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title"Little Cherine Book 03 - BPost055"
<sup><h6>“What is fitting is that I talk to those <i><b>I</b></i> choose to speak to. Your government gave orders to have a Greek official tortured and you wanted to also torture my Robert and Cherine and you dare to demand privileges from me? I have not given any of you rights to make demands on me, apart from my beloved Cherinians.”</h6></sup>
<p><center><a href="">Previous Post 054</a></center></p><br>
<p>Throughout I saw to it that our voices were carried on energy waves to all the people who had thronged into the square. I now let them hear my talk with Robert.</p>
<p>“Cherine, give me your hand.” She did so. “You are my beloved above all others. They have done well to call themselves Cherinians in your honour. Tell me my love, why did they imprison you? Did you try to use your gifts to dominate and enslave your people?”</p>
<p>“No Robert, we tried to help after the damage from the fire-world.”</p>
<p>“Then call all Cherinians to me. I will give you a new Earth, exactly as this one for your own. There you can live in peace and with the love that is your strongest gift.”</p>
<p>Robert spoke up. “This world is made up of many countries. This country is Greece. It is a small country, without the power that other countries have. We have been protected by the people of Greece from those who feared us. I would not like to abandon them, please allow us to stay and help make this a new world for all of Man.”</p>
<p>“You cannot stay if you are not wanted. The people themselves must call out for you to stay.”</p>
<p>Robert turned to the crowd. “May we stay and help you, teach you how to heal yourselves so that there are no sick among you. Teach you how to feel and give love so that every breath you breathe is a blessing?”</p>
<p><i>*He’s not that bad Cherine.* </i></p>
<p>She giggled in my mind. <i>*You are enjoying this.*</i></p>
<p><i>*I came here to invite you and your Cherinians to our world. We are celebrating our anniversary and a few special developments, so I have been collecting Cherinians from all worlds. I had thought to find maybe forty to eighty of you, not over two thousand. I cannot carry so many. Please arrange for the original Cherinians to come. That is, if you are willing.*</i></p>
<p><i>*How can we leave now? There is so much to be done here.*</i></p>
<p><i>*Your absence would be for less than an hour, even if you stay with us for days. I can also help Robert and all of you so that you have more gifts and powers to use in healing this world.*</i></p>
<p><i>*We would not have refused Robert. Hear the people call for us to stay.*</i></p>
<p>I put up my hand for silence. “Robert and Cherine, I will take you and the original Cherinians with me and you will stay with me for as many days as are needed so that I can give you new gifts to repair this world, but you will return here within an hour. Bring the others to us so that we may leave.”</p>
<p>Not one of the officials were happy, but they feared to do anything. Except for one stupid man (not Greek and not, I found it strange, not an American). I sensed him and watched in my mind as he pulled out his revolver. As he shot I reached out and made it look as if I caught the bullet in my hand. I walked over to him.</p>
<p>“This is yours I believe? It is of no use to me.” I let the bullet fall at his feet.</p>
<p>The television cameras had zoomed in on him and as I turned my back on him and walked away they stayed on him as he raised his revolver and shot himself in the head. He stood in shock as the bullet stopped at his skin. I turned back to him.</p>
<p>“The time for senseless deaths is past. No Cherinian kills and no Cherinian allows others to die without purpose, where it can be avoided. Live your life and try to make it a good one.”</p>
<p>I beckoned the Greek official. “You want to ask me something?”</p>
<p>“Who are you? What are you?”</p>
<p>“That you will learn from the Cherinians one day. There will be no fear in you when you do, only wonder and amusement. What am I? I am only what each of you are - that which I try to be. I try to be filled with love for there is the true power. I try to have empathy and make the pain of others my own. You could say that what I am is a Cherinian.”</p>
<p>That amused my Cherine and I heard her laughing in my mind. I told her to join the Cherinians who were coming in. Soon as they brought the man I had spoken to, I laughed. He is a Cherinian and of course had already healed himself. I turned to the crowd, but was actually playing for the cameras.</p>
<p>“I will return them. When I do, take care of them. Open your hearts and let them teach you how powerful real love is. I promise to also return one day to celebrate with you the day this world becomes a world of Cherinians. Farewell.”</p>
<p>We jumped, with me chuckling at the impression our disappearance would make.</p>
