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title"Polyocracy's Architecture V.001 (PT3)"
<h1><strong>The Societal&nbsp;Level</strong></h1>
<p>&nbsp;<img src="*thPVhYqVS1xOl6KC3EVwxA.jpeg" width="2000" height="1413"/></p>
<p>&nbsp;As previously alluded to Polyocracy is here to resolve the diametrical forces between personal responsibility vs responsibility to the community/society. Hence the extensive effort put in reconciling these two forces. Part of the data gathered from the Cell Level will be immensely useful here. The Societal Level is only concerned with datasets such as skills, passions, careers, and creations of set user. This information will enable the system to autonomously pair users with potential partners that so as to facilitate collaboration on projects. By doing this, Polyocracy will become a <strong>Decentralized Mobilization Tool</strong>around projects and causes that it’s users want to work on. &nbsp;</p>
<p><img src="*-goleNN4oTGT0Ghe-R4qGg.jpeg" width="1200" height="1799"/></p>
<p>&nbsp;A <strong>Tissue</strong> is where multiple cells of the same type bind together while an <strong>Organ</strong> is made of several types of tissue and therefore several types of cells. In light of this knowledge, the Tissue layer is to unite individuals who share the same skills, passions and careers towards solving a problem specific to their respective field.On the other hand, the Organ layer will foster interdisciplinary collaborations providing holistic perspectives when solving specific local and global problems. <strong>Organ</strong>izations are to be built and run on the Organ layer, with several types of tissue and therefore several types of cells working together to creating the solutions needed. Consequently, these layers are responsible for <strong>Facilitating Peer to Peer Social Contract Formation</strong> between users.</p>
<p><strong>Organ</strong>izations are to be built and run on the Organ layer, with several types of tissue and therefore several types of cells working together to creating the solutions needed. Consequently, these layers are responsible for <strong>Facilitating Peer to Peer Social Contract Formation</strong> between users, projects and the organizations/communities the work in.</p>
<p>The Cell Level will keep track of what projects each user is part of and their respective contributions. Once a solution is licensed, the individuals who participated in its inception shall receive the necessary proceeds from funds generated from purchasing of set license by other local or virtual communities/individuals. Communities can license each others solutions and creations to remix or concatenate them into larger more holistic solutions. Polyocracy will encourage specialization of local and virtual communities. This in turn builds a <strong>Formal Networks of Collaboration</strong> consisting of a group of organs working together to perform one or more functions, adhering to the definition of what an <strong>Organ System</strong> is (<em>Swap organs for organizations and functions for problems and there you have it</em>). The nodes responsible for structuring the transfer of information is the <strong>Innovation Cycle.</strong> Most technologies come into existence by passing through the following phases of the innovation cycle:</p>
<li>Conceptual Solution,</li>
<li>Scientific Exploration,</li>
<li>Technological Research,</li>
<li>Product Development</li>
<li>Market Transition</li>
<p>All individuals, teams and organizations play a role in the systemic cycle of innovation. It’s Polyocracy’s goals to streamline and make efficient the data flow through these layers.</p>
<h3>Empower The&nbsp;People</h3>
<p><img src="*vfr2NEZbGfP3L5uLGGQjrg.jpeg" width="2000" height="3000"/></p>
<blockquote><em>“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. &nbsp;— Aristotle</em></blockquote>
<p>Most would focus on the whole, but it’s only through great parts can the sum of them give rise to something greater. Thus, Polyocracy stems from this belief, becoming a system that doesn’t lose sight of one’s individuality, while enabling understanding through empowerment so that each one of us can find, create and play any role they see fit in a greater society. An ambitious project this is. Nonetheless, such a project should be undertaken if humanity is to realize a utopian future. Our current society paints a bleak vision of how current circumstance will play out. Regardless of this, Polyocracy boldly becomes the first step towards the revolution of the humanity’s mind. It is not Polyocracy’s not role to simply be a political movement, but a movement that will revolutionize all facets of life driven by science, technology and most of all, Love. Love for Life. Love for Humanity. Love for Our Future. And most of all&nbsp;: Love for each Other. There is still a long way to go, but our journey of a thousand miles begins with this first step called Polyocracy. Visit out <a href="">Take Action</a> page to know how to get involved, as we Raise the Conscious Awareness of all Humans towards realizing that we in the present are Creators of a greater Future.<br>