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My Journey to Get Certified! by ah-2002

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My Journey to Get Certified!
### I'm Ali H.
My Name is Ali Hassan, I'm a Developer Specially in the Web Development and Online Apps. I was really Curious when i found about Ulogs and SteemGigs. I met @surpassinggoogle like 3 Days ago and I was really impressed from the Ideas of both.

SteemGigs and Ulogs are still Underdeveloped but they get you an Idea of there Destiny and Plan. It both Gives you some Really cool ways to expand yourself in this Blockchian. The Good Parts are Teardrops Specially, I see it going further forward because it Kind of (will probably) allow a Cross Platform Currency getting you a lot of benefits, They will be more Versatile when It comes to Smart Media Tokens and stuff.

### How I'm Trying to get Certified?
I'm following all the setups of Getting Certified. It's Simple and Beneficial as mentioned in [this Post]( Stuff you have to do is to follow some simple Steps:
* Visit and Login on Both SteemGigs and Ulogs, you Gotta Update your Profiles as much info needed in it to look Fully a Celebrity like your Social Accounts, Skills, Hobbes, Languages and you Work.
* You will have to Get your hands on the Teardrop Tokens in First half, It is your practical Touch with Teardrops for the first time. you will just have to Buy those tokens (For only 2 Steem), It will work like a Monthly Subscription all though you are still not loosing any of your Currencies or stuff. It gives you Some Teardrops tokens whom you can hold or invest in.
* You will have to Make a Ulogacy Post in Ulogs, like i'm doing explaining your Journey to get Certified or Explaining how it works or your Impressions and Feeling when you Found it out. Simply:
>Visit '' and publish a ulogacy post containing everything that happened from 'your call experience with me', to 'how you filled up an in-depth steemgigs profile' and even till 'how you got some teardrops token'. 
* After this I Visited [This Form]( Which leads us to the Final step. It just asks a set of Information of your Contact like E-Mail and Stuff. You will have to Submit your Post's URL and your username so they can Better check your Profile and Contact you.
* Finally you are Getting Certified and Becoming a Special Part of this Community of both Two Platforms.
### Why "to" get Certified?
>'Certified uloggers' will be the backbone of the entire teardrops SMT ecosystem. 

This Line Already Explains it like i Said above how Nice and Beneficial they can be. Getting Certified you will be connected to a Group of Steem-based Application like Ulog and SteemGigs, posed to bring about breakthrough in 'human' globally.
There are a lot of Benefits, you can check in [this Page](, By The way, Some main reasons to get Certified is that it will allow you to interact with multiple Apps being connected with Each other by Being a Certified member of this Community. You can Contribute in the Teardrop Ecosystem with your Development or Thinking skills. You will have Benefits of Being close to the Admins and Authority of All Steem-Based applications. 
>Certified uloggers will be at the forefront of our token economy and distribution.

You will be the one of Representation of the Community, It removes All the barriers to the entry. Teardrops will have a lot of dynamic Functionality. The best part is that everyone can get Certified for this with easy methods and will be able to Earn and Share his Thoughts with the community. Check out more info [Here](<br/><div class="pull-right promo"><sub><p>This post was made from</p></sub></div>
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