<p>“You were crude and deaths will come about because of your order. Toppling major governments will affect the entire world.”</p>
<p>“You were hoping to gradually convince them by showing how you are only a force for good? Robert, listen to the storytelling and let me know if you understand why I do not think it would have worked. People need to be dazzled by power and have some hope given to them. You are thinking they will still be hungry and despair again. I say they will not.”</p>
<p>“They will not be hungry or not despair Robert? With you one has to be so careful of what you actually mean.”</p>
<p>“Well, if they are not hungry then they should not despair. Am I right?”</p>
<p>“Robert, are we going to the next world? Is this the last one?”</p>
<p>“Yes, the amnesia world. Unless you want me to also bring that blonde guy from South Africa?” That earned me a few dark looks, even though they knew I was kidding. We jumped first to the house.</p>
<p>“Would you all come?”</p>
<p>“We’d love to. Once we have been, it means we will be able to do so on our own?”</p>
<p>“That’s true. Of all the alternate worlds I’ve been to, yours is the closest to ours. You have almost the same family as we do. Strangely you are still in our past so your family is the same as we were then. I think that if you had the protector you would be exactly the same.”</p>
<p>Their Sam spoke to me. “Robert, would you mind if we invite Solomon and Ordinx?”</p>
<p>“I think that would be wonderful, I’d also love to meet them. Er, there is one problem.”</p>
<p>I wondered if it really was a problem. Cherine said, “I saw in your mind the test they put you through.”</p>
<p>“I’d forgotten. Then there is no problem, although it is a pity.”</p>
<p>Robert looked surprised. “You mean you think the test was useful?”</p>
<p>“Very. You will find out why, tonight.’ I smiled. “I guarantee it will bring you great joy. Must I go to Africa to get Eddie and his wife? I want them with.”</p>
<p>“No, they’ll soon be here.”</p>
<p>We arrived and I saw that the house and garden were full of people. It is not comfortable having so many of us here. There definitely will not be space to sleep them all. Luckily Alki and Elia had come to the same conclusion and they told me they have booked almost an entire hotel. They wanted to know for how many nights.</p>
<p>“Shall we make it three? If they are happy to stay longer then we can always move them if necessary.”</p>
<p>“How are we all going to fit now? We are going to the void?”</p>
<p>“Yes, to Meli’s world also. I don’t think we will find any house big enough.”</p>
<p>“I’ve got an idea Robbie. How about the ranch in America?”</p>
<p>“We’ve never been! Do you still have it Alki?”</p>
<p>“Of course. The house there is not big enough either Sam. I think we may have a solution. Marian, I seem to remember we have a building and in it is a gym which is for rent.”</p>
<p>“It is in the basement Alki. It might be big enough, but it has no heating and we need something to lie on.”</p>
<p>“Alki, what if we arrange premises for the future. For now, the only solution I can think of is we all make ourselves smaller. These rooms can fit us all if we assume the age of three.”</p>
<p>It was decided we would do so. There were a number of visitors who did not know how to, so those of us who do went around helping them first. Little toddlers need comfort, so first we brought all the mattresses, from the houses of Alki also, and laid then out next to each other, covering almost the entire floor.</p>
<p>Cherine and I were the last to change. We looked at all the toddlers who were grinning at us. I gave her a hug. “Quite something that you started, isn’t it?”</p>
<p>There were those who had never been to the void and we helped them also. It was a marvellous sight! All those beautiful souls! I was certain that some of the Roberts have souls far more beautiful than mine. I guess the life I’ve led has taken some of the purity from mine.</p>
<p>Solomon met Solomon and Solomon (also from Keith’s reality) and when he introduced the other to Ordinx, that Solomon was terribly embarrassed. He explained that they had ‘saved’ all the Anadir and they now feel their guilt is even greater. I laughed.</p>
<p><i>*Solomon of the greater guilt, why are you worried? The first Anadir you release should be those who already had their Worlds. We’ll explain to them and they will find it easy to re-create their Worlds. Perhaps we could even say your Anadir are luckier than these.* </i>They all were feeling I must be nuts.<i> *Think of it this way Ordinx. What is life, even up here? Is it not the ability to have new experiences? Their Ordinx has had an experience you never will - unless you would like our Solomon to help you out?* </i>As I had expected that brought laughter to many souls and took us away from the depression Solomon B had begun to cause.</p>
<p>Ordinx said, </p>*It is now time for us to begin Robert. This is confusing, may I call you prime Robert so that all know who it is I speak to? I know you do not like it, but please bear with it for now.*</i></p>
