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US Vs. Crypto. by arnel

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· @arnel ·
US Vs. Crypto.
![bitcoin vs dollar.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmW64PSyLviZUMzUDo4ebj7MV3AUBCzBnek4C4AbEKLPeR/bitcoin%20vs%20dollar.jpg)

With US Pres, Donald Trump's infamous tweet against Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies followed by U.S. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin remark that Bitcoin and cryptos are being used for illegal activities. And now the Senate hearing on Facebook's Libra which made the obvious statement that US wants to maintain the dominance of US dollar as the world's reserve currency and would seriously attack anyone who would pose a threat to that position, it is now ultra clear that Bitcoin and US Dollar would eventually cross its paths and  by then would have to cross out the other one who would be losing its relevance.

The US dollar could fight back with regulations and penalties to those who would not follow the government's imposed rules. While Bitcoin could continue to grow with its added features and development while continuing adoption to countries or sectors of society where it can find its benefits and usage.

Now that the battle lines has been drawn out, who do you think would be  the the eventual winner? Bitcoin/crypto vs USD/ US government. It is time to wage your bet, buy Bitcoin/cryptos today or continue holding your dollars. Which side are you on?  

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