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Game of the Neví - Chapter 56 - A'mara Books by viking-ventures

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Game of the Neví - Chapter 56 - A'mara Books


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## 56
(Rinday, cont.)
### Joton Shaze Academy
Jessten loved feeling Laisen’s hand on the small of her back as they left the Academy together. She had won. She had won the tournament. She had earned her silver shaze mastery badge. But she had won what she wanted most of all – Laisen’s love.
“You’re going to need some oils on your muscles,” Laisen said as they walked towards the Complex. “I’ll bet that’s the most you’ve sparred in one session before.”
“Yes,” Jessten replied.
“I’ll be more than happy to help with that,” he offered with a grin. “I have some of that oil in my room to use on my own muscles.”
Jessten smiled, understanding there was more he hadn’t said.
“Laisen, why did you fight me? You weren’t even in the tournament,” she asked.
“Well, Academy rules state that when a final can’t be held due to a participant being unable to compete, that the top shaze can fight in their place. But I also wanted to see how much you had improved… Because I saw you and realized how much I needed you in my life… Because I wasn’t just trying to distract you there… I really do love you.” He stopped and held her again, as if afraid to let go.
“I did look at the men my age, I really did try,” Jessten said.
“I know. I asked around. I knew you weren’t having any luck there.” He touched her lips with his fingers.
“It wasn’t about luck,” she said quietly, grasping his finger with her mouth, sampling him. “It was about having already met you – and not wanting anyone else.”
“And you were going to leave Joton?” he asked. “Word got around.”
“Better that than to keep having to be near you, but never with you,” Jessten replied, her tears suddenly threatening.
He hugged her close, then he was shouting. “Rami!”
Jessten saw the abári turn and start coming back to them.
“What do you think, Jessten? Have you had enough time to think about it?”
Jessten felt confused. “What do you mean?” she asked.
Rami and Kivana joined them, the abári’s eyes glistening with amusement.
“Jessten, please marry me – right now, while Rami is here. I don’t want to live another day without you.”
Jessten smiled. “You know it was supposed to be me who made the demands – I won the fight, remember?” Jessten teased him. She could also feel how amused Rami was at the whole thing.
“Oh, you’re in charge anyway!” Laisen replied. “You have been in charge of my heart ever since I pulled you out of the Uugli den!”
“Oh, Laisen! I think I would have said yes the very first day we met! I want to be with you forever! Will you marry me, right now?” Jessten asked.
“Rami, you can recite the vows for us!” Laisen said excitedly.
“Yes, but we need witnesses. Kivana is too young still,” Rami said motioning to Se-orna and Frey who came over, hand-in-hand.
“I’m old enough,” Kailey replied. “We just need one more.”
“Can one of you witness for us?” Rami asked when Se-orna and Frey joined them.
“Of course,” Se-orna replied grinning. Frey nodded as well. “I told you, Jessten!”
Jessten grinned. “I’m glad you were right!”
“Now, don’t start thinking that I do spur-of-the-moment weddings, Kivana,” Rami said to her chola. “The only reason I do it for these two is because they’ve been thinking about each other constantly since they met each other. To still love each other this long afterwards despite almost no assurance from the other demonstrates a huge amount of commitment.”
“Even though Jessten was planning on leaving Joton?” Kivana asked.
“She only wanted to leave Joton because the pain was too great. Am I right that your plans have changed, Jessten?” Rami asked.
“I will only leave with Laisen,” Jessten replied. “I belong with him.”
“I’m thankful you both know that now!” Rami said. Then she began the impromptu ceremony. “Join hands.”
“Jessten Sipper,” Rami began. “Do you take Laisen Toban to be your life partner with all the rights and responsibilities thereof?”
“Yes, I do!” she said with tears in her eyes.
“Laisen Toban,” Rami continued. “Do you take Jessten Sipper to be your life partner with all the rights and responsibilities thereof?”
“I definitely do!” Laisen replied enthusiastically.
“Then, I declare you to be lawfully wedded under A’mara tradition and Terrenden law. You may share a token of affection,” Rami said.
Jessten wrapped her arms around Laisen’s neck as they kissed again. “You’re mine, Mrs. Toban!” Laisen said triumphantly.
Se-orna’s giggle barely registered as Jessten ran her hands through Laisen’s hair. A moment later, she was shrieking delightedly as her husband scooped her up in his arms.
“You’re coming with me!” he said, carrying her towards the Complex.


Laisen had just carried his bride inside the Complex. Kailey pushed the stroller and took her tired children inside as well. Then, Rami’s PCS link buzzed.
“Come quickly!” Oberti’s voice cried. “South of City Hall, along the path.”
“Kivana, go inside. Se-orna, Frey, come with me if you don’t mind.”
“What’s happened?” Se-orna asked.
“Oberti and Sheena followed after Ada left the tournament earlier,” Rami replied. “I haven’t heard from any of them until now.”
“I remember Oberti from the other day. I will get there before you and see if I can help,” Frey said breaking into a jog.
Se-orna wished she could keep up with him.
“Never mind. Even if you could, I can’t,” Rami said. “Oberti has obviously found something.”
“You sense something more,” Se-orna prodded.
“You don’t send a distress signal like that if everything is good!”


A few minutes later, they arrived at the scene. Se-orna saw something on the ground covered in plastic. Rami marched quickly towards the object. Se-orna followed until Frey grabbed her and turned her away. He looked shocked.
“Don’t look. Please don’t look!” he begged.
Se-orna stood with him, looking towards the object. He turned her towards him. “There are things that can not be unseen,” he insisted, barely keeping tears out of his voice.
“What is it?” Se-orna asked.
“The young woman you were watching…”
Sheena joined them. She also looked disturbed. “Oberti and I followed them, but we lost them. By the time we caught up, it was too late.”
“Ada?” Se-orna asked.
“Dead. Baby cut from her,” Sheena said.
Se-orna shuddered. “What about the child? Hira?”
“I’ve not seen her. Maybe they took her too,” Sheena said. “Except I heard her tell Hira to hide…”
“Frey, we have to search all the bushes. There may be an orphan here!” Se-orna said, striding towards the bushes closest to the body. “Hira,” Se-orna called every few feet. “Remember me? Se-orna?”
They checked bush after bush, every spot where a small child could hide.
“Se-orna?” a small voice cried. “I’m stuck.”
“Hira!” Se-orna cried, reaching the girl. She carefully lifted the thorny vines off her and helped her out of the brush.
“Mom?” she asked timidly.
“I’m sorry,” Se-orna said, breaking down into tears. “I’m so, so sorry!”
Hira broke down into her own sobs then. Se-orna sat on the ground holding the child. Frey sat next to her and held them both.



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