The People I Trust the most in my Life by nainaztengra

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The People I Trust the most in my Life
It takes a lifetime to get someone's trust or to trust someone. Trust does not build up overnight. This small word holds a very big responsibility. When I trust someone I close my eyes and believe the person blindly. Trust is a virtue of responsibility, if broken, we break someone's heart and fall in someone's eye which may never be able to repair it ever again. Trust once broken is difficult to mend. Trust also to a large extend builds up our respect and credibility.

My Son and my Husband are 2 people in my life who I can Trust blindly with full faith. I have no doubts when it comes to my Trust on them. I know their character in and out and I can so proudly say that they never fail me. It does not mean that we do not have our conflicts, arguments and indifference's, but still in all of it I know that they will always be very honest to me. What I like about them is they never give me false hopes and expectations. Both of them are always very sincere and honest in their words and that's what makes me Trust them. I always feel very safe and secured in their presence. I know they will always be there for me, even if they are physically not around.


Me as a person I do not trust people very easily for all the past experiences that I have had. My Son and my Husband are the closest people to me in my life and I can very assured say that I place my Trust in both of them. Relations grow with time and as you experience life you know who you can count on and who you cannot. My experiences with them make me believe that I can Trust both of them for anything in my life.

Not that I do not trust other people in my life, but somewhere it is never 100% and it is situational. Sometimes I know I can Trust and sometimes I am apprehensive about it. Because what may be of my interest may not be of their interest and that's where the conflict may arise.

Trust is important in every single relationship. When a baby is small, the most trusted people will be the parents cause the baby knows through the connection of love that only the parents will keep him/her safe. A person on the death bed will trust the Doctor the most, because the person believes that only the Doctor can now save the life. Where we feel safe, where we feel the comfort, we build up our trust. We cannot survive in any relation with superficial people. Honesty is the key basic for any relation to thrive and grow and where there is honesty there is Trust.

***So, who are the people in your life who you Trust the most?***

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