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URIS — Project Review by th3-k1n6

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URIS — Project Review
Uris Foundation is a Non-profit Organization founded by a mix of Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and independent Investors who share the belief that entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of development in the emerging markets, and that transparent and efficient innovation can foster an open, cooperative, sustainable, and prosperous future for a rising quality of startups in every industry worldwide. We intend to give young companies easier access to funds, tools, and the guidance needed to turn their ventures into world-class enterprises and promote dynamic and transparent innovations to aid emerging entrepreneurs can raise capital and expand their business for lower costs. The Uris Foundation is most interested in helping startups with the power to catalyze economic growth and offer practical solutions to real-world problems. In this paper we introduce a new platform, developed by the Uris Foundation, which eases startups access to funds. The platform is the first of three platforms under development. The system rewards startups for implementing policies that are both fair to investors and good for the public.This mechanism will give incentives for both investors and startups. ( Read Whitepaper )
Uris is a non-profit organization founded by business associations, venture capitalists and independent investors who share the view that entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of a developing market and that transparent and effective innovation can contribute to an open, sustainable and prosperous industrial future throughout the world. Uris will facilitate the entry of funds into the system. This platform is the first of three platforms developed. This system rewards beginners for implementing policies that are fair to investors and good for the public. This mechanism will provide incentives for investors and beginners.
Uris will create three platforms, all of which are supported mainly by ERC20-based ecosystems. Each platform offers all the features and familiar benefits of its colleagues. However, users from each platform can interact through actions that interact and instant messaging
Uris’s goal is to create a new, transparent international startup system where talented entrepreneurs can easily access funds — where talented investment managers can quickly and economically raise funds and where people can support projects and invest their money safely.

Uris distinguishes them from other cryptocurrency available on the market today. There is no other platform that guarantees redemption of coins, which makes Uris a truly unique cryptocurrency. The Uris Exchange platform will generate constant demand for Uris coins and a constant flow of transactions between parties that will support the value of the currency.
The Uris platform is a system that can enforce intellectual property rights in the Uris platform ecosystem and that the company will provide exclusive marketing and production rights for the Uris Platform Ecosystem Ecosystem. This team will succeed in selling, producing and selling the Uris Platform Ecosystem ecosystem so that users can respect their rights and sell them to enough people to succeed the company. The team has not sold any ships, and they plan to launch ships to markets that do not have commercial customers. In addition, the team never makes a profit, and there is no certainty that the team will get it.

Options that buyers have with tokens

Hold them to sell them
Invest in Startups
Invest in VC Funds
Invest in Uris Funds
Buy service

Token Detail and Token Distribution
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