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We are in precarious times by sonah32

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We are in precarious times
Things are getting more tense on the geopolitical stage... although if you listen to the mainstream media (MSM) or as I like to call it,  corporate monopolized news .. you may have none to little awareness…… because Stormy Daniels can be sooo distracting. 

From the inevitable implosion of global financial fiat debt based system, to trade wars & currency crisis', to intensification of war mongering from US against Russia & Iran on the Syrian front – we are definitely at some historical precipice.
It is a complex system with many rabbit holes to go down but need to keep it simple inorder to understand the ramifications of the present climate. Lets untangle the world situation and decipher it one piece at a time.

1-	Global debt has reached unprecedented levels of over 200trillion dollars. This debt was created with deregulation of banks, which allowed them to gamble our money with derivative based financial instruments. Governments, corporations and individuals are extremely over leveraged with debt. Basically, the debt cannot be repaid. Which means - pensions, retirement funds…etc can loss much of their value. This debt problem is systematic, all the central banks are interconnected – a contagion in one will have reverberating effects globally. European banks are reported to be tittering on collapse only being held up by weak support from other central banks. Mini financial crisis’ occur every 10-15 yrs. Usually they are rectified with governments bailing out the banks – cleaning out their balance sheets with tax payers money. The last crisis was in 2008 and like most crisis’, the fraudulent system is kept in place because the present system survives on credit - if people, governments and corporations stop borrowing the banks cease to exist - hence debt needs to grow (yes it is a suicidal economic practice - called for another time) . However there is no such thing as Utopia, debt has to be repaid,  it cannot grow forever - any catalyst can cause this system to come crashing down resulting in a monetary reset (these catalysts are highlighted below). If you know your monetary history, you will know this is not the first time nor may it be the last...but it is certainly the biggest debt crisis in historical times . It is expected the next crisis will be the harshest that we could experience in our lifetime. Many experts predict it to be severe…a depression like the 30’s scenario.

2-	Global currencies have been fiat based since 1970’s. Fiat currency is money that a government has declared to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity (like gold). As such fiat currency can be created without any supply limitation imposed by a physical commodity - this allows governments to print as much as they need to pay for deficits, fill their own pockets, and fund covert military operations. Fiat currency system has allowed corruptions at the highest levels to flourish. At the lower levels, the masses suffer because it leads to hyperinflation. The USD has lost 98% of it buying power since 1913 (when Federal reserve was created). Governments have become accustomed to printing money whenever they need it. Present day example of hyperinflation is seen in Venezuela . Hyperinflation has reached 13000% - 1 bread loaf cost 182,988 bolivars....and  toilet paper has more value than bundles of bolivar. This hyperinflation is also referred to as currency crisis. Many nations are exhibiting hyperinflation, starting with the emerging markets and to eventually spread to more industrialized countries. Because of the inflationary nature of fiat based currency , its lifespan is very short and eventually is replaced with ‘sound’ money that is backed by some commodity. The effects of hyperinflation can be seen in history, such as the Weinmar government in Germany which lead to the rise of Hitler and WW2. If you pay attention to to global current affairs from independent reliable new will clearly see a trend of hyperinflation spreading like a contagion across nations. 

3-	Now consider inflation and debt together. Since debt globally is excessively high & increasing, interest rates have to remain low or reach zero so that nations and companies can pay off the interests on their debts and avoid default. With interest rates being so low, our savings and investments cannot keep up with inflation. Without reasonable interest rates to counter inflation, people cannot sustain a decent living standard...which can lead to a spiraling black hole of economic despair.  Central banks are cautiously increasing interest rates, but are very wary of the systematic default contagion that can violently halt the economies.  Basically, there is no fix for this financial quagmire - us the people will feel the pain, regardless of how the central banks attempt to fix the conditions they have created. Infact, situation has gotten so out of hand, some banks are moving towards negative interest rates. This means the banks will charge you interest for keeping your money in the bank. Remember the Greece and Cyprus banking crisis – there was a run at the banks. People were desperately taking out their money from the banks to salvage what they had left from the nations financial collapse. The banks were confiscating the saving accounts to pay off their leveraged positions. Our money in the bank is not our money – it’s the banks money, they pay off their loans (gambling debts) to higher central banks and private bankers first. There is a global effort, nation by nation to remove cash from circulation. This will allow banks and governments to easily pay off their debts with our money without any possible action from us the people … will that happen? …think India 

4-	Due to the imposed cyclic nature of economic growth, the global economy is in a slow down phase. Advancements in technology like AI/automation, demographic changes and high personal debt levels - have negatively affected the job market. At times when masses are unemployed and in economic distress, civil unrest rise. Since many are not aware of the true reason for the economic turmoil - racism and extremism increase. Populous movements for more social and economic equality can lead us to socialism (a stepping stone to communism) which just basically hands more power to governments – when ironically the root of the problem is government corruption/mismanagement. Capitalism is blamed for our woes, but in actuality we do not have true free market capitalism, but rather corporate fascism has lead us to extreme economic disparity we see today - our honorable democratic institutions have warped into corporate entities with the help of  central bank monetary policies …but this is a discussion for another time. The point is, when masses feel pain …it can get ugly and governments resort to martial law if they feel the need.

