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The real Truth behind these posts making tons in a Day... (Strength in Numbers) by ltndd1

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The real Truth behind these posts making tons in a Day... (Strength in Numbers)

People are wondering how some of these posts are skyrocketing in value and wondering why not me. It s simple, the fact that people know if they vote something and it goes crazy they make more money. It has gotten so bad that it is basically automatic for a Post of a woman holding a sign to go viral, with the thought that everyone who upvotes it is going to make money off of it. This is why almost every post with a Woman holding a sign goes crazy. We are the ones shooting these posts to stardom for the wrong reason, not because they are genuinely interesting, but because we already know it is going to be way up there and we just want to jump on.

The best way to do this is not to just simply jump on the band wagon, but to upvote articles that are actually interesting and deserve you votes. We need to be leaders and not followers in this system. Whales are not the only influential entity in Steemit, the right amount of Minnows could make a pretty large whale influence.

So lets work together, so we do not solely need to rely on Whales, when as a whole we could be much bigger..

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