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V1 of my Screenflow Course Finished! (yay) more parts to add this month! by teamhumble

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V1 of my Screenflow Course Finished! (yay) more parts to add this month!

My new [screenflow screencast course is finally live!]( — I’ve still got some parts to put into it but I wanted to get into something different today and I had that overhang energy ya know?

Feels good to have switched off the socials for nearly a month, hard to believe how fast time travels by when you’re focused up on something. I’m glad to get this first version/revision live over on skillshare. I’m back to working on the first course I started next however. 

[watch and learn now!](

It’s a little bit more long winded than the other version and it’s probably gonna be a lot of hours longer than the 1/2 hr tutorial ones I do now. I’m certainly a lot better at using these tools than I was six months ago, kinda thankful for it.  It’s been valuable in the last few weeks to feel confident in the software for the client! :)


Photo by  [Glenn Carstens-Peters](  on  [Unsplash]( 

If you’ve ever wanted to automate, optimise your video, green screen and audio in a template layout before you record and have the computer do all the hard work for you then this might be for you — great for rapid deployment of videos you do often but saving you the most important thing each day! TIME.

* basic overview of what you can do with screenflow!* item1
* understanding the front screen
* understanding the inside interface layout of the app
* understanding the layers element
* taking a look at the nested layers and why to keep tidy
* digging into the feature set and how to use the settings
* using custom favourites to build up regular fast effects
* making your first templates and why they are powerful in 8
* making templates natively for social media and app store
* encoding settings and building a custom setting
* animation effects - moving things from one place to another
* animation effects - fades, effects and nesting
* hands on — Let’s make a 840px banner for blog posts
* hands on — recording and automation with templates
* hands on -- making intros and outros
* hands on -- making stingers for obs
* hands on -- client work done for ios video for app store

[watch and learn now!](

I’ve only scratched the surface with what you can achieve with templates and combined together with maybe OBS you can really get a lot of cool video stuff done for a live streaming gamer, screen casters or general educator and education tutorial sharing — can’t wait to flip the switch on the new box for the obs streaming but that’s a story for another day! :)

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