<p><i>*No. You may call me brother Robert, even though we are all one family.* </i>Our alien family are definitely too emotional, perhaps it is the effect of having so many changes brought upon them when they had settled so nicely into being the ‘elder’ race.</p>
<p><i>*Brother Robert, I regret that you will be the only one not to see the transformation of our Worlds. Your Adam insists you have to become the void and send us vast amounts of energy. I regret this.*</i></p>
<p><i>*It makes sense. I’ll see it from my loved ones Ordinx, there is no need for regret.*</i></p>
<p>I felt all the Roberts who were here for the first time become interested and they tried to sense what I did and how I feel inside me as I disappeared. Perhaps I can get the protector to teach them. After the first few times they should manage it on their own, as I usually do now.</p>
<p>There is an exhilaration in becoming the void. Instead of just calling the energy, I sent myself out in a gleeful, almost playful manner and changed the currents so that they flow to the Worlds of the Anadir. I saw the current feeding the Sparklers is still strong. I wondered where all this energy is coming from, perhaps I should go out someday and trace a strong current back to its source.</p>
<p>Once all their Worlds had the necessary energy I altered a few particles so that it will be visible to all, not just to the Sparklers. Ordinx took that as the sign he wanted and sent out a call to his Worlds to begin the changes. I quickly returned to being in the void, though far closer to their Worlds and watched as the changes began.</p>
<p>It was an awesome sight! It looked like huge storms of tremendous power were tearing at their Worlds. Vast slashes of lightning criss-crossed in a lace of light. There seemed to be cyclones and terrible devastation. If we had not known what is happening, it would have been terrifying. Actually it was scary, I could not help worrying whether Adam knows what he is doing.</p>
<p><i>*Robert. There is no sense in your remaining. They are not creating just an island like we did. It will take days of your time. I suggest you return to your bodies. I have been shown that you changed your bodies into infants. They cannot last without you as long as your adult bodies can.*</i></p>
<p><i>*Thanks Adam. Any idea how many days? Please do not say five.*</i></p>
<p><i>*Why not?* </i>He was amused.</p>
<p><i>*You know! I have enough problems without that.*</i></p>
<p><i>*It should be about three. I would think that would cause you even bigger problems Robert.* </p>He definitely was amused, he was laughing at me.</p>
<p>I returned to my loved ones and we all danced, our sharing with all bringing us closer and when we as a family danced with each other we felt how each of us is now richer in love. The Sparklers followed our lead and the whole cosmos seemed to be dancing. For the first time ever that we have seen, all the Anadir danced also. Soon all us of our Earth(s) stopped dancing to marvel at the sight. When the protector warned me that the weakest of us need to return, we reluctantly left this beauty that will remain in our memories forever.</p>
<p>Following my example all reverted to the sizes of an eight year old. The noise they made with their excited childish voices was worse than what is heard at any schoolyard during break. I just grabbed two girls, without even checking to see who they were, and hugged them. Partly from joy and partly from the need to stabilise myself. Everybody was doing the same and it was not unexpected when some began to kiss.</p>
<p>“If you start that now then we will never get to the club. Come on you sex fiends, settle down.”</p>
<p>They mostly ignored me, but it was more in fun than intention to proceed any further. I foresaw that Apostoli will have a difficult time explaining to his staff why this group are in such a mood. I made myself full size and let go of Klo and doctor Maria and went to change for the evening. When I came out it was to find others doing the same. Only the girls that were going to perform stayed at the age Wendy’s friend expects her to be. I saw Lua already a twelve year old, dressed as a westerner, waiting.</p>
<p>“Want to take a walk with me? I’d like a cigarette.”</p>
<p>“Thank you.” She smiled, but I detected a small sadness.</p>
<p>“What is wrong Lua? I saw Daniel in the void. Are you wishing he was here?”</p>
<p>“It will happen Robbie, someday.”</p>
<p>“I’m certain it will. Will you wait for me, I just have to go back to the girls for a second.”</p>
<p>Soon as I was in the room I lay on the bed, the girls all gathering around me in excitement. I winked and then closed my eyes and went to Meli’s world.</p>
<p><i>*Your daughter has a sadness because you are not there with her. Will you let me take you?*</i></p>
<p>“Robert, it is you? Please.”</p>