5-	US allied  war on terrorism in the middle east for the last 18 years has caused massive refugee crisis, burdening European countries social & economic infrastructures. US allies supporting the wars have spent billions on war initiatives and weapons which added to their already bubbling debt crisis. Americas unsuccessful war on terrorism (some will argue it was an agenda to destabilize the middle east for a greater NeoZioCon globalist plan...discussion for another time) has only caused extremism in the world.  With more extreme right vs extreme left ideology clashes taking place in industrialized countries, and barbaric violence perpetrated by the funding of foreign and local fighters to instigate imperialistic goals - terrorism is spreading globally.

6-	 US trade wars and sanctions are getting more aggressive - which historically has lead to military wars that can potentially be very devastating. Trade war & sanction games are played when there is a shift in geopolitical power. The US dollar has been the reserve world currency since WW2. All trade (petrol being the major) and financial operations are using USD and its SWIFT system. This has allowed America for the last 45 yrs to spread their hegemony rule as many referred to as a globalist policy agenda (New World Order NWO - as Bush called it). Trade sanctions can be imposed on countries not adhering to American policies. Without the USD a nation economically falls to their knees.  History has shown that world reserve currency status lasts around 40 years (Pound Sterling was the world reserve currency before the USD). This is usually because empires end at a critical point of national currency devaluation due to a debt-based over consumption economy & excessive war. Russia-China alliance are taking over as the next economic and military powers. They continue to build strong relations with other countries based on bilateral trade deals instead of military force. Nations are partnering up in a multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure project called one road one belt initiative (RBI) driven by China. This project is expected to grow GDP for nations involved moving  into the next decade. With European Union breaking apart, Emerging Market currency crisis', Asia & Africa reclaiming their resources …. nations are desperate to grow their economies to become self-reliant - RBI will help these nations survive the impending financial crisis. Iran is becoming a major economic partner with Russia and China. After years of sanctions from US, they are now trading outside of the US dollar. Russia and China have introduced a separate global financial trade system outside of the US dollar. Many nations are beginning to use this system …avoiding American hegemony over their economies. With this fast trend, USD will not remain the world reserve currency for much longer. This has a drastic impact on the American empire and their globalist imperialistic rulers. The American empire reign is ending. Financing of endless wars and sanctions for global dominion rule  will not be possible without USD as the world reserve currency. Hence, we are witnessing the continued aggression in Syria - the attempts to keep US military forces (illegally) in strategic resource rich areas - and the continued trade sanctions on nations participating in RBI.   Presently US and its allies (Saudi, UK, Israel and France) continue to spread propaganda about Russian, Iran aggressions to justify a war in Syria. With the American empire on its last breath, the Neo-ZioCons are desperate to fulfill their globalist agenda. The most frightening fact is that Russia is a nuclear power, with a military much more advanced than the US, as it has been assessed by many analysts. If the Neo-ZioCons in the American government and their factions spread across their allied nations keep up the confrontation with Russia and/or Iran,  as we continue to witness ….the consequence will be very dire.  If you know the history (beyond what is taught in schools) of causes that lead to  WW1 and WW2  - you can identify frightening parallels within present day.  

All these major events and serious conditions are intertwined like a tightly tangled  ball of yarn...all manifesting serious systemic risks  .... all at the SAME time......let that sink in. 

Nobody can say how or when final events will play out - what the catalyst may be....nor how severe they can be. But it is for certain we are at a historical point – where many changes will come that will have significant impact on our lives.    

Final outcomes are not TIME driven but rather EVENT driven, nor does history necessarily repeat, but it certainly rhymes. 

Considering the stage of present events based on historical references and the pace at which the events are falling into place - will it take over 10-15 years before the financial system breaks or a major war between 2 superpowers occur?...I don’t think so – historically we are already due for a major financial reset and the looming economic recession will only exasperate this fragile system. As for major war - it is not imminent, but the US war machine is set in motion - time is not on the side of the globalists hegemonic plan ...a delay in the final objective of a dying empire is never an option.

Then perhaps 10 years…5 years …maybe sooner ? ….. Most likely. 

How will our lives look like after a financial reset or a global war ? ...depends on how aware and prepared we are for what is to come.

(That is why it is very important to follow geopolitics from independent and reliable sources from around the world...certainly not FOX, CNN, BBC, WSJ, NT etc...mainstream media (MSM)  - in fact you will begin to notice how much censorship and downright Orwellian practices are being imposed on whistle-blowers, truth-movements...all alternative sources foreign and local that challenge the MSMs narrative & government/central bank agendas.......but that is a discussion for another time...)
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