Better Life| The Diary Game - 09/07/2021 | by akkibadboy

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Better Life| The Diary Game - 09/07/2021 |
Welcome, all to my today's #thediarygame post.



# Morning Time 
Today I wake up near about 10:30 am in the morning. Since this week I'm in a 2nd shift so I'm having some more sleep also Yesterday I was log out after 11:00 pm So I sleep a late that's why today I wake late.  After waking up I get fresh, take bath. After that, I have my breakfast. 

After waking up only I have checked the opening well of the stock market portfolio and also crypto market performance. which is now my regular practice.
# Afternoon Time
In the afternoon, I had my lunch near about 12:30 pm and after that, Since there is still some time left for the login so, I take a rest for a while and then did login at 2:00 pm.  After login, I started my work. I have some scheduled calls & meetings which I attended. After finishing the calls I went to studio to solve the issue which we are getting yesterday's.
It's almost sorted we also have taken the backup of files for the safety.

# Evening Time
In the Afternoon I'm still at the studio only. I doing my work from studio only. There is not much work and studio work also done. So I spent my time on my mobile phone using Instagram and other social media apps. I have a meeting at 8:30 so I told my friend to drop me home before that. I reach home near about 8:10 pm. I attended the meeting which ends at 9:00 pm. After the meeting at 9:00 pm, I had my dinner. After dinner as usual go and feed the dogs. There is still some time left for my logout since I'm in a 2nd shift. I log out at 11:00 pm and after that go for sleep.

# Fitness Activity
Today I score a good count in my actifit fitness tracker app. my court is again 5000+. Today i got an upvote for my AFIT to STEEM exchange. Currently, I have a total of 27940 AFIT tokens in my actifit wallet. 


**_Screenshot of my actifit wallet_**
**_If you want to know more about me pls read my [introduction post](**

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#india  #thediarygame #steemingindia
Thank you for reading my post!
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