<p>I asked him to grab some of their ‘cheese’ and wrapping him within my energies I took him. Gilli was quick to grab Daniel as he stood stunned, tightly clutching his cheese.</p>
<p>“Daniel, you squash the cheese any tighter and you will have to eat it yourself!” Mutely he handed it over, his eyes racing around as he tried to adjust.</p>
<p>“Wendy, go to Lua, don’t let her sense you. Tell her I said I was not happy to see her in western clothing and would she come in here to change to Chinese.”</p>
<p>I held my cigarettes in my hand and only waited long enough for her to enter, to see her face as she saw her father and then, coward that I am, I jumped. I walked the street having my smoke, sensing the crying and joy back home. At times like these I bless Cherine, I bless Eddie, I bless everything that made me as I am. It is not often it happens and is sweeter for that reason.</p>
<p>“Why did you escape my joy?”</p>
<p>Lua was standing ahead of me. I gave her a grin. “You do not have to join me for the rest of the walk. That was before, now you should be with your father.”</p>
<p>She bowed in the Oriental style, her hands together. “You have given me the greatest gift on this special day. Robert, you will never allow me to thank you in other ways; will you allow me to thank you with a dance and song created for you?”</p>
<p>“What! Here in the street?”</p>
<p>“You still try to escape my joy and gratitude, though it is through humour now. Please say yes.”</p>
<p>“I have a feeling it will be more difficult to bear than what I just tried to escape from. Yes my eastern sun, I’ll listen to your song, watch you dance and I will cry in my heart that there can be such beauty.”</p>
<p>“That would only place me even further in your debt.”</p>
<p>“We have debts now Lua?”</p>
<p>“Since Meli chose for me to be born in this body and culture, yes Robert.”</p>
<p>I had to laugh. “I will enjoy having you in my debt, for I too will be in your debt.” She walked with me, her arm in mine and she was soft and warm to feel by me. When she suddenly giggled like a little girl I looked at her for an explanation.</p>
<p>“Your eastern sun, oh Robbie, do you have a book filled with these corny clichés?”</p>
<p>“Sometimes I don’t have any good science fiction books to read and I read those romantic novels the girls love. They are a treasure house.”</p>
<p>“Robbie?” I turned again as she stopped walking. “I love you.”</p>
<p>“I love you too Lua, have since the first time I saw you dance. You have a lovely soul.”</p>
<p>We jumped back home and I saw Daniel was being given clothes to wear for the club.</p>
<p>“Dommi, why can’t he come as he is? Arabs wear their robes, why not Daniel?”</p>
<p>“If you wish me to Robert…”</p>
<p>“No. Dommi is right, go ahead and change. It will be quite strange for all of us, but mostly for Lua.”</p>
<p>At previous visits to the club, the staff had been perplexed by our walking in from the beach, whether it was winter or summer, but now with so many of us they were flabbergasted. They were quick to work out that if we do not have cars, it means they will be calling over one hundred taxis, and I’m certain they get a small commission from the drivers. Since it has never happened before, I’m certain they wondered where they can find that many. </p>
<p>I should mention that where there are duplicates or more of one person it had been decided the person of this world will stay as is and the others alter their features slightly so as to look like brothers or sisters. It amused me to see that the (rich) Cherine, who is already an adult and always wears makeup had become the youngest and her face was clean. She knew I noticed, and I hope she liked it that I smiled, but nothing was said.</p>
<p>The party got under way and the waiters could hardly keep up with the orders for drinks. They have never in one night had so many magnums of champagne ordered. We toasted the Anadir, the Sparklers and then all our visitors, which then meant they all wanted to toast us. Everyone was in a bit of a silly mood.</p>
<p>Apostoli stood behind me and smiling, whispered, “I think we better find staff who can become Cherinians, otherwise they will soon get suspicious and talk about us to others.”</p>
<p>Without a smile I turned to him. “Who would serve us then when we are celebrating the fact that we are Cherinians?”</p>
<p>That confused him and he walked away to think about it. It was a typical ‘Robert’ smart-ass remark that would not stand up under closer examination, but there is a moral question to it that we will have to solve someday - especially the implication that it is alright for Normals to serve us, I intensely disliked it.</p>
<p>For this once I was not sitting back looking at everyone enjoying themselves and getting my pleasure from that. Tonight I was one of them, laughing and making jokes just as silly as theirs, teasing girls that were not mine and being just as boisterous as Socrati. Jonathan chose on a night like this to try and tease me.</p>
