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title"Trade Pharma Network"
The project Trade Pharma Network offers a completely new concept, with the solution of the problems existing in the pharmaceutical market
Trade Pharma Network helps the company as pharmaceutical and health care comerciogar medicines safely and efficiently, but also to create transparency and trust heirs to the electeso in their products and supply chain to avoid counterfeit medications.
The project offers a solution for the following problems:
Prevention of counterfeiting of medicines
Perm SHALL to health institutions, create transparency, and confidence in their products and supply chain, by providing manufacturers with more predictability to manage their supply of medicines efficiently to prevent the manufacture of drugs and counterfeit medicines and parallel imports.
Increasing the efficiency of production
Intelligent device that collects data and operational status (operating time, temperature, load, ready for use / in use / under cleaning / maintenance)
Add packages of sensors to reload device data and create a platform of back-end platforms of IoT industrial
Perform data analysis to predict when you can add a device
Automate requests for incidents triggered by the integration with the management systems of tickets
Sensors collecting metadata for the analysis in order to identify and reduce the causes of process variability and improve performance of production
Visibility in the human movements and materials throughout the workshop through technologies of monitoring and follow-up.
Promoting the charity
Allows people to make something to be in contact with the objectives that interest them through the use of Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. With the help of an advanced platform, the projects allow the combination of algorithmic organizations and donors, and a payment system off-kilter with the lowest rates in all over the world.
– Manufacture of articles additive 3D printers
The project will present capabilities in the next 2-3 years. The biggest challenge for 3D printing is not the technology itself, but rather the regulatory environment. The project was initiated, together with partners (pharmaceutical, academic,...), and sentenced the foundation for the 3D printing of medications administered in a series of trouble spots.
Other project proposals in a few words:
Pharmaceutical trade and user experience
The project will provide a multi-stakeholder platform and a new experience related to the trade and consumers through the integration of Blockchain and AI in the Marketplace to create a web browsing useful and efficient, and provide consumers with a description and display more detailed of the products.
"Things" interconnected
A global network of small sensors and potential that allow physical objects physical of heavy equipment, mobile devices and laptops, vehicles, physical structures, and devices to connect, interact and share their data with the help of Blockchain & IoT & IIoT.
Payment is scalable and exchange of criptomonedas
Users have the ability to freely convert any token that you want, including the token in the network Trade Pharma (TXP), to eliminate tariffs and purchasing services, all in a simple and efficient manner.
Staff Pharma & Healthcare
Create a community of talents and a strong relationship with the candidates of niche that some of the customers of the project can't find
Important members of the team:
Creator, co-founder, president and CEO – Tyler I. Sainkoudje
Tyler I. Sainkoudje is a doctor of pharmacy with a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (M. S.) discovery, development, and quality control of new drugs, all of the European University of Brittany (Doctor of Pharmacy.).
Currently co-founder, CEO and president of Tesla Duo Group Ltd, the new weborganisatie owned on-line personnel / recruitment and technology human resources life sciences and health care consulting (Pharma, biologic, biotech, companies, MedTech and CRO), tips ICO, import / Angelo UU, analysis of data, blockchain, and trust industry, artificial intelligence, print drugs in 3D, IoT and IIoT, but also philanthropy and charity, and the network of professionals is strengthened day-to-day.
Co-founder, ceo Marie N. Mendez
Entrepreneur and executive in the Internet with more than 4 years of experience, including the management of new enterprises and small organizations, business development, product development, business operations and strategy. Currently co-founder, deputy general director of Tesla Duo Group Ltd, the new weborganisatie staff / recruitment and human resources on-line technology, life sciences and health care consulting (Pharma, biologic, biotech, companies, MedTech and CRO), parallel imports / angeloución, analysis of data, blockchain & trust industry, artificial intelligence, printing of medications 3D, IoT & IIoT, but also philanthropy and charity, and the network of professionals is strengthened day-to-day.
The ICO:
During the ICO, the token is delivered directly to the investor through contract smart and is lost until the end of the ICO.
The tab is not sold will be required at the end of ICO and the different proportion the Rescue will remain the same to maintain a good balance between the new ecosystem and its economy.
After the end of ICO, as there will be no new issuance of token.
The token TXP:
Total Stock: a billion chips
Price of tokens: $ 0.07
SoftCap: $ 2.5 million
A ransom of $ 10 million
HardCap: $ 20 million
Important dates:
Private sale: 20 August-28 September
Pre TGE: from 2 October to 16 October
Head of TGE: 17, exciting the 16 of November
Official website:
El Lightpaper:
max_accepted_payout1,000,000.000 SBD