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New Queen Marked in Green by meanroosterfarm

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New Queen Marked in Green
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## We have a new Queen marked in Green!!

I was able to mark the new Queen yesterday. She now has a nice Green with White background mark you can easily see in the video feed. I did not see any eggs so she is not laying yet but I do think she is fertile. She doesn't look full size but she looks larger than a newborn Queen. 
She has access to the lower part of the hive and to the outside world so she may not be visible all the time.

### Swallows

I said yesterday that I thought they had started sitting on the eggs but that doesn't appear to be correct. I have seen hours of empty nest since then.  It seems like last summer they had babies sooner than this. I am unsure if we have a problem or if this is just a "watched pot never boils" kind of thing. Who knows, maybe it's just that they are shy and don't want to have sex on camera. Next year I will try to get a view down into the nest so we can see the eggs.

One of our hens just popped out of the the woodwork with 5 baby chicks in tow. We expected this but had no idea who or how many. I'm assuming that we will have a few more pop up soon.

The ChickenRun is what used to be our front yard before the birds decided to do something else with it.


I'm not sure if I like it yet but I'm outnumbered so I have to live with it, for now,.. until I get the grill going... :-)

Lay-Z-Goats is the bottom outside corner of our goat pasture.


The Goats like to lay in the sun, scratch the dirt, jump on the blocks. It has a nice view to the south, down to our garden area. Which, if the fence is not ON, or it's down, the goats like much more than we do.


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will be around to answer them.


### Birds, Bees, Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Dogs, Cats....
Come join us for the excitement!
Stay for the relaxation!

Nothing is more fun than watching the Birds, Bees, Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Dogs, Cats, et al. do their thing.

It's like a fish tank but not as boring.

Cameras will be left on 24/7.


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#bees #chickenbitches #chickens #ducks #goats #cats #dogs

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