<p>“Robert, if a Robert makes love to a Cherine of another Robert, are they being unfaithful?”</p>
<p>“If being unfaithful, in the old sense matters, yes. It would not happen with any Cherine though.”</p>
<p>“I don’t know. I think a couple of them would not say no to you.”</p>
<p>“And they would be very disappointed in me - for asking. Jonathan, it will happen among the Cherinians, for we still remain Terrans, but not to a Cherine, that I can guarantee you.” I paused and my eyes widened at the thought. “Wow, can you just imagine all the Cherines in one bed with me? I think I’d die.” Even the Cherines laughed at my comment, though my Cherine narrowed her eyes slightly. She quickly changed to a smile, but it was answer enough for me. I was right.</p>
<p>“The strange thing is that no Cherine would mind her Robert making love to another Cherine, but no Cherine would like to make love to another Robert.” This was the (rich) Cherine. Her Robert hugged her tightly and I saw he is even more in love with her than before. I grinned, without glancing at my Cherine, as I thought to myself that obviously rich Cherine had not noticed how my Cherine had reacted just before she spoke.</p>
<p>We had eaten and drunk too much when our lady singer came out. She first made the rounds greeting the girls and then me. She talked to Alki a moment and then went to the stage. For an hour she sang and had all Greeks wildly clapping for her and buying baskets of flowers to throw on the stage at her feet.</p>
<p>When she decided it was time for Wendy to join her, Apostoli quickly told her musicians to go to the back to have a drink and something to eat as we will be playing a few CDs. The singer was upset to see them go, but Wendy spoke to her.</p>
<p>“Let them go, I did not want them to hear this. I am not going to sing with you. What I am going to do is put on a show for you. Sit in my chair and have a drink. I hope you enjoy the performance.”</p>
<p>The club was silent as the girls went on stage. </p>
<p>“Ladies and gentlemen,” Meli began. “You are in for a rare treat. Never appearing in public before are our own group of singers and performers. Please enjoy yourselves. Remember, what you hear tonight will not be available on any recorded medium so this is your only opportunity to live for a moment in their magical world. The performers and singers tonight are, Wendy and Wendy, Lua from Taiwan, Candy and Gillianth. Let the show begin.”</p>
<p>Apostoli put on the CD player and the music began. The first song was the song of our lady singer, which she had already sung for us. There was no face more rapt than hers as she listened to them. They had taken her song and found the true song within it and turned it into a magical feast of love. When I saw tears running down her cheeks I knew it is the highest compliment Wendy has ever received. </p>
<p>They sang and danced and I saw why Meli called them performers. Each dance was a storytelling that brought the song to life visually. How they would manage with just a twist of a hand, a turn of the head or by a posture to make their bodies speak of the feelings in the words and music I cannot understand, unless they were also emoting as Wendy does. All I know is that they spoke directly to our hearts.</p>
<p>In little more than half an hour their stage appearance was over. The poor singer was in no shape to get up and sing again, so Apostoli put on CDs and she stayed with us. When our performers came off the stage she was quick to get up and hug and kiss each one of them.</p>
<p>“I am getting too old to sing anymore. Every time I hear you, you have improved! All of you could be world stars if you wanted. There has never been anyone nearly as good as you.”</p>
<p>“Maybe Piaf was.”</p>
<p>“The Sparrow of Paris! You like her? I did not know your generation even knew of her.”</p>
<p>“Robert likes her. I listened and saw why. I like the name, would anyone mind if we called ourselves the Sparrows?”</p>
<p>I cut in. “Yes, I would. It sounds too much like the name of a pop group and you are not pop. We’ll find a better name for you love.” She cheerfully shrugged off my refusal and went to be adored by the rest of the Cherinians.</p>
<p>The singer spoke to me, keeping her voice soft. “What you are doing is criminal. The world should have the chance to hear her music.”</p>
<p>“I know. The world is less important to me than my Wendy is. She will have her time later.”</p>
<p>Alki had thoughtfully prepared envelopes with very good tips for the staff and they were told they can leave at seven in the morning. The singer had left and Apostoli locked all the doors and with his arms around his daughters he joined us as Solomon and Ordinx went to the stage.</p>
