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Do you actually know how to concentrate? by nathankaye

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Do you actually know how to concentrate?
You grew up being told to concentrate, but has anyone actually taught you *HOW*  to focus?

In the west, and in many cases also in the east, we are not trained how to focus or even how to breathe effectively. 

In this video, I love how Dandipani clearly explains focussing, focussing with intent, focussing with emotion and knowing what you want and who you are.

In karate and other martial arts that I trained in, as well as years of yoga and meditation, I learned how to focus, how to focus with intent and emotion.

Dandipani describes things clearly and with relevant humour, so don't be distracted or be judgmental (positively or negatively) about his outward appearance with how he is dressed.
When someone is dressed as an Eastern monk or similar we can either slip into reverent idolisation or judge them as being stuck in dogmatic religious illusion or that they'll be talking about spiritual *woo-woo* that doesn't fit our current world view.
But what he explains here is pure logic and truth.
Listen to and practice what he is explaining and you will reap benefits.

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<sup>[SOURCE]( This is not my video creation so I do not own the copyright to this video.</sup>



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