The Great Reset fails to take into account human nature. by nooses

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The Great Reset fails to take into account human nature.

Something is coming to more common knowledge than it ever could have before and that is the Great Reset plan promised by Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum. It has become too obvious to miss that the “pandemic” and global lockdown are part of Schwab’s plan to impoverish, terrify and then enslave the entire globe. You don’t have to take my word for that Great Reset plan, you can take Schwab’s word. He lays it all out in his 2017 book, "The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. We are all going to own nothing (and people in Schwab’s magic circle are going to own everything) und Ve Vill be Happy, by order of ze High Command. Schwab actually talks like zat, it’s hilarious.

The seminar calling itself "Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise" was held in October 2019; this conference, sponsored by Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins and Schwab's World Economic Forum, proudly announced the agenda of the following 2 years. Pandemic declared world-wide, global lockdown, social gatherings forbidden, employment restricted to on-line, censorship of criticism and promotion of “correct information” – it was all laid out item by item and the seminar proudly promoted itself with a panic-inducing video on YouTube. In November 2019 the disease that Event 201 “predicted” was “discovered” in Wuhan just exactly as “predicted” and right on schedule – a very Germanic schedule, if I may be so bold, Herr Schwab.

Schwab and Gates and the other perpetrators of this global disaster are textbook illustrations of psychopathy. They think they are geniuses and the rest of humanity are stupid cattle in their eyes. Like every psychopathic predator, they have no idea how inhuman they are because they have no conception of love and hate and passion and human empathy. They don’t have a single clue what they have messed with. The human heart and mind has a dark connection to unconscious violence and malevolence and this, once aroused, is uncontrollable by any “plan”. 

Last year was a year of repression all over the world, lockdown and forced idleness on the pretext of the Covid pandemic. The WHO and it’s global network of employees, the “health authorities” did a lightening coup and shut down humanity all over the world. They promised that more repression was to come. Unemployment, bankruptcies, homelessness and collateral death have been the result. And another result, one not part of the plan, has been exploding mass violence, both intentional and unintended. 

The violence boiling in the USA is believed by the perpetrators to be political and that’s how the news media define it too. But politics just can’t contain this phenomenon; violence in US inner cities has been building for some time, gang violence and collateral death as black and Hispanic young men murder one another and the law and order which police had been establishing effectively ever since the dark days of 1992 has been deliberately torn down by Democrat mayors and police chiefs and District Attorneys in New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago and LA among other cities. The political angle on mass violence is partial and misleading. Violence and chaos is much more elemental. It is a beast best described in mythic terms. 

Israel’s worst peacetime disaster – as if this could be called peacetime that’s how it’s described – occurred last Thursday evening. Some 100,000 Orthodox Jews gathered as they do every year at a small and physically restricted 4 acre site to celebrate a revered Rabbi at his tomb and the crush of people became deadly for 45 people who were trampled and suffocated in a sudden stampede amid the near death of over 100 more. Last year this celebration was so curtailed by Covid lockdown restrictions that there were very few attendees. This year the lid was removed and the confined fervour simply boiled over. This tragedy was a reaction coming up from the collective unconscious, a psychological irruption that individuals cannot organize or contain.

Meanwhile in Berlin, May Day celebrations also turned deadly as angry crowds protested continuing Covid lockdowns. Lockdown protests are exploding into riots all over Europe and Britain. Tens of thousands marched in a rowdy, though non-violent, anti-lockdown protest through London a few days ago. May Day anti-lockdown violence exploded in Italy as well. It was the same story in France. 

Lockdown protests are not the theme in the USA. It’s figured as political in the USA, all about Trump or not Trump and election fraud and a dissolving border. While razor wire and fences defend the White House and Capital against sullen silence, cowering legislators command the FBI to round up Trump supporters and 30 such people are being tortured in jail for five months without charges in order to force false confessions. Meanwhile the street violence in Portland and Minneapolis is completely ignored by the Democrats and Republicans alike. The fanatics of BLM and Antifa are channelling pent-up frustrations into riots and vandalism in Portland and Minneapolis and other cities. One brave person infiltrated an Antifa cell in Sonoma County California and was able to record the leader saying “It’s May Day. Let’s kill some cops.” The spreading violence is way deeper than politics.

There’s going to be no Great Reset and no computer containment of human nature. Human nature is as natural as any other part of nature. Schwab and the other global psycho elite, including the moguls of “social media”, have set off their nice controlled bomb and, much to their surprise, human nature responds with an earthquake. The proud towers of the global elite are swaying and tottering already. This is only the beginning. No one can possibly predict the future now. My crystal ball is as dark as anyone else’s.
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