<p>“Cherinians. This has been a night of many celebrations. We have tried to let our people, the Anadir and Sparklers, share it with us, but it has been too alien for them to fully appreciate.” This made a number of people laugh. “However, what they could appreciate was the feeling of happiness, joy and love in this place tonight. They heard our messenger Wendy and the others sing and they carry the songs with them as another treasure. The lady was wrong, there has been no crime in keeping their talent a secret, for already she is a star to two races. You have billions of admirers.”</p>
<p>“I would also like to thank you for having the Solomons and myself here tonight. This day of the Cherinians, that all of us celebrate, has also become a day of new life for us, the Sparklers and Anadir. They have found a happiness they had not expected to feel for many thousands of years yet. Robert has kept his word and already they feel their guilt falling away. Robert, the day you can bring us into your reality, giving all races a world of their own, that day will not be happier than today. We had not realised how strong was the urge for us to have a body, to feel and touch. That you gave back to us and we are a people invigorated again. As we speak our Worlds are forming. We hope you will all join us in two days when they are ready for all Anadir to return to them and assume bodies again. We invite you to visit our World in bodies we will provide you with. Thank you.”</p>
<p>Every Tom, Dick and Harry, male and female, seemed to want to make a speech. Not all of them made as much sense as the words in their minds had intended, for they had all drunk too much. Just when I started to become happy, thinking we were at the end of speeches, they all called for me. I did not resist, experience has taught me it is only wasted effort. I stood up, went to the stage and looked at them all, my expression serious. The room came to a hush, all hoping I suppose for some words of wisdom.</p>
<p>“Ladies and gentlemen - if there are any in here, I’m hungry! Who’ll cook breakfast?”</p>
<p>After the catcalls, boos and many snide remarks I put up my hand. “I suggest that today the men prepare breakfast. We should never forget that the day we celebrate being Cherinians is especially a day of pride for all women. I think we should serve them at least on this day.”</p>
<p>The men got their revenge by making certain I was led to the kitchen with them and made to do the dirtiest jobs. Apostoli watched the havoc they were making of his kitchen and only smiled. Thank goodness there were a few good cooks so the meal was not a disaster. What did cause some amusement, to me at least, was when Solomon and Ordinx came to the kitchen door. </p>
<p>In a plaintive ‘little’ girl voice Ordinx asked, “The girls say you have to decide whether we are girls or males. Do we have to help you?”</p>
<p>“I bet that was Cherine.”</p>
<p>“Actually, it was your two imps. By imps we mean imps. They are busy performing their little imp act. They are standing on stage and telling jokes about men.”</p>
<p>“Guys, I think we better pretend we don’t know. Sol and Ordinx, you tell the girls that on this world you are girls. Go have your fun.”</p>
<p>“They said that if you said we were girls we should ask you something.” I groaned and saw the others had also picked up the fact that I had been ‘had’. “They said that if we are girls why won’t you let us have your babies?”</p>
<p>Everyone was too inebriated to consider seriously the effects of my having babies part alien, and since everyone was in high spirits it got the guys hooting and cheering - anything they could say or think of to cause me further embarrassment.</p>
<p>“I think having the bodies of toddlers earlier on has changed you all into a bunch of kids. Sol, do the girls really think I have not performed enough miracles yet? They want another two?”</p>
<p>“It seems so.”</p>
<p>“We’ll talk about it later. This is not the sort of thing to discuss in front of a bunch of primitive hairy apes.”</p>
<p>When I got dishwater all over me and wet towels were being flicked at me, the two decided to get out. Even as I ducked I heard the females all laughing.</p>
<p>Jonathan came to my side, holding a pot of scrambled eggs he had been preparing to cook. He called out for silence. In his put-on upper class way he spoke out sternly. “Gentlemen, you are not showing our leader the respect he deserves! I expected better of you… something like this.” And the bastard tipped the pot full of raw beaten eggs over my head!</p>
<p>The screams of laughter must have been heard all the way to the beach. Then Nicko threw flour all over me and the others I don’t know what. Then Socrati, Alki and Manoli grabbed me and took me through to the ladies.</p>
<p>Jonathan called loudly. “Breakfast is served ladies.”</p>
<p>Only Solomon and Ordinx stared at me in shock as everyone screamed with laughter. They could not believe what they saw; how would I ever explain to them that as ridiculous as I was made to look, this will remain one of my favourite memories. For the first time I had been treated as one of the guys and I was happy.</p>
