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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Koroks driving you insane? Here's some Tips! by clarkdonnelly

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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Koroks driving you insane? Here's some Tips!
# Korok hiding patterns guide #


Koroks, oh thy koroks…
I am going insane trying to find thy all… thee are headaching!

So. Koroks. There’s 900 of them. You might feel despair when thinking of having to grab all just to expand your inventory. However, I am here to tell you to never fear, for there are tricks to get as many Koroks as possible, and news.

1st: You only need about 450 Koroks to get your inventory maxed out. Yeah, that’s right. So perhaps saving up Koroks isn’t a half bad idea, is it? Not having to get them all is a very nice load off your back; and allows you to begin your Korok quest while promising yourself it won’t take another 100 hours!

2nd: If you have the DLC for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will likely have the option to unlock the Korok Mask. The Korok Mask is basically the Sheikah Sensor; expect that it’s for Koroks.

Koroks are hiding everywhere. Though, as you may expect, All of them use a set of about 20 puzzles. So, it’s time to list them.

# 1: the Rock #
Maybe it’s the only rock in a field. Maybe it’s the only rock on the middle of an odd looking land formation. Maybe it’s a rock under a bridge or something where a rock probably shouldn’t end up. Maybe it’s in ruins. Maybe it’s a different color than the stones in the area. Either way, pick up some rocks, and you might just find a Korok hiding underneath.

# 2: the Circle #
So, there should be a circle of rocks somewhere, but there seems to be one missing. Now, in puzzles like these, there should be a rock somewhere you can grab and put it in the missing spot, and them a Korok should appear.

# 3: the Formation #
Sometimes they’ll be formations of rocks in ruins or on top of natural towers. These are rather complicated version of the rock puzzle; either you have to memorize a pattern of rocks and go a couple feet over to another formation and place rocks where they were in the previous one, until both line up. Or maybe they’ll be odd 8-circles where some beams and longer than others.

# 4: the Hoop #
 Sometimes on a bridge, or in a land near water, you’ll see a circle of rocks coming out of the water, but the middle is oddly empty. Through a rock into the middle, and wham, a Korok.

# 5:  Lily-pad Dive #
In a similar fashion, you may see  a circle of lily-pads in a lake or bed of water. What you want to do it jump in/dive into the circle and Korok should appear.

# 6: Ghostly Winds #
So sometimes you might see a bunch of leaves floating around in some sort of green spirit thing. Sometimes they’ll ran away from you. Just walk up to them and press ‘a’, and the Korok should appear. There’s really no rules on where this’ll appear… thougn sometimes they hide in high areas like the top of the Temple of Time, on the Top of Hyrule Castle, or just the top of a tree that is shaped like a pole.

# 7:  Koroks are Nuts # 
Sometimes they’ll be a nut hanging from a bridge, or maybe inside an (uncuttable) tree. See this odd food and shoot it with an arrow, and a Korok should reveal itself.

# 8:  Good ol ball and Chain #
 Sometimes they’ll be a metal ball connected by chain to a well. Use magenis to drop the ball and chain into the well, and a Korok will give you its treasure.

## 9: Ghost Flower ##
 Sometimes they’ll be a nice looking yellow sunflower. However, touch it, and it shall dispear. Look around for the Yellow Sunflower in the immediate area again, as it will reappear. Keep following it about 5 fives and you will gain a Korok from it!u

## 10:  Groups o’ Flowers ##
 So, one of these is in Lon Lon Ranch. It’s a thing where there’s tons of the Yellow Sunflowers we mentioned before, however, instead of disappearing when you touch them, they turn purple. Do the flowers in order (flowers by their lonesome, 2 flowers together, 3 flowers together, etc) and thy Korok shall appear.

## 11: Pinwheels… of doom ##
Stand near these pinwheels and targets shall appear in the sky. Your objective is to stand next to the pinwheel and shoot these targets. Once the are all gone, you shall gain a Korok.

## 12: Korok Stumps ##
Always, they’ll be on little, oddly colored tree stumps with a leaf on them. Step on them and a circle shall appear in the distance. Reach this circle before the time limit ends and be victorious!

## 13: Sometimes they’ll be a giant boulder ##
Push it into a little spot dug into the ground, and a Korok should appear. Sometimes there’s also a circle of big rocks.

## 14: Monks. ##
Across the world (one in Kakariko Village) you’ll see these little apples being offered to statues, but they’ll always be a tray or two missing an apple. Throw in an apple and the Korok gods shall smile open you and grant you a seed.

## 15: Metal Blocks. ##
There’s one like this on spectacle rock, right next to Wasteland Tower. They’ll be two sets of blocks, one missing a block where the other one has one. Your objective is to use magenisis on one of the blocks and make the two match.

## 16: Leave the leafs on fire ##
Sometimes, on your travels, you'll find orange leafs on the ground. They're in a few shrines, too. Put this jumble of leaf on fire, and there should be a rock underneath. A Korok!

## 17: Apple Tree ##
So, you may have found special trees that look kinda like birch trees. They should have tons of apples on them. Usually, if it's a Korok, there will only be a few of these trees. One tree will have more apples than the rest. Get rid of the apples that don't make with the other treess and you should be left with something that matches.

So those are all the devious tricks Koroks use to hide from you. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!
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