Forgiveness is Not About Forgiveness - It's About Choosing to Be Good by proteen

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Forgiveness is Not About Forgiveness - It's About Choosing to Be Good
Forgiveness is not about forgiveness. So many people confuse forgiveness with making amends. Yes, we can all be made to make amends but forgiveness isn't about making amends. If forgiveness were that easy then the world would be full of forgiveness.
First of all we must realize that forgiveness is not a virtue. We all want to be forgiven and we all deserve forgiveness. The problem is that forgiveness isn't about us. It is about giving up a bad habit. If we keep doing that we are not only going to suffer from the after effects but also our friends and family will suffer.

I have seen a lot of people with bad habits and yet they forgive themselves. What kind of definition is that of forgiveness? Forgiveness is about removing a bad habit or an act which is in some way causing you pain or unhappiness. Now depending on the type of bad habit that you have forgiveness is not about getting rid of it but about learning how to live with it so that it does not cause you pain and unhappiness.

When I was young, I remember being told that forgiveness is a virtue because we had to learn to give before we received. This is very true in many religions. Although I do not believe that God wants us to be perfect, I do believe that forgiveness is a good thing. And I believe that we should practice it on a daily basis.

The bible says to forgive those who off with you is obedience that God has demanded from you. So many times we do not take the time to ask God for forgiveness in front of him. In fact many times we refuse to forgive those who mistreat us. We often use this line "forgive them and save them" this is only a way of avoiding the pain. If we truly want to have loving relationships with others then we will forgive them and love them.

If I am to leave a message for the lost; Do not hold a grudge against anyone. Forgiveness is a universal law. If we choose not to practice forgiveness then we are not following the example set by our Creator.

When I left my abusive ex-spouse, I forgave them and I had no regrets. A few years later my friendship with them had completely deteriorated to such an extent that I could no longer stand to be around them. I felt that I had let them down so many times in the past that I could not stand to be around them any longer. I could not face my family or friends any longer because I could not look them in the eye any longer. I knew I had to forgive them if I wanted to carry on with my life. And for the most part I did.

Sadly we live in a world that makes forgiveness difficult to attain for a lot of us. Forgiveness is about turning the other cheek. We forgive, we forget, we run away from it, or we simply ignore it. The good news is that we can make forgiveness a part of our daily routine. Start today, forgive the things you don't want to remember, forgive the things you do remember - even if those things hurt.

Forgiveness is not about forgiveness. People who say "forget you hate them" are liars and are only trying to manipulate you into doing what they want. The Bible says "forgive them" - then move on. The problem with people who want to manipulate your forgiveness is that they have convinced you that forgiveness is only when things go their way. People shouldn't be trusted to do things - especially those who want to manipulate your mind.

Forgiveness is about standing tall and not hiding anything from someone who was wrong. If you have the ability to forgive others then you have the ability to forgive yourself as well. Forgiveness is a conscious decision that we can make. If we are truly honest with ourselves and not willing to lie to ourselves then we can forgive others for their faults.
Forgiveness is not easy. There will be times when you really think that you are not good enough to forgive. But that's just the way that life is, so we can't help but screw up sometimes. So for those times we need to remember that forgiveness is a choice. And the good news...
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