<p>I think if you are a Normal and something like this occurs, you just have to put up with it and hope that nobody is doing it with malice in their hearts. That fear may have kept me from ever allowing myself to be put in this position in my youth. </p>
<p>The real breakfast was served and we made certain the kitchen was left as spotless as we had found it. Apostoli was embarrassed to hear we were cleaning the mess, but when he came in he saw us all lounging around, the cleaning over. He grinned when he realised we had used our gifts.</p>
<p>Those who have homes on this Earth went there to sleep (I suppose) and those who did not have a bed went to the hotel. I found myself with Jodine and Cherine as starters. What a combination they made. Cherine was in a tender mood and Jodine was in an almost childishly naughty mood. I did not know which way to swing and tried to be both - hah!</p>
<p>When all returned that afternoon I noticed that Daniel had a glow to him mixed with a sort of sheepish look. I guessed Lua had managed to have her way - another father fallen by the wayside. When later that night she began to radiate her joy we all realised she is pregnant. She was not the only one. I know of at least four more. My mother, Annabelle, our good doctor Maria and Sonja. Apart from Lua, none of the others made their news public, so we all pretended we did not know.</p>
<p>We paid a short visit to see how the Anadir Worlds were developing, but the storms were still raging and we could not see the surfaces. Adam advised us that all is proceeding according to plan. Smug little prick, he feels as if he has helped in their metamorphosis and is proud - like a father.</p>
<p>We did dance, but kept it short and general as I did not want our bodies to be affected too much, we still have to visit the world of Meli.</p>
<p>Daniel and Gilli came with in the same way that we went there. Daniel gloried in being able to do all the things he had not before. He spent most of his time either hugging Lua or flying, or both. I made certain all the Roberts and Cherines, and the Dominiques where they exist, saw the city. Agreeing to keep from me the faces of the statues they walked around and marvelled.</p>
<p>“I’m sorry, there is still almost nothing I understand about this world or this city. How Meli could build the city, place the statues and yet know nothing of the future is still a puzzle. You have all seen Daniel and his people. Their adults, and some of them are elderly, all have memories of their lives and of parents and grandparents and yet Meli is still not much more than a toddler in actual years. Lua is another puzzle. I mentioned my puzzlement and was told the people had grown and lived as the trees of the forest had. What that means I have no idea.”</p>
<p>“I hesitate to mention it, but I think I can see a way to explain some of this.”</p>
<p>“Then please do Eddie.”</p>
<p>“What if the soul of Melina has come back from the distant future to be born now?”</p>
<p>That shook all of us. Stunned I stammered, “That would explain the city, what about the age of everything?”</p>
<p>“She could be a very old soul. Perhaps she created this a long time ago.”</p>
<p>“B-but, when did she create the city? In the future?”</p>
<p>“Would the soul not be free of time Robert?”</p>
<p>My Cherine exclaimed. “That explains it Robert. Why this world is old, but the city is new. She only built it when she knew she would soon be born to us. What puzzles me, if Eddie is correct is, why do they only know our Meli as their lady? How likely is it that she would have the same name in her past and future personality? When did you become their prince, Robert?”</p>
<p>A Robert suggested, “I’ve read that time may be existing all at once. That it is only our viewpoint that makes it seem that we are passing through time. If that is so, could it be possible that souls in their natural state, when no longer connected or attached to a body, also exist in all of time? Robert, could it be that by becoming Cherinians we are fixing our souls to the same view of time that we have?”</p>
<p>“That would mean we are losing something amazing!”</p>
<p>“I don’t think so. I like the idea that ‘I’ will continue to exist, even should I choose to live new lives.”</p>
<p>“You will find that most, if not all of us, agree Robert.”</p>
<p>“I’m still puzzled, about Meli. If she is a soul from the future it means that her soul also exists and does not become a Cherinian until she returns from the future. That would mean her soul could be in two bodies at the same time, if not right now, then at various times in the future. This is enough to set my head spinning.”</p>
<p>“It was just a theory Robert.”</p>
<p>“A puzzle to explain another puzzle!”</p>
<p>All those who had never been here before learnt how to fly and soon dispersed. They saw within that first visit more of her world than I had seen in all the times I have come here. I cautioned them not to show us what they see, we also want the joy of discovering every new miracle our love has created.</p>
