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title"OPTC Global Magellan Coliseum Chaos WBV2/BB Team"
# Info
Magellan Coliseum Round 3
Difficulty: Chaos
Stamina: 50
Stages: 5
**Mini bosses: Blackbeard (INT), Shiryu (INT)
Final Boss: Magellan (STR)**
Finally, I managed to come up with a team that can beat chaos Magellan reliably.
I'm using DEX legend Blackbeard as captain and a QCK legend Whitebeard as friend captain. For more details, read the breakdown below.
# Team
## Captains
**Blackbeard Captain Ability**
Boosts ATK of all characters by 2.75x and their HP by 1.5x if you have a Striker, Shooter, Fighter and Slasher on your crew. Attacks will ignore defensive barriers and buffs. [Source](
**Whitebeard Captain Ability**
Reduces Special charge time by 1 turn at start of quest, boosts Powerhouse and Striker characters’ ATK the lower HP is (minimum 2.5x, maximum 4.5x) and reduces damage taken by 20%. [Source](
## Crewmates
- You won't be able to use your crewmates' specials in the final stage against Magellan that's why I chose Snakeman. Any orb boost that will carry over to the next stage can be used instead.
- Lucci is used to restore just enough health to survive Magellan's preemtive poison attack. Also he provides matching orbs for most of my team.
- Leo will lock your orbs so they will still be there in the final round to beat Magellan. Of course any orb locker can be used here.
- Kizaru is basically a PSY beatstick and helps the team setup as he's both shooter and slasher.
- Don't forget about the crew restrictions for Blackbard's captain ability! (this gets me every time)
- No power socket requirements. Of course, the more healing the better.
- #needsmorelegends
# Stage breakdown
**Stages 1 & 2**
Stall as much as you can and get your specials ready or close to ready. Don't lose too much health since you'll need it against Blackbeard.
**Stage 3**
|Enemies |HP|Damage|CD|Source
|Blackbeard|2.65 MLN|4,500|1|[reddit](
Kill Blackbeard as quickly as possible. You can use up all your health because Shiryu on stage 4 will only cut your health preemtively but not attack. Later we will use Lucci to heal anyway.
- If you have trouble killing Blackbeard, try to replace Kizaru with, for example, a health cutter or damage dealer. Anything that helps you. Keep in mind that any defence buff won't work on this team because of your Blackbeard captain.
**Stage 4**
|Enemies |HP|Damage|CD|Source
|Shiryu|2.94 MLN|11,444|2|[reddit](
Use Lucci's special to heal and to get some matching orbs. Use Snakeman for the orb buff and Leo to lock orbs. Then kill in 1 turn.
- If your damage is not enough to kill Shiryu right away, you can attack first without using specials and activate specials on your second turn instead. Make sure you can still hit 3 perfects before killing Shiryu so you get Snakeman's orb boost on stage 5.
**Stage 5**
|Enemies |HP|Damage|CD|Source
|Magellan|10.5 MLN|9,800|1|[reddit](
- Note: Magellan has a QCK damage protection up. Since we're using Blackbeard this doesn't affect us *Ze ha ha ha!!*
Magellan will preemtively poison you and skip 1 turn so the poison takes effect. At this point you should have enought HP to survive that. Pop your remaining specials and kill in 1 turn.