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The Power of Manifestations and Affirmations
This is one question that many people ask me. Do Manifestations work? 

***So what exactly is Manifestation?***
Manifestation is not a process of getting something 100% guarantee. It is one of the ways in which you can attract what you desire in life by working with the energies in a specific way. When our intentions and energy are aligned we create maximum possibilities of attracting what we desire.

When one does a Manifestation, one needs to be first clear of what is it that you desire to achieve. If you are confused or have doubts of achieving what you want then those are the times when Manifestations do not work to their best capacity. 

The rule of the manifestation is that you Manifest and then leave it to the Universe to allow it to come back to you, if you start with the ifs and buts then you create confusion for your own-self. Undoubtedly when you wish for something and tune in with the energies you will gain maximum desired results and this I have worked with my own self and seen results. 


***Why do I talk of Manifestations today?***
The last 1 year has been extremely challenging for all of us around the world with the external circumstances. But in that also some people have managed to live their lives peacefully without much of interruptions and  why does that happen?
It is a direct result of what your mind wishes for and what you manifest in life. The more you manifest peace, stability and security in life the closer you are to it. That does not mean that you will never face challenges but at a large one will see that "You will always be at the right time at the right place."

Even if we have not followed the path, it is never late to start. We can start it right now today itself with the process of change. 
Also the Affirmations that we keep making to ourselves holds a lot of value. If we keep feeding in fear that is going to come back to us in different situations, but if we align ourselves to thoughts of peace and healing we are going to attract the same into our life.

AT this point of time, our Mother Earth needs healing. Let's collectively join hands and send out the right energies for her to make things move in the direction which is for the good of humanity. 

Let me share with you all the Manifestation that I have been doing for the ease of Covid situation across the world. It may seem very small to someone, but imagine if each one of us sends out this collective energy what miracle we can create and this is very much required now. We need miracles to happen and they will not happen unless we believe in it.

***Here is my manifestation.*** 

What all I have used: Not necessary the manifestation needs to be done in this particular manner, everyone can do it in the way that best suits them, but I will explain the significance of the things I have used.

- A paper with a Sun Symbol - Sun is the most powerful energy radiator. Sun is a symbol of power, success, high energy.

- Crystals - Black Tourmaline - the one that brings balance, Fluorite - the one that absorbs and neutralizes negative energy, Malachite - a powerful healing crystal at a physical level.
Considering their healing abilities I have used these 3 crystals.

- Zibu Symbol cards - Order out of Chaos, Healing and Optimal Health. - This is what is needed the most in the current times.

- A piece of blank paper on which you can write your wish. The outcome that you desire for the situation.

I have set it as shown in the picture. The wish paper I have put on the Sun Symbol, then the 3 Zibu cards and then the Crystals.
Twice a day I light a candle here and spend a couple of minutes making some affirmations, wish for peace and order from this situation.




The affirmations that can be made are:

***Let there be order out of chaos from the situation of Covid-19 across the world***
***Optimal Healing for everyone who are infected with the virus***
***Optimal Health for every single person***
***Optimal Healing for Mother Earth***
***Raise consciousness of every single person to the highest possible level so that everyone on this planet only works for the greater good of humanity***
***The Covid virus we thank you for teaching us the lesson that we needed to learn, and now it's time for you to go back to your proper plane and transmute into loving nurturing energies for our planet and every single person on this planet***

These are just some e.g. One can make affirmations of what one desires to see this situation settled down.
I also add up planetary impacts as we do understand how the positions of planets impact the events. 

I firmly believe that we all can do our small bit and set the right energies rather then waiting for things to sort out by itself or to be in a frequency of stress, anxiety and fear.
And yes, this is the need of the hour.

***Thank you for visiting my blog.*** πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒΈ

***<center>"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"***</center>
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