<p>It seems there were many who used the time to relax also, be with their loved ones and just be happy. From the jokes I heard it seems many new white star flowers were created by the Roberts that day.</p>
<p>The family went with Gilli to her home. We had a pleasant stay, Gilli went off with some of the girls to chat with her friends of this world. I sensed them all having a good time and was entirely relaxed.</p>
<p>“Our daughter has told us of many marvels on your world Robert.”</p>
<p>“You will see them for yourselves. It is only fitting that you see her home and how she lives when with us. For you to have to imagine it is not right, not since I can take you there.”</p>
<p>“We would not ask that of you pr…Robert.”</p>
<p>“You were going to say prince. For how long have you though of me that way? Did it start with your generation?”</p>
<p>“Oh no. Our grandparents talked of their grandparents passing on the prophesy that a prince Robert would one day come to us and that our lives would be changed. I think the prophesy goes back to ancient times.”</p>
<p>Have you seen the drawing of stairs on the top of a castle, where if you trace your way in one direction you are always going up stairs and in the other always down stairs? That was how I felt. The more impossible everything became the more impossible they became. Mysteries within mysteries.</p>
<p>I do not understand how this tiny village managed it, but they provided food and drink for all. Daniel, and Gilli separately, told me not to worry, we were not depriving them. Gilli took our little Maria into the forest and showed her the beauties she had confided to me. During that hour and a half I felt how Maria bonded to her and I was pleased that they will now be special friends.</p>
<p>I collected all the Roberts and asked them to come with me. I flew straight up and when they saw I was leaving the planet far below us they were awed. We continued as the world shrank until I felt Meli.</p>
<p><i>*Hello love. Brought them all here so as to confuse them also.*</i></p>
<p><i>*Hi. I guess my Robert wanted you to see that you are all in my mind. Has he confused you?*</i></p>
<p>They too were struck by the impossibility of it.</p>
<p><i>*Perhaps none of us have realised that the mind is a place of magic and that it truly has no boundaries, in size or anything else. For all we know each mind might be far vaster than all of the void.*</i></p>
<p>That gave them something to think about and perhaps wake them in the middle of the night, as it has with me.</p>
<p>When we got back to our real world and bodies there was a lot of excited speculation and amazement at the beauty, peace and feeling of love they had felt is a fundamental part of Meli’s world. When told, they were all critical of me for introducing the first violence ever experienced there. At least they spoke of their feelings more openly than my Cherinians have.</p>
<p>We went out for supper, jumping to Cyprus. We had warned them of how many to expect and they had hired tables, chairs and extra staff. From her red face I realised Kyria Maria must have spent a lot of time cooking for us. We all walked on the beach and those who were cold I gathered by me and kept them warm. The Cherine I’d taken to Cyprus slipped her arm in mine.</p>
<p>“This brings back memories. God, but you had me frightened.”</p>
<p>“I knew. There was no other way my love. You were both betraying yourselves by settling for a life without Cherinian love. You were so lovely though, I felt like taking you in my arms and kissing you.”</p>
<p>“Why didn’t you?”</p>
<p>“Because you are not my Cherine. I could not have helped the both of you if I had.”</p>
<p>Not all the cooking was done in the kitchen. They had about ten spits with lamb and one pig turning. The smell was wonderful and made us all realise how hungry we are. Then I saw Gilli and Daniel stood by the spits, staring at them in fascination. To see the shapes of the animals made it more real for them and they were horrified. I walked up to them and Gilli turned to me, her face red from the heat, but her eyes bleak.</p>
<p>“I know Robert, don’t judge, you will explain.”</p>
<p>“There is not much to explain love. Man on this planet evolved as a meat eater. This is what gave us the ability to evolve and develop intelligence. I do not understand how your people evolved, since on our world animals that are vegetarian tend to need to eat most of the day. All they need to learn is how to watch out for predators. Hunting, especially when your body is not built like a predators’, needs skill and inventiveness. We are what we are and since nature designed us that way, I refuse to apologise for eating meat.”</p><br>
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<p><h5><i><b>I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.</b></i></h5></p><br>
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