“I think it won’t work Robbie.”</p>
<p><i>*Meli, can you help?*</i></p>
<p><i>*No. It does not belong here Robbie. Anyway, she has the first part of your body that has come to this world.*</i></p>
<p>I told Gilli what Meli said and it pleased her. She put the pot by her bed, to keep a part of me close to her while she sleeps, she said.</p>
<p>I made her leave the gifts behind and we walked out the house and down the steps to meet the crowd waiting for her.</p>
<p>I went to her mother and father, giving them each a hug and kiss. “Thank you for being so patient. She is so wonderful I found it difficult to part from her.”</p>
<p>The mother smiled at me. “But from what we heard, most of the time you were not there!”</p>
<p>Daniel stood in a pose that Gillianth recognised as his ‘official’ stance and she stood silently, waiting for him.</p>
<p>“Gillianth, bride of Robert, welcome back. Your Clan have waited for this day and we have decided to make this also the day we do as Robert asked. The Clan have decided to be named after you. In honour of the name Robert calls you by, we will be known as the Gillians. Do you give your blessing to our use of your name?”</p>
<p>She blushed, but stared back into his eyes. “I do.”</p>
<p>“Then we have much to celebrate. Your Earth friends and family are here and we shall have a feast and fill our hearts with laughter.”</p>
<p>“With the help of some of that wonderful ale of yours Daniel?”</p>
<p>That broke the solemnity of the moment as everyone laughed. “With ale and music and dancing, friend Robert.”</p>
<p>“Not only friend I hope. Surely I too, and all my wives are Gillians now? As you see, we all have reason to celebrate.”</p>
<p>After spending time sitting by Gilli and her parents I moved over to Daniel. They were in the middle of a joke and I waited. At a lull in the conversation (there tend to be many of those as everyone eats and drinks), I spoke to him softly.</p>
<p>“You have been told that we wish for you all to become Cherinians?”</p>
<p>“We are honoured Robert.”</p><br>
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<p><h5><i><b>I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.</b></i></h5></p><br>
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