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Learning to invest my finances. Where to start ?! #01 by cajuina

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Learning to invest my finances. Where to start ?! #01

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# Are you interested in learning how to make your assets multiply? Follow this blog!

There is a lot of information, formulas and complex data to be analyzed, but this is only for those who do not have the necessary knowledge to do so.
Before we start, you need to ask yourself a few questions. "Know yourself", you must have heard this somewhere, especially in philosophy classes. Know what you want, and where you want to go with your attitudes. Self-sabotage is one of the biggest factors in failure, and we often do this without realizing it. So we should take the time to reflect on our goals and targets, life and career projects and check if all of this is aligned and makes sense to you.

# First, ask yourself:
### 1) Do I really have an interest in investing my time and money to learn how to manage my assets 
in a way that will be able to reap good results in the future?
If yes = +1
If not = -1

### 2) Do I have an affinity for numbers, graphs, financial calculations, spreadsheets and reading?
If the majority is yes = +1
If the majority is no = -1

### 3) Does my willpower, determination and determination make me easily overcome any obstacles and difficulties?
If yes = +1
If not = -1

### 4) I am an emotionally balanced person, I am not anxious, much less compulsive.
If the majority is yes = +1
If the majority is no = -1

If the sum is equal to or above **+2**, you will be able to be a good manager of your finances, if the sum was equal to or less than **zero** you will have difficulty along the way, but nothing is impossible for the one who perseveres.

Now that you know a little more about your profile it's time to make some choices. If you decide to learn how to be a good asset manager, you can do it in a few ways: **1-** through a course in the areas of administration, finance, economics, accounting, mathematics and even production engineering and other related areas, being able to choose:

* **a)** an undergraduate course, which will make it possible to have a macro view of the subject, opening up a range of options and opportunities in the area, but the time dedicated to this type of learning is long, from 3 to 4 years;
* **b)** post-graduation, for those who already have an undergraduate degree, post-graduation makes it possible to acquire a much more specific knowledge, giving the student the chance to acquire more refined skills and techniques on the subject, in a period of 1 to 2 years;
* **c)** an extension course also serves the same purpose as a graduate degree, however the level of learning is more restricted depending on the course time, which can vary from weeks to a few months.
**2-** you can learn on your own, but it will require much more effort and willpower, as well as a tutor to give tips and show you the way to go. This is the cheapest and most customizable option, meaning that you decide what you need to learn or not and where to go deeper into the subject. I will help you on this journey, follow my posts! </div>


Thank you for your attention!
Stay in the PEACE of GOD!

> [Read my previous post!](https://steemit.com/investimentos/@cajuina/voce-tem-interesse-em-aprender-a-investir-o-seu-dinheiro)

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