Time To Be Concern About Our Extinct Art Industry by shohana1

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Time To Be Concern About Our Extinct Art Industry
Greetings everyone, 
Today I'm here again with some beautiful photographs of art on clay. As you can see in this blog I've attached some beautiful art work. These all art made on clay and applied colors. These are beautiful show pieces to make your house or room more beautiful.  These showpieces will enrich the beauty of interior design. 

Now let me talk about my concern.  Bangladesh is a country where hardly people found who pay interest to these kinds of art. As a result artists discouraged about practicing these kind of art.

I'm concern that one day this art industry may extinct. I don't want the art lost it's demand and charms. I wish these artist can get more buyers who really pay attention to their art work and pay good amount of money to them.


These arts deserves a good amount of price as I believe on their talents. I wish to create a scope for them to get some foreign clients who have interest to buy these kind of arts. 

Only Worshipers of beauty can understand the value of these art on clay. These arts deserves to be praise and also can represent several traditions belongs to #Bangladesh. I wish these artist get support from government or foreign clients. 


To be honest if I had more money to invest,  I may invest on this kind of art that the art never can extinct from the art industry.  These kind of arts need time for the finale touch and these artist has really good patience to make it so beautiful.


I'm also worshiper of beauty and these art grab my attention whenever I pass the road where it display.  I love creativity and this is undoubtedly a very nice art. These artist may hardly get the desired payment for their hard work on it. There efforts should be valued and I wish they earn fem and money for their mind